does resin have as much THC as straight weed?

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  1. djm29fan

    djm29fan New Member

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this question but I'm gonna ask it. Me and my buddy argue about this all the time. When he runs out of weed he always cleans his stuff and smokes the resin out of it to catch a buzz. He constantly is telling me how much more high he gets from it than bud and blah, blah, blah. I on the other hand would just prefer to go without weed than to smoke it because I don't get that high from it and I actually get a bad headache. So my question is, does the resin have as much thc content as the weed does, more or less? He swares its more and I swear it is less.
  2. Everlong2019

    Everlong2019 Sr. Member

    i dont see how that would be possible...
  3. djm29fan

    djm29fan New Member

    how what is possible? that it has more thc?
  4. Everlong2019

    Everlong2019 Sr. Member

    yah it wouldnt make any sense that the BURNED remains of marijuana would have more thc in them, considering that burning marijuana is the method of extraction.
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  5. Audio

    Audio Ω∫§¥∂∞≈

    I think you're basically smoking tar when you smoke resin, heard its like 10x worse for your lungs than plain bud.
  6. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    It gets you high though, im not going to lie.

    Everytime my girl and I run out of weed a few resin hits sure do the job. Scraping the piece and making a huge resin ball will burn so long and get you really high.
  7. VaporizorMariJ

    VaporizorMariJ Sr. Member

    My resin tends to have chunks of actual bud in it because I don't use a screen... So whenever I res toke my pipe I get massive hits and they get me ridiculously high... I would still prefer green bud any day. I very rarely will actually scrape my pipe and smoke the scraping tho... I just take straight res tokes.
  8. joshpackr

    joshpackr Sr. Member

    Pipe tar (a.k.a "resin") certainly doesn't contain nearly as much THC as green. However, it must contain some because it will produce a high when smoked.
  9. zombi

    zombi New Member

    some of the thc and plant matter gets caught on the other resin buildup when the bud is smoked. however it most certainly does not have as much thc as the bud itself. i personally will not smoke resin, as i almost always have roaches or kif if im out of bud. its not worth the taste for me.
  10. ITG

    ITG Ardent Dilettante

    /me coughs...

    Induction and Regulation of the Carcinogen-Metabolizing Enzyme CYP1A1 by Marijuana Smoke and Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol -- Roth et al. 24 (3): 339 -- American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology

    Originally from this post.

    It's a matter of concentration, and how much you're actually getting. Most THC is lost to side stream smoke or adhesion to your smoking implement- you're not inhaling most of it in the first place. So, while there isn't actually more THC in the residue left over after toking, there is a higher concentration, since there is far less volume of residue than the bud you actually smoked.

    You all can thank Plainsman for his hard work in bringing this study (and many others) to light, and remember just how useful the search function can be. Of course, it helps if you already know something like this is out there... so just assume it is. The members on here have spent nearly a decade accumulating information, and it's all there for the taking.
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  11. 1death5

    1death5 New Member

    Resin is bassically the thc that has melted and it gets mix with the tar(the stuff thats bad for you in weed). It produces a mind blowing high, but it is 5-10 times worse for you than straight bud.

    I have done this my friend had a Massive bong with a 4 perc. when he cleaned it omg he had about 1-2 grams of resin. we smoked it with a dime of weed. that day is to this day the most stoned i have ever gotten.

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