Does smoking pot increase or decrease blood pressure?

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  1. wikked_one

    wikked_one New Member

    Is there any information on whether smoking pot can increase or decrease your blood pressure? I am a daily smoker (12 years) and have just been diagnosed with hypertension, and I have to quit smoking cigarettes and was wondering if smoking pot was a contributing factor as well..... any thoughts?
  2. nerphroll

    nerphroll Sr. Member

    It is generally held that marijuana smoking may cause a temporary increase in blood pressure upon first smoking, but that with chronic use it will actually lower blood pressure. It is also known to cause orthostatic type hypotension, whereby even if it temporarily raises your blood pressure when first smoked while you;re lying, if you assume an upright posture quickly you may feel lightheaded and pre-syncopal (pre-fainting).
    Defintely quit tobacco smoking, it will make a difference in your BP. For now I'd continue toking and instead in addition to quitting tobacco smoking, work on a diet rich in fruits and veggies, low in sodium, and get some exercise.
  3. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    I'm not a doctor....

    I'm gonna say that first, but I can say this from personal experience, OK?

    I have high blood pressure problems. Herb has brought my pressure down twenty points on both ends. My personal doctor thinks it's a wonder drug for post-operative care, but we won't talk about that..... ;)

    It has a calming effect, thats for sure..... :D

    Somewhere in Ded Land..... :cool:
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  4. wondrous

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    Myth: Pot causes high blood pressure

    "According to the NAS, the effects of marijuana on blood pressure are complex, depending on dose, administration, and posture. Marijuana often produces a temporary, moderate increase in blood pressure immediately after ingestion; however, heavy chronic doses may slightly depress blood pressure instead. One common reaction is to cause decreased blood pressure while standing and increased blood pressure while lying down, causing people to faint if they stand up too quickly. There is no evidence that pot use causes persisting hypertension or heart disease; some users even claim that it helps them control hypertension by reducing stress. One thing THC does do is to increase pulse rates for about an hour. This is not generally harmful, since exercise does the same thing, but it may cause problems to people with pre-existing heart disease. Chronic users may develop a tolerance to this and other cardiovascular reactions."

    This is taken from an awesome report "Marijuana Health Mythology". You can find it here:
  5. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    Look at that...

    something else that agree's with the dedbr..... :eek:

    Is this a trend Bunker fan's, or what? :wave:

    For my next act, I'm goint to set myself on fire!

    Somewhere in Ded Land.....
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  6. Buzzby

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    Wait a minute! I have to go out and buy some marshmallows! :D
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  7. Mr.ReHi

    Mr.ReHi New Member

    I have prehypertension in the day time, I'm not over wait. But at night i will consume a little INDICA strain only and my blood
    pressure will immediately go down to a very healthy set of numbers.

    This is proven every time i go for a night time rehi. i have a blood pressure machine at home and it shows me the differences very clear.. I recently went to the doctor for a physical,, i went after smoking indica strain and sure enough healthy numbers on his equipment.

    I can only imagine sativa strain bud will do the opposite,, maybe jack up your pressure. The kush at first will get my heart beat
    up but will come down fast if i relax deep.. the blood pressure numbers are low even when my pulse is up from the kush.

    Amazing break through!! Marijuana lowers blood pressure without a person having to take those horrible drugs!

    drug companies know this, so marijuana is kept demonized politically for the benefit of drug companies who lobby
    congress to have strict laws.
  8. LikeSoTotallyBaked

    LikeSoTotallyBaked New Member

    Damn this makes total sense. I thought it was weird that I sometimes collapse after I get up from smoking, but I guess it isn't!
  9. Drew420

    Drew420 New Member

    What my bio teacher said the other day is that it raises rate and lowers pressure. Which makes sense, your arteries probably relax a bit, since breathing pathways and muscles do.
  10. UsernameHere

    UsernameHere New Member

    THC causes the muscles to relax letting more bloodflow. I can see how it would lower overall.
  11. coteedgett

    coteedgett New Member

    Smoking marijuana would be a MAJOR contributing factor to hypertension.
    and marijuana is actually quite a dangerous drug.
    only people who are DYING get prescribed it, it actually makes you die faster if you have a fatal illness such as Hiv and cancer because it literally kills your immune systems in every part of your body and increases chance of infection and causes many mental illnesses like depersonalization, bipolar, schizophrenia , depression , mania. and make you susceptible to MANY airbourne diseases like Tuberculosis and fungus in the lung.
    people say "oh it cures cancer!" no it doesnt. it may help with pain because it relaxes SOME people,
    although people who smoke it because of a prescription will not suffer too greatly on the side affects, it has been proven to actually decrease the incubation period for hiv to full-blown aids, in otherwords, it speeds up the progression of the disease, and many others, as a result of THC's affect on the immune system.
  12. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    Interesting theory you have there.
    is this what you were raised to believe, or did you just watch the movie: refer madness ?
    If so, you've come to the right place to educate yourself on the actual truth about marijuana

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  13. Trigga

    Trigga New Member

    I always had slightly increased blood pressure (never smoked before testing) and this one time my mom wanted to check it 'cause I haven't in a long time and I smoked a joint 20 mins before that and for the first time it was normal haha in my mind I was like " thats that herb son! what!"
  14. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    Dood, lol who the hell are you? There isn't enough research available to say whether marijuana helps cure cancer or not. And no, marijuana doesnt weaken your immune system. It helps people with HIV/AIDS and allows them to live longer. People with anorexia due to HIV/AIDS can smoke marijuana to increase their apatite and there is one case I know of where it has saved someones life. I'm not so sure mania and depersonalization are mental illnesses. It doesnt cause bipolar disease, it is recommended to people with bipolar disease to help calm them down. In many cases it helps people deal with their depression and doesnt cause depression at all. And it doesnt actually cause schizophrenia, but I can help bring out the illness in people with a predisposition. Get your facts straight before you come up here and post BS.
    P.S. I don't know anyone who smokes weed that has any sort of disease or illness caused by it.
  15. prickles

    prickles New Member

    hey all, i have hypertension and dope drops my b.p. by about 20 points everytime.
  16. clint902

    clint902 Sr. Member

    People get hypertension for different reasons. Some due to heart or artery problems and others caused by stress, anxiety, depression etc. My bp goes down but doesn't go down for everyone, People that have cardiopulmonary issues might not notice a difference.
  17. susierr

    susierr New Member

    Cannabis Lowers My Blood Pressure

    Cannabis definitely lowers my blood pressure. I don't have to take those awful poison, asthma-causing lisenopril pills. Marijuana is a miracle medication for some people, not all. Everyone needs to come to their own conclusions. No one should be be denied an alternative to pills.
  18. Peter Pepper

    Peter Pepper New Member

    Smoked tobacco for 15 years but never tried MJ (other that some occasional second hand of course)
    Trying to test some Indica usage and its effect in (my) hypertension (avg 180/100 currently on 10mg Ramipril daily):

    Could anyone suggest:
    Dosage: So far my starting point will be half a gram per day (too little/much)
    Administration:I would prefer vaporizing or edibles but of course I'm looking for the most effective way
    Timing: Is there a time of the day that works better? (early morning, before bed?)

  19. clint902

    clint902 Sr. Member

    Well first off, your bp medications obviously isn't working and you need to get on something that works. 180/100 is completely unnaceptable blood pressure. Way too high! Don't smoke weed or do anything till you get that reading down to an acceptable level. Hypertension is nothing to fool around with!
  20. SouthernRebelBoy

    SouthernRebelBoy New Member

    Well when I do it my heart races like a mofo but its nothing permanent.

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