Does Safeway Urine Test?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Silverbackman, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Silverbackman

    Silverbackman New Member

    I read on a thread on a job message board saying that Safeway (the supermarket) only has a saliva test. Is this true? Or do they also have a urine test too? It seems like they may test on the day of the interview so I want to make sure.
  2. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    I've had a friend or two work there, and I've always heard they do saliva. It might be changed since then, and some stores might do something different.
  3. cake chick

    cake chick New Member

    I've worked for safeway for years. the company could never afford to urine test all new hires. the turn over there is insane!! saliva tests are cheap, that's what they use. And they're easy to pass
  4. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    My friend worked there for several years, being a marijuana user the whole time, he said they never urine test but would do occasional saliva tests (which they never took seriously in the first place he claimed). Good luck. :)

  5. Silverbackman

    Silverbackman New Member

    Yeah the article I checked was over 5 months old I think.....wonder whether they did change.

    So with saliva tests all you need to do is not toke for 72 hours right?

    Occasional Saliva tests? You mean do they random drug test later on? I thought it would only be one test in the beginning.
  6. Secs

    Secs New Member

    The drug testing is probably left up to the individual franchise owners.

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