Does Vinegar Help Pass Drug Test?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by GetchaPull, May 30, 2011.

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    I"m 5'8 200lbs and I've been trying to use the treadmill for the past couple days to burn off as much THC as possible until I read on here today that I should stop working out about 5 days before my drug test. As far as metabolism, I just know i'm able to lose 5-10lbs a week if i'm diligent about working out. I have an interview at Walmart in two days and I'm assuming they'll have me test either that day or within 24hrs. I highly doubt they'll even hire me to give me the test because I called before hand to inform them I have a misdemeanor for possesion of marijuana (already expunged once and only allowed one in a lifetime where I live). FedEx found me ineligible for hire because of the charge a month ago after doing a background check and unbeknownst to me was still pending at the time. (I took a 2day intervention class months ago that made it dismissed but I just had it dismissed in court a few days ago) The personnel person at Walmart I spoke with explained (danced around) how she wasn't allowed to answer if I'd be wasting my time and that I should know that I'll have to pass a drug test to be hired. Since I last smoked really good weed 15 days ago and I know it's not out of my system yet, is there anything I can do and is vinegar and water one of those things that will help or just another myth? Also what kind of vinegar is best? I was suggested the vinegar theory by a girl ringing up my home drug test at Walgreens claiming that's how she passed to get hired there. By the way I was a daily smoker using about half up to a whole blunt (full size cigar) of highly potent marijuana.

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