Does the home test line darken

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by legaleyes, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. legaleyes

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    as you are less 'dirty'? I've read the comments, done the search, for home tests and there are so many questions about the faintness of the line. I know the instructions say any line is a neg, but is it darker for cleaner? Any experience?
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    You Passed

    You passed sometimes it's darker then others.
  3. IamN2pot

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    In GENERAL, the THC test line is always lighter than the control line. The test line will be darker with no THCA in the urine vs having 49ng/mL in the urine, but even using totally THCA free urine, the test line is lighter than the control line. Hope that helps. N2
  4. legaleyes

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    It's just so faint- I want sceaming pink :redhot:
  5. stompit

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    Mine was faint about two days ago. Today it was extremely dark. You are very close if our experience is at all similar.
  6. Wizard1

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    I tend to agree with this. I have found with completely clean urine the test line shows up quickly....and is very "apparent"... but I've never seen it as dark as the control line... Although I saw a post here where someone stated there t line was as dark as the c line on there test..... I've never seen that.
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    As Long As You're Negative

    You Pass!!!!!

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