Does smoking make you sleepy?

Discussion in 'Humor and Jokes' started by dirtbomb, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    No. It can make me Happy, Dopey, Sneezy........................


    I am gonna go with Sleepy and Dopey

    Now where's that bitch Snow White she was supposed to be here an hour ago with that fucking pizza
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  3. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    I work at a Pizza place and it's always hilarious when somebody who orders while stoned calls in 10 minutes later to complain about how slow our deliveries are.:laugh:
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  4. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Cranched Scanner

    yes smoking makes me very sleepy

    mabey not right after i smoke, but smoking all day i tend to get burnt out by night time
  5. gimmegimmeganj

    gimmegimmeganj New Member

    yeah bro, that's exactly what happens to me. It's like once I cross a certain threshold of smoking, I just get tired-er and tired-er.
    I guess you could call it stoned to a major extent. :dizzy:

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