Does weed make you gain weight?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by gstq, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. gstq

    gstq New Member

    I've heard that weed assists in weight gain. Is this strictly because of the munchies causing you to over-eat, or is it something directly related (scientifically) with the cannabis?

  2. Soloudithertz

    Soloudithertz New Member

    i have lost 15 lbs since i started smoking and attribute this to the fact that if i dont have any nugget, i have no apetite
  3. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist

    Marijuana does not make you gain weight. Munchies do though. :munchies:
  4. gwa110

    gwa110 New Member

    my contribution

    hi, first post here. been reading up on the forums lately and thought id contribute. i smoked pretty heavily throughout the summer (1-3 times a day) mainly just because i could but recently i have had to quit because i'll be joining my university's soccer team (D1!). While smoking my weight remained level just as it always had but since i have quit my weight has dropped due to an incredible loss of apetite. It's been about two weeks and i'm slowly gaining my apetite back but i feel as though i've had my stomach stapled(less apetite, eat less at once, etc). after noticing i lost ten pounds in the past week i binged a good amount today. :) But if you smoke every day and often, especially before bed, expect to put on some weight. -g
  5. JuNki3

    JuNki3 New Member

    Yep, when I took my UA and failed, I stopped smoking for a few days..

    I had no appetite for three days, just none...

    I forced myself to eat because I started getting dizzy a lot.

    I did however gain 5 pounds and my friend gained 15, in a week, thanks to the munchies...but there is the other side of it, where you lose your appetite when you're not high.

    I also had a theory where "food sounds good when you're high, but you're too lazy to get it, so if it's not easily accessible, you won't eat."

    I've since proven myself wrong about that...though there is some truth behind it?

    If you have some self control and can resist the munchies, you'll lose weight since you wont be hungry without the munchies either, otherwise yes, expect to gain weight.
  6. Zubi420

    Zubi420 Guest

    Its only cause of the munchies. Aids and cancer patients use it for this reason and for chemotherapy nausea.
  7. Frojoe

    Frojoe New Member

    I think it only helps you gain weight when it was lost due to wasting from aids or chemo or other deseise. So if your sick it will help you gain weight but otherwise only 'cause of the munchies.
  8. Explicit

    Explicit Sr. Member

    No, there is no chemically induced weight gain even for HIV or Cancer related usage. They use it to relieve nausea and induce hunger because the medications and sickness they have make it very difficult to eat as necessary. It's absolutely horrible that some states in this country still make these people out to be criminals for wanting to be able to keep down the food they need to survive, and even in the states that are "awake" the federal government is still working hard to make sure their lives are worse.
  9. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Marijuana doesn't make you gain weight. You're confusing the scientific evidence that says marijuana helps people with AIDS gain weight because they can actually hold down food due to marijuana's ability to fight nausea.

    Of course, if you're one of those people who blames McDonald's for how fat you are, then yes, marijuana is the cause of your weight gainage :p
  10. shmoe

    shmoe New Member

    I blame the munchies, and there comes a point where (for me at least) it overcomes the laziness and I'll go on a long adventurous quest just to buy a donner kebab. It felt like the longest i've ever had to wait for a kebab though, espcially when my friend kept smiling at me funny...
  11. MarcEmory4Prez

    MarcEmory4Prez New Member

    You are all correct....marijuana doesn't make you gain weight. Its the large box of double stuffed Oreos and the Ho Hos and the large Mountain Dew you drink to kill the dry mouth and munchies.
    Sorry fellas but if you pack down 2000 calories along with your regular meals, you ARE going to gain weight.
  12. Explicit

    Explicit Sr. Member

    That made me smile. :D I hate that sort of attitude towards shit.
  13. TheRastaArmy

    TheRastaArmy New Member

    There are a lot of factors that come along to smoking cannabis and the "munchies" me, for example eats alot of food a day especially when I have smoked a ton of doobies but sometimes I gain weight and sometimes I loose weight.
    Here are some explainations
    1.Metabloism-the sum of the physical and chemical processes in an organism by which its material substance is produced, maintained, and destroyed, and by which energy is made available thanks!!
    2.What you eat
    and of course
    3.Your sooooooo stoned that you eat something and you think you just ate an entire thanksgiving buffet, but of course ch'mon we're all aware of what we eat
    Well there ya go
  14. Explicit

    Explicit Sr. Member

    Now I'm confused. Does weed make you gain weight?
  15. MarcEmory4Prez

    MarcEmory4Prez New Member

    No, weed doesn't make you gain weight....its the ton of food you eat after you smoke up a storm that makes you get fat.
  16. Explicit

    Explicit Sr. Member

    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: Thanks.
  17. dredpiratrobert

    dredpiratrobert New Member

    2000 calories?

    good diet is 2000 calories a day for most people who do moderate work without really exerting themselves... or so I have heard.

    I find that I need to double that (or more) when I am working hard. When its 110 degrees F and you sweat so much it feels like you've pissed your pants but you have to keep working because you dont get a break for like another hour and a half... well-- the weed might make your muscles hurt a little less and the work seem more enjoyable (almost) but I never gained a pound ;) !!!

  18. Stona13

    Stona13 New Member

    Haha,thats soo true.
    I find that afta i smoke up a storm,i get the mean az munchies.
    Wen ur a blak chick,like me,if u get the munchies wot do u do? U EAT OF COURSE!!!!
    I dont mean to sound racist but thats y alot of my race,black pple,r fat.
  19. medigreen

    medigreen New Member

    I think that for most people, it's not just the munchies that make you gain weight. I think it is a combination of all the munchies and the lack of energy to get up and do stuff. You know when you smoke a ton and start laying around after you eat? That's what I mean.
  20. Explicit

    Explicit Sr. Member

    I really think that is a state of mind that you have 100% control over. I'm refering to the laying around and doing nothing and also to giving in to the munchies. Any one with a bit of will power can ignore the munchies. My friends and I from back home used to be all about smoking some weed and getting up and doing shit. Going out ... bowling ... shit like that. My workout partner and I smoked weed before hitting the gym. It gets you in the zone. We weren't giggling and not paying attention or feeling lazy or anything. It's a state of mind that you have control over.

    Not to say there weren't other times where we dazed out and ate a big meal but those were the times that we chose to do so. If you ask me there's no better way to go hop on the elyptical machine for 30-40 minutes of light cardio than after smoking a fat bowl pack.

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