Does smoking increase pain in severely inflamed muscle tissue?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by TheDude0306, Jan 23, 2002.

  1. TheDude0306

    TheDude0306 New Member

    On the left side my shoulder and entire left pec (boob) muscles are severely inflamed. From the 10 years of using a computer, not sitting correctly.

    A few months ago I went to a doctor, they gave me a shot of cortozon right into my shoulder. Amazingly the shoulder pain was gone a week later.

    4 months later still no pain, but the left pec muscle (boob) was not fixed. It is still inflammed. The doctor told me to do these special excercises, but they have done nothing.

    I begged him for another shot because the last one worked like a miracle, he told me they cannot give cortozone shots that close to the heart.

    Well tommorow I am going to make another appointment with him.

    THE MAJOR PROBLEM IS, when I smoke up (good nice mellow indica) the symptons are magnafied atleast 100X, the pain is so intense, I mean it hurts normally, but when I smoke up the pain is unreal.

    The weed is of the highest quality, so it is not the bud.

    Is this normal? Regardless I have to get this problem fixed, but untill then I just cannot smoke anymore.

  2. Shaman

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    Well normally I would say it wouldn't affect it, but the location of your injury sounds like it might hurt to inhale ammounts of smoke into your lungs. Have a brownie ;-)
  3. lillifterchick

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    From what I understand, MJ is an antiflamitory :)

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  4. SacredNaCl

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    paradoxial reaction...but not unheard of.

    Certain pain conditions may actually become intensified. Cannabanoid receptors are spread throughout your body, they do a wide range of functions, it's quite possibly in your body that they would increase the pain. There is enough genetic variation out there to create problems in medicine called paradoxial reactions - a very minor sequence of a gene, a minorly different grouping of receptors - and drugs can have very different effects in this population than in the majority. It's also possible that in this particular type of pain cannabanoids have a normal effect that would work to increase the pain. I've talked to a few people who have TMJ, and several of them have told me that marijuana made their TMJ pain worse even though it stopped the muscle spasms.

    An example or a paradoxial reaction: Approximately 1:1000 people who take morphine will have severe hallucinations long before they get any kind of pain relief, no matter how low or high the dose is. When they looked for the reason they found that the receptors they had for various Mu's were shaped just slightly different enough that it didn't bind fully to it, and it allowed the morphine metabolites to float around unbound in the CSF and get to places they would not normally get to and partially bind to receptors there. Another example, several asthma medications have been found to actually invoke asthma attacks in a small segment of users rather than relieve them.

    If it's making your pain worse, knock it off till the condition heals. You also might want to have them run a full blood work panel on you to see if there is maybe a cause for the inflammation other than overuse, perhaps an appointment with a Rheumatologist would be in order if they find anything.
    If this is something that has become chronic, it's quite possibly not just overuse.
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  5. Buttski

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    When we carry pain for a long period of time, we get used to it, i.e. our pain threshhold increases. Marijuana, heightens our senses, temporarily making us aware of how much pain we have in our body, which can be a good thing as we can then take steps to deal with it. Serious computer users develop pain in their shoulders, arms, etc.; this pain often originates from neck problems in the form of pinched nerves (if your computer screen wasn't positioned at eye level). A disk problem in the neck will easily masquerade as a problem in the shoulders, arms, and hands. Before going to extremes, i.e. cortisone shots, you might first try going to a chiropractor, to see if they can help. There are charts available to check which disk level can be involved in creating pain in your pec--I think it is C-4. C-3, and C-4 are the shoulders/chest/upper back muscles.
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  6. maligec

    maligec New Member


    Here it goes guys...

    I've had this mysterious pain for 4 months now. It comes and goes when I'm not toking but when I am it hurts real bad. The first 2-3 months I didn't do anything just to see how it would play out. After smoking I felt pain in different parts of the left side of my body, but the most intense was shoulder and back area and well nipple area too. I've experimented with great many things in trying to ease the pain such as sitting straight, loosening the hold of my pants on my hips( loosening the belt) , wrapping a cord around the ribs just beneath the hurting area while pressing on the area on the back just beneath the shoulder ( This turned out to be the greatest helper), sitting with my left or right leg crossed such as that my foot was resting on the knee of the other leg, and then there is also also pulling my dick up from the slouching hanging position towards my stomach which also helped ease the pain although I remain dumbfounded by this as well as you who are reading it. All in all, none of this truly resolves the issue or gets rid of the pain, it just helps to ease it. 3 weeks ago I went to the doctor, got an x-ray of the whole back which revealed that my spine was straight in a part where it should be curved or something like that as far as what the doctor told me. I thought this might be the problem, reading about this here and elsewhere (there not being great many posts or web sites about this). So what is it then, is it really as the nurse before me said a brain rejection of weed or is it a nerve in the spine that somehow got irritated. I don't know to be exact but I can tell you this; For the last many years I've done nothing but sit in front of a computer or in college with little activity at all so this is probably the cause; I've also read about patients who have spine injuries such as those from car accidents and alike having their pain increased same as described here when they smoke cigarettes.... Now this is very peculiar; They also said that their pain went away when they did not smoke for a couple of days. If it is the spine, and from what I have read not only here but in other places, most of us just simply have bad backs or have overused them. It's obvious that when we smoke we relax as do our muscles, sitting in a wrong position at that time can allow for the spine to get into positions muscles usually would not allow it thus bending it and leaving us with problems like these. Now, I would not argue my brain's had enough of marijuana, if it had why doesn't it just make the smell of it disgusting or make it taste like shit; it has the power to do that; Instead it's hurting me by inflicting pain in the left side of my body, from my knee all the way to my shoulder--> this does not make sense, but then again; most of the time our bodies don't anyway.

    As for now, I'm currently going to therapy (regular exercises, electric stimulation, magnets (don't know how much this helps) and some spine exercises which along with all of this should help. I'm still toking, have been for the last 4 months not really giving the pain the pleasure of victory. I do the things I wrote of earlier to ease it and I can slide a good high even though I can feel it and it annoys me but what the hell, if that's the way it's gotta be, then let it be. :bong2: I don't hold high hopes for the therapy but what are you gonna do; I have to try just to see. I wonder, you guys who wrote here already... what have you done and what's happened since; does anyone here have a happy ending? :rolleyes:

    Oh, also, I've found that not eating for a while (I've packed on a little weight in the last 2 years, but not too much) so that not eating for a while makes it all but go away.... I couldn't get myself through munchies without eating yet, but I'll try tonight (not eating while munchies are in effect is even worse than the pain) hehe jk --- That s*it HURTS !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just felt I needed to add, I know exactly when this pain started; I had a flu, was lying in bed for a couple of days and then before I got completely better, I went out and smoked and that's when the pain appeared. That's why the spine thing is a little weird story too. It doesn't start hurting when I inhale but it starts hurting only once I start to feel high- pretty weird
  7. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    I've found Pot to be an excellent analgesic, especially when vaped.
    Everybody is different, though.
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  8. maligec

    maligec New Member

    Yea, I know, it's been to me too until this started happening
  9. maligec

    maligec New Member

  10. maligec

    maligec New Member

    It seems this thread has died, I've quit smoking, the pain was becoming too intense. Both cigarettes and mj are out of the question until further notice.
  11. Texas Toker

    Texas Toker Sr. Member

    sounds more like pluracy (inflamation of the lining of the lung and chest wall)
  12. maligec

    maligec New Member

    I've just read Pluracy - definition of Pluracy in the Medical dictionary - by the Free Online Medical Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. on Pluracy and some signs there point to it probably being the cause but then again, there is no cough, and I had an x-ray done which showed no weird phenomena otherwise the doctor would of noted it. Other reported too that they had more than x-rays done and found nothing was wrong with them at all. I've quit smoking and it feels better, I'm also doing exercises and getting therapy for strengthening the back muscles such as passing current through painful muscles, magnet therapy and ultrasound therapy. Since I've stopped smoking the pain only appears in minute ammount when I sit.


    I had the exact same problem with my neck. The pain was unbearable when ever I smoked marijuana. I was especially bad while sitting in my car and sitting on my couch. I went to the doctor and it turned out that my neck was out of alihnment. I had bad posture when I was sleeping and while sitting on the couch and in the car. What I did to fix the problem was quitting smoking all together for a few months and fix my posture anywhere I sit, got a better pillow for my neck to keep it aligned in bed, and i began to weight lift. This solved the problem. I smoke all the time now and no pain at all! I like the volcano.
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  14. sanfranciscosadhu

    sanfranciscosadhu New Member

    You need to address the cause of the pain with the help of a good bodyworker as well as physical therapy, both on a consistent and regular basis. While MJ can sometimes help as an analgesic (or not) it is not a cure for your problem. Cortisone can indeed be helpful temporarily but only is of long term benefit if you utilize the time of relief to get serious about opening and repairing your body as described above.
    Doing cortisone repeatedly has many dangerous side effects and can only be done occasionally to buy time not as a cure.
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  15. maligec

    maligec New Member

    I didn't successfully stop and have been dealing with this pain for quite some time now, well about a year and a half. It is muscle spasms which are in turn connected with anxiety and stress, wrong posture and a lot of sitting. It's better after massages but still hurts, sometimes I find relief in leaning my back and the place where it hurts on a protruding edge of a shelf or into and corner that can put pressure on the place and the pain is replaced by a weird feeling of relief. I haven't been doing my exercises, actually any exercises at all and I do understand that it does help but I simply do not have the will power to do it. Since I have started smoking in my room I had a lot of stress disappear and things are better. But still, there is stress from being caught by parents. When I am completely alone and smoking at home I feel as though there isn't even a problem. Also, it helps if I don't have any pressure on my upper torso so I take of my shirt and the pain all but disappears no matter where I am. So I guess I should walk without a shirt everywhere and it should be alright :D jk--- Well, as I still haven't solved it and I see here there are people who have and how they did it, it provides some kind of understanding that this thing can be outsmarted. Interestingly enough, this probably is a neurological problem but it's not just the brain but also the damaged area of the spine that is sending wrong signals to the brain and in turn getting wrong ones back. ahhh so much complications and not a damn good reason for it



    Lol, that is funny. I also thought it was all in my head at one point. It is not in your head. Your muscles are in pain and your body is telling you. You say you don't have the will power to exercise, then you must deal with the pain. The only way to get rid of it is to strengthen your muscles and make them move. That is the only way. Do weight lifting for your shoulders and w/e muscles are hurting. Make sure you have a pillow behind your back when you sit in chairs or w/e. It's up to you to fix this.


    Oh, and for the record, my neck was killing me for two years in a row.
  18. zappy

    zappy Pondering Primate

    If weed is making you experience pain then I think you're better off not doing it at all, or at least maybe taking a break for a good while. Knowingly causing yourself pain does not sound like a healthy habit at all.
  19. Dero

    Dero New Member

    Why the pain?

    Similar pain has happened to me. I never really liked getting wasted, so I've never been a smoker. But then, I ended up w/chronic back pain & high blood pressure. I wanted to cut back on high cost of pills (no insurance) so I tried medical MJ. At first, I was fine. It lowered my blood pressure & put me to sleep. I cut back on pills & since I couldn't take BP pills after bad reaction, I thought I'd found a great alternative. Even my cardiologist gave me his blessings. Until I began getting horrid sciatica (pain in left buttock & leg). At first I thought I'd eaten something (wheat, dairy & preservatives inflame my system). But it kept happening after I'd smoke or eat edibles so I figured it out. It's been a year since I've had any MJ. Two weeks ago, a friend had some really mild weed & I had a few puffs from one of those acrylic cigs & no pain. The MJ. was really mild . Put me to sleep beautifully. I checked my BP & it was normal again. He didn't know the strain. I'm thinking it was sativa. Question: anybody have pain w/sativa strain? Anybody have pain w/small tokes? Anyone have pain w/bat cig? I'm wondering if using it less & using small doses would make a difference? I don't know. Tried it twice, diff times, but not again. Let me know your thoughts, please. Thanks.
  20. Lightning

    Lightning New Member

    I have this problem too. Its a real mystery. As maligec wrote, this pain appeared after smoking while I was having a cold. But I'm pretty uncertain to if thats the problem really, because at the same time (a couple of days before I caught the cold) I ingested a large dose, it was really the last time I remember having a completely normal reaction (normal except from completely losing my coordination and feeling like I was riding a rollercoaster before passing out and sleeping from 8pm to 5am when I had to go to work.)
    This was in october last year, since after that I've had some anxiety problems but feeling much better know, but back then I couldn't smoke anything without feeling really edgy. This leads me to believe this is anxiety related, I believe that the thc stresses the nervous system and causing it to be over-active and in some way that is percieved as pain. Heavy users should be aware that shit like this can happen!

    For me the pain increases with the dose and follows the curve of the high effects. I also notice it being worse if i've been sleeping bad or if i'm stressed.
    At the same time I think I still can feel other pains like some headaches being suppressed.. the normal effect is still there so its not like existing pains become much worse.
    This definitely feels like a psychosomatic reaction of some sort. Maybe some nerve-calming medicine would help a bit, like benzos, I haven't tried but in that case this could be GABA related right? But to use benzos just to keep smoking doesn't sound appealling at all. I hate feeling "foggy" like I've been feeling all winter and I don't think benzos would help bringing any clarity.
    What did help me though was a beautiful trip on a psilocin-like psychedelic.. that was some awesome shit, feeling more alive than I have in a long time!

    Anyways, continuing smoking isn't really an option for me. But today its 420 so I'm gonna get blasted, and after that I'm gonna take it easy.
    I really used to love smoking, but after this its time for a bigtime break.

    Happy 420 everyone, stay happy!

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