Does Quest Test For Synthetics?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by DrugScreen28, Sep 11, 2008.

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    Does Yellow River work? Took test in a.m. Concerned ! Help Please

    Hey everyone. I'm really curious about some postings I read in past in regards to this particular company, Quest Diagnostics, checking for synthetic Urine. I recently used the Whizzinator, via the Yellow River, powdered synthetic. I actually had my drug screen earlier this morning. I mixed it up 45 minutes prior to the test, put in the pouch, maintained a temp of 96 to 98 all through, (even during mixing) even up until the actual test. I went to a center, went into a room, closed the door, and did my thing. She took the cup, checked that the temp was between 90-100, (actual sample was around 96) made no remarks, sealed it up and put it in a plastic sealed bag, which is to be sent out to a lab, at the next town over (also quest). The specific drug screen test I took was the, pre-employment drug screen, with the following parameters 35109N SAP 5-50 W/NIT. From what I have read, I believe this is the least invasive and quickest way of testing, and that less chance that any lab will test for synthetics, with this particular test. Is this so? (because of costs)
    I also know that the synthetic urine, i.e. the yellow river that comes with the whizzinator, mimics human urine. (at least puck tech says that contains the ph, creatine, etc. of normal urine). I'm actually very nervous, but a friend of mine who swears by this product says that I have very little to worry about. Any thoughts, or experiences people could shed light on? Much Thanks
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    You'll be good. They won't know its synthetic.
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    Another Success.

    Yes. I passed my drug test. I'm about to go burn one. All the info on this site is phenomenal. Thanks.:hail::lock:

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