does pot help you sleep?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by cpd92574, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. Rugbee

    Rugbee Banned

    Pot makes me sleep good but sometimes I get a Weed Over the next day
  2. o0_KaZ0r_0o

    o0_KaZ0r_0o New Member

    unable to sleep without it.....

    i used to be an everyday smoker, around nighttime when my parents would go to sleep or whatever and i would be high for a few hours and fall asleep like that and i found it much easier to go to sleep (i have trouble falling asleep at night for some reason, somtimes i will lay there for over an hour) but when im high then it was like ::head hits pillow:: BAM! im knocked out for some 10 hours of sleep...but when i got off my binge of everyday smokage i found it REALLY hard to get to sleep....even worse than b4, so i just wanted to warn you about abusing the ability of being able to sleep well while high...because you may become dependant on it...
  3. EeJay

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    ^That's exactly how it is with me, as I said earlier.

    I just had a 4 day break (nothing much, I just wanted to lower my already low tolerance), but during those nights I found it extremely hard to sleep. I didn't get more than 3 hours of sleep any night. I had sleeping problems before I started smoking but not that bad. A few months ago, I took a 2 week break and the same happened, but only for about 4 days, then I still had trouble sleeping but not as much (it was similar to how it was before I started quitting, so I haven't found the side effect to be long lasting).

    It doesn't seem to be the same for everyone, but it's definitely a warning that needs to be emphasised.
  4. Faerywings

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    Does pot help you sleep????
    Haha, last night I finally got to sped the night with my boyfriend (I had not been able to in so long because of school and work) I smoked two bowls with him and then his room mate came and rolled up a joint. I was out before the lights:D I didn't even say goodnight to my poor boyfriend!I'm such a jerk:(
  5. stoner413

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    Kind of....

    yes marijuana might help you fall asleep but at the same time when you go to sleep high or even drunk you dont get into you deepest sleep stage which is called REM. This means that you dont get a good nights rest there are different sleep stages... stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, stage 4, and REM when going to sleep high you only make it to stage 3 and 4
  6. kmak

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    thats just alcohol many people get high before going to bed
  7. Habbiib

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    From my own research and experience, marijuana will help you sleep more than alcohol would. When you "pass out," alcohol eliminates "REM" sleep, which is when you dream, this also happens to be a crucial stage in sleeping.

    When you sleep, you go through cycles. Light Sleep, Deep Sleep, REM Sleep, and you go through these cycles 3-4 times per night.

    When I pass out, (due to alcohol) I ALWAYS feel sleepy the next day.

    So yes, since pot does not seriously affect the sleep cycle, it does help sleep.
  8. Trigga

    Trigga New Member

    can't sleep without it
  9. norcalshan

    norcalshan New Member

    Good Indica like GDP or a Kush strain always helps me get some rest.:sleeping:

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