Does STAT royal flush work?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by smoke013, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. smoke013

    smoke013 New Member

    I have a urinalysis tomorrow and havn't smoked for 2 days...will it work if i follow the directions?
  2. freedvr1

    freedvr1 New Member


    I have never used the Detox products but my friends have and trust me they don't work! I would try substitution if I were you. I am using Quick Fix for a test tomorrow.
  3. smoke013

    smoke013 New Member

    I just drank the 16oz. royal flush and will leave in 1 hour to take my piss test, that was very very bad tasting. I live in between two of the largest air bases in the country and know a lot of guys and girls that are in the air force and use this over and over again to pass their drug screenings! I WILL POST RESULTS SO WE CAN FINALLY QUIT BEATING AROUND THE BUSH AND FIND A REAL WORKING PRODUCT! (this is for a job and not probation.)
  4. smoke013

    smoke013 New Member

    :confused: OK, i took a home THC test before going and passed...BUT, I went to the clinic and took the real thing and she said it would probably come back diluted because the pee I gave was too clear, this is most likely because STAT royal flush tells you to drink WAY too much water... that stuff WILL make you throw up if you don't have the stomach... I'll keep you guys posted!
  5. dyedahair

    dyedahair New Member

    so what ever happened? I'll be having a test in the next week or so and I am going to use Stat! flush...was told by a huge smoke shop that tons of people use it and come back for more...hope he's telling the truth. I was also told to start drinking more water at least a few days beforehand so your body can be more used to having more fluid = less likely to look diluted.
  6. Webdox

    Webdox New Member

    The smoke shop is trying to make money off of you and they did. You should have just read the dilution sticky instead and saved yourself some money. They sold you a line of bullshit. Anyhow the guy who made this post...

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  7. dyedahair

    dyedahair New Member

    shit....i was fearing that..
  8. scruball

    scruball New Member

    My personal experience royalflush did not work for me,
    I refrained from smoking for 4 days followed the directions
    & guess what, I failed my pre employment test.
    here's what will work, drink lots of water until you're pissing clear
    take a multi vitamin or some b complex, that will put the color back in your
    urine, has not failed me yet, i can pass a test w several hours notice!
  9. dabuddhauser

    dabuddhauser New Member

    NO! that is wrong, detox drinks and dilution fail!

    If you want to pass a drug test these are the options!

    If you want to use your own sample
    Step 1. Stop smoking
    Step 2.Exercise
    Step 3.Take an in-home test before the real test to see where you are not

    If you fail at ANY steps above you MUST use Substitution!
    At this point head to the Substitution Sticky it is a great thread and help me pass many tests!

    If you have to buy any products i have not used this but I hear great things about QuickFix.
  10. scruball

    scruball New Member


    you really shouldn't doubt my method of passing a drug test it has worked for me time & time again, i was on probation for 2 years & i never quit smoking.

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