Does weed give you a hangover?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by The_K, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. The_K

    The_K New Member

    I've heard people say that one of the reasons weed is better than booze is because there's no hangover with weed. But in my experience, I often get hangovers from smoking weed... and a sore throat.

    On a related note, has anyone tried using Chaser tablets with weed instead of booze?
  2. dishwasher

    dishwasher New Member

    i dont know about weed giving me a hang over but i know i have woken up still stoned.

    but even when i drink i dont really get hang overs. i normally wake up earlier than i would. i might be really tired later in the day but that is just b/c i got up too early i think.
  3. whiplash

    whiplash New Member

    the only effect of weed the next morning is lingering effects i think, so people may call that a weed hangover. but you definitely don't get a splitting headache and the runs, lets put it that way :)
  4. Cheerio

    Cheerio New Member

    I Remember the first time i ever smoked, i had a hard time focusing on things for a few days, and a lack of concentration. granted, this could have been all in my head, but im pretty sure it wasnt.

    on another note, im enjoying this long stint of sobriety..i dont even feel the urge to smoke anymore! :thumbsup:
  5. Will88

    Will88 New Member

    i was going to say that there wasnt any hangover from weed but there is a burnout which as far as im concerned is half the fun and if your really against the burn out you can just go exercise in the morning and youve got no more burn out.

    i think the burnout is way more severe though when you first start smoking though or maybe it had something to do with how much i smoked(8-9 bowls in the space of an hour probably a gram or so of highs) well first of all the high sucked because i was way to out of it but the next day i was real burnt out i was completely ****ing up at work.

    by the way im pretty burnt out right now and id say its like 1/2 as good as being high. but i can fix that :)
  6. Kris420

    Kris420 New Member

    No. the only effects from weed the next day (depending on the time you smoked and how much u smoked) is the continuing effects of the high. you can call that a "hangover" but there isnt any sickening or vomiting effects from it.

  7. Ernesto

    Ernesto Banned

    no. absolutely not.
    Sometimes I feel a bit more tired or (rarely) feel the "high" effects in the morning. but NOTHING compared to off topic drinking...

    long live weed
  8. Taiyed

    Taiyed New Member

    I just feel pretty groggy... especially if I have to wake up, instead of waking up on my own. (I sleep like a baby up to that point though) Taking a shower and moving around a bit takes care of any after effects.
  9. greypoe

    greypoe Sr. Member

    I only get the "hangover" when I smoke too much. Sometimes I do get a headache when I come down, but this could be due to smoking low quality weed. I dont feel this way often, but I almost always smoke in moderation.
  10. reefermadness1

    reefermadness1 New Member

    I feel a 'weak' kind of feeling the morning after smoking at later hours in the night, not everytime but on occassion. I think it may have to do with using indica dominated strains versus sativa dominated ones, that's just a theory though. Even getting a little tipsy the night before off of offtopics gives me a worse feeling than that in the morning.

    Basically, to get rid of the feeling you get after a night of smoking, all you really need is 3 things: a warm shower, a hot cup of coffee and a brisk walk / some other form of light excercize.
  11. RotiEatter

    RotiEatter New Member

  12. Mattacular

    Mattacular Sr. Member

    Never a hangover, I used to feel a bit burnt out the next morning when I first started smoking. In fact I still do sometimes after heavy sessions.
  13. SpunCraz

    SpunCraz Supporting Radical Habits

    Never..ive woke up still high a few times in my early days. but now I wake up refreshed if i go to bed all blazed.
  14. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    I don't even really get the burnt out feeling anymore. The only time I've had it was when I had 10 personal bowls of good shizznizzle. It wasn't even bad. Almost pleasant.
  15. IsItChill420

    IsItChill420 New Member

    uhhh the only thing that i get the next day is like a feeling of happiness and it lasts for a pretty long while.
  16. The_K

    The_K New Member

    I think I just got sick by coincidence...

    I'm thinking now that I was just unlucky enough to get sick the day after smoking some of this new batch I just got. It had been the first time I smoked in a couple months, and the next morning I had a sore throat, headache and was feeling really tired (like a bad hangover). I'd felt slightly "hungover" from weed before, so I figured it would wear off, but it just got worse. Later I started getting a fever, too. It's been like that for a couple days now, so I figure I just happened to get sick around the same time by coincidence. I dunno, do you think the weed had something to do with me getting sick? It looks and smells fine... looks and smells great actually...
  17. outerlimits

    outerlimits New Member

    The day after i smoke is usualy a happy one. Like i take my time with everything and feel like theres no point rushing even if there, is its pretty cool. I love chilling out so its nice.
  18. Ive had a hangover once. I woke up and felt mildly nausious(sp) and had a headache. But that was because it was when i first started smoking i smoked some really good hydro and it kicked me in the ass.

  19. When I first started smoking I would feel a little cloudy in the morning. Not sick or anything just a little out of it. Since then though either I've gotten used to it or it doesn't happen anymore either way I don't feel anything anymore in the mornings

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