Does Weed really smell that strong

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by LRdank22, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. LRdank22

    LRdank22 New Member

    Yesterday i smoked one bubbler bowl of bleberry yum yum at 12:00 at night out the window with a candle light to mask the smell and right after i finshed smoking my mom comes down and said my whole house smell like weed and the smell of it woke her up

    Does weed really have that strong of a odor :(
  2. sammysmoker

    sammysmoker New Member

    i wouldn't recommend smoking in the house while your parents are home lol, just go right outside on the opposite side of your parents room of the house so you dont get caught, thats what i do and it works everytime.
  3. Rocketman

    Rocketman Sr. Member

    Well you need to check the airflow, but I do almost 2-3 times a week at night. I've also smoked joints out my window, and the smell is gone in an hour or two. If the air is flowing out your room yes it will.

    Just get a lighter, open your window. Go put the lighter under the door, if it's pulling the flame into the hallway you can't smoke. But if you go to the window and its pulling the flame outside, toke away my friend.
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  4. JKilrva

    JKilrva New Member

    The answer to your question: GOOD weed has a MUCH more potent smell than bad weed. I'm sure that blueberry yum yum was quite delicious! :)

    Classic stoner techniques for covering the smell include putting a towel at the bottom of the door, and blowing the smoke out the window, followed by spraying some febreeze.
  5. dr_flashbear

    dr_flashbear New Member

    With the window open it probably had some reverse flow going on and it blew through your house. Just to be safe, I agree with everyone else's advice, plus if you're smoking out the window, you're better off putting a fan in blowing out and exhaling into that. Otherwise, if it's really that potent, you might wanna just smoke outside.
  6. arewdss

    arewdss New Member

    I no what u mean my friend got busted for smoking out his window when his parents didn't come home for a coupel hrs. But I found it helps a lot if u take a finished toilet paper roll rubber band a couple fabric fresheners on one end and stuff a couple in the tube then blow the smoke through that
  7. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    i never smoke inside and even after I come inside after a smoke I smell of weed and I actually smell up my room, the Oder of pot from clothes breathe goes into the air :S
  8. TrackStoner

    TrackStoner Guest

    make a sploof and all your problems will be solved
  9. THCdude

    THCdude New Member

    I remember getting a batch of some good stuff, that my mom actually told me to open a window. She knows I smoke (Im 22 Im allowed lol) .. and my dad does it occasionally.. as long as I am still working around the house.

    Anyways I opened the window and my dad and his friend smelled it across the road. (which is like 50 ft from our house.) Lol first time and only time we had a problem with the smell.
  10. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    To answer your question, yes and no. Dank bud will smell the house especially if it's indoors with no constant airflow. I smoked yesterday a shitload of bud outside. When i came home i put on a bit of spray and my parents didnt notice, even when i was like 1 foot away from them. Try to smoke outside and air out your clothes if you can.
  11. toke_after_toke

    toke_after_toke New Member

    it all depends. sometimes i hear (and have tried) smoking in my bathroom before a shower and then taking a hot shower that steams the bathroom up. also after that maybe a little febreeze also. weed really can smell like crazy. ive had purple strains that my mom has smelled from under my bed in the bag.
  12. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    another story, I am chopping weed up in my room and even with the window open it leaves a distinct sweet pot smell, lingers in the air and my whole room smelled of it, until i aired it out and gave it time.
  13. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    man you gotta be careful with airflow, you dont have to put the dryer sheet in the tube. get a long cardboard tube, stick it out your window and blow out through it so the smoke just cant get back in your window.
  14. ESVAburnout

    ESVAburnout New Member

    Hell yeah kind of off the topic a little but when I just started smoking and got some fire that skunk, and rode down the road with the bag open constantly smelling the weed because damn that tickled my nose.
  15. jmhereiam

    jmhereiam New Member

    If you have a bathroom with one of those vent fans that sucks up air you can just close the door and smoke in there, as long as no one is going to be using it anytime soon it won't smell up the house. That's what I used to do back when I had to hide it, or I would do the empty roll of toilet paper stuffed with dryer sheets trick which worked just as good. Nothing beats just stepping outside though. Fun times...
  16. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Cranched Scanner

    Weed won't smell strong to you because your smoking it. Its called
    Olfactory fatigue

    you won't pick up a smell because your already saturated by that particular odor. Police know about it,and which is why sometimes even though you may not smell any marijuana someone else with a trained nose who isn't smoking could.

    Look it up on wikipedia if you want to know more.
  17. mason215

    mason215 New Member

    Thanks, i ve always wondered if there was such a thing. Cause whenever i smoke in my room, i can never tell if it smells like it, after smoking.
  18. LRdank22

    LRdank22 New Member

    that sound like a good idea im probally gonna start doin that
  19. blazinallday

    blazinallday New Member

    yea man a few months bak i smoked like .3 of a gram out of a joint with my vents closed and windows open but my whole house smelled like weed (really bad) for 4 hours

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