Does smoking pot increase or decrease blood pressure?

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  1. GanjaFranklin

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    I can say definitively that YES, smoking cannabis does lower blood pressure, but it does initially go up. I have anxiety driven hypertension, and have tried every pharmaceutical on the market. Some work somewhat, some not at all. My fiance' suggested I try small amounts of cannabis, and document my blood pressure at 30 minute intervals. So - I did exactly that on a weekend. I took NO blood pressure meds that day. I didn't want to muddy the test, but I had them on hand just incase it got too high.
    My initial BP was 160/107 at 6pm. Took 1 good hit at 6:05. At 6:30 it was 171/112 - entering scary territory. At 7:00 it was 174/111. Still too high and I was getting nervous. 6:30 (T+1:25) my BP was 155/98! It was coming down - and remember, I took no other BP meds at all. 7:00 I felt quite relaxed and had nice mellow buzz, and my BP was 131/82! Woohoo! Success!!!
    At 7:30 it was 128/80, and at 8:00 124/81. At this point, I was convinced. It remained in the 120's/80's all night and even into the next morning.
    And in the spirit of scientific experimentation, I repeated the experiment the next evening with nearly identical results.
    And... just to be absolutely sure, I did it a third time one week later, and had almost identical results! :)

    *Note: the stuff I had was some good indica hydro, and I only had 1 hit (about the size of a pea) each time. But the answer to the question of "Does cannabis lower blood pressure?" is a definite YES - although it will initially raise BP and heart rate for about an hour, BP will lower substantially (30-40 points both systolic and diastolic in my case).

    I hope that helps your question somewhat.
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    wow i don't know where you get your facts but do some research before you say something that makes no sense.
  3. Acheron

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    Ok.. So maybe it's due to the fact that I have been smokeless for many years.. But last night I tried some Purple Larry that spiked my bp to 168/125 with a bpm of 128.. With time will that not spike so high? Or did I get my hands on something bad?
  4. sunsandstars

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    Just recently, I experienced two episodes after taking a few hits. I smoke every other day and for about 5 years now. The first episode I was standing outside and suddenly began losing my vision. Eventually I lost it all and collapsed. I went to the doctor and he said I had high blood pressure and ran tests but nothing came up. The second episode occurred about two weeks after. I was climbing out from a hot, relaxing bath and began losing my vision again. My pulse was running high and I was sweating. I ran some cold water on my face and sat down to feel as if I was about to throw up. Thobbing was forced up my throat and popping occurs in my ears. I've been researching it and found out that vision loss can be caused by high blood pressure. Also reading on this website, I've realized that I'm not the only one with this occurrence but at the same time they've all gone to the doctor and gotten medications. Should I go and get tests run? Do I have anything to be worried about such as a future stroke? Should I stop smoking?

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