Does weed lose its potency?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by jjbongalong, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. jjbongalong

    jjbongalong New Member

    I never really used to buy my own stuff, I just used to get a big bag in with friends and have a huge session. Before Christmas I bought some stuff to take home and I only smoked it very occassionally. I finished it recently, but after smoking two joints with a friend we weren't especially high or stoned.

    I thought it might have been that I hadn't especially looked after the weed very well and that I had kept it for a couple of months. It was definitely drier than when I bought it.

    I have ruled out quantity (I packed those spliffs).
    and tolerance (I really don't smoke that often, and my friend even less)
    The weed was great when I first got it! High for hours :cool:

    Is keeping weed for a long time a bad idea then?
  2. jaman

    jaman Marijuana Master

    Yes weed can defiantly lose it's potency . It depends allot on the state of the weed prior to you storing it , and the way you stored it . If it's a nice fresh homegrown nugg , and you store it in an airtight container in a dark cool spot , it could stay fresh for quite a long time . I've stored good buds like this , went back after a year , and it was still kill , so ( I WOULD SAY THAT ) it all depends on the bud and the storing method .

  3. jjbongalong

    jjbongalong New Member

    Cheers - I will bear that in mind in future.

    I was storing it in a baggies in the lids of deoderant cans :laugh:

    Which I guess would have been fairly air tight, but who knows?
  4. Dazed.Confused

    Dazed.Confused New Member

    But would it still have been cool enough??

    but otherwise,as long as it is airtight (i think) it lasts long enough for me, like 2-3 weeks.
  5. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Sun is the real killer here, after a while the THC will break down and you'll have a lot more CBD/CBN in your bud; and storing your bud too airtight might not be such a good idea either.
  6. jaman

    jaman Marijuana Master

    Why would that be ? :wave:
  7. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Well what if your bud had a little more moisture in it than normal, or what if you're one of those people that put those "humidifiers" in with your bud (or heaven forbid, an orange slice). Now assume you have an airtight container in a dark, cool place. What do you suspect will happen? My guess would be some mold growth.
  8. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Warm wet --- lack of air -- nice ground for the growth of anaerobic bacteria...

    When growers "cure" their harvest of budz the method most often used is to dry in a dark cool well ventilated environment. The dried bud is then put in air tight containers (such as tupperware or a mason jar) and the container is again kept in a cool dark environment only now the container is opened once a day and the bud turned.

    In each case ventilation/fresh air is the key to non-mouldy bud.

    More about Marijuana & Mould
  9. jaman

    jaman Marijuana Master

    looks like there's some info on this out there . hmmmmmmm

    1. Keep the tobacco in an airtight container.

    A. A word of caution though. You don’t want to store the tobacco for long periods of time in an airtight container without exchanging the air inside the container. Or without airflow over and through the tobacco. The tobacco might develop mold if stored in an airtight container for long periods of time. And mold is not good for tobacco.

    B. A good container could be a humidor. A good wood humidor lets the tobacco breathe. Meaning the wood lets moisture escape but holds moisture in as well. And with a humidification device inside the humidor the tobacco will stay moist through the evaporation process from the humidification device.
  10. jaman

    jaman Marijuana Master

    Hey , wait just a minute here , I'm the Marijuana Master
  11. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I've always kept my weed in sealed Zip-Locs inside my cigar humidor. It's down the basement where the temperature is pretty much a constant 65º-70ºF all year 'round. Cigars like more moisture than cured marijuana, which is why I keep it in sealed bags. I've kept weed for more than a year with minor loss of potency, no mold, and no dry-out.
  12. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Exactly, a good point there, if you do store your bud properly, it can last for years on end. In one of my cannabis books this guy talks about bud he's had for a couple years, and he keeps it in a certain box and so on so it doesn't dry out or get moldy or lose potency.
  13. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    :jawdrop: can't believe a bag of weed can last someone a year! :bong2:
  14. EZMark

    EZMark New Member

    All depends on the size of the BAG!:laugh: :laugh:
  15. morningtimes

    morningtimes New Member

    I got a little bag fresh like 2 days ago... I'm hoping it'll keep for a week from now (as im in the middle of my GCSEs) can anyone confirm or deny that? I'm keeping it in a little plastic bag, wrapped twice with cling film in a DVD case in a drawer out of sunlight,

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