Does Wendy's check for midomenors?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by Cosmic_Smoke, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Cosmic_Smoke

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    Ok, so I'm either gonna apply to wendys or little ceasars. I have a misdemeanor on my record. I could get it expunged soon, however, I HAAAAAAATTTTEE the legal system and everything involved with it, where I live, everyone involved with it, from the receptionists, to the pos, to the judges are all complete fat asses and or rednecks. So I really don't feel like going in to get it expunged earlier than the 2 year "good behavior" sentence is up, also, I'm gonna be busy with school starting up soon. Anyway, little ceasars doesn't check misdemeanors, but they do drug test. I know whendys doesn't drug test, but I don't know if they check for misdemeanors. My system probably wont be clean for another 2 weeks, and I'm broke and honestly I cant stand it.
  2. rsbattle

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    i doubt they check for misdemeanor charges, and if they do, i doubt it would block you from employment (unless, its a theft charge (and thats doubtful aswell, because there are people with felonys (like burglary) that work for all different fast food restaurants)
  3. Cosmic_Smoke

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    Ok, thanks. The charge isn't really serious. I had gotten in a small fight. Niether me or the other person was going to press charges, nor were the police, so I only had to go to jail over night, and I would have a court date the next day, where I would basically get a slap on the wrist. However, the fucking prick cops, with their high school education managed to loose my paperwork, and I ended up staying in jail for a week without knowing wtf was going on. My parents got a hold of the cops supervizer and actually the guy agreed that the cops were at fault, and apperently bithced them out. So then a few weeks later I found out that the cops decided to press charges against me AND the other person for some reason. It was absolute bull shit, the procecutor even came up to me and said it was bullshit and he said he was fine just giving me the lowest possible charge, which was attempted assault. The po also agreed it was bullshit, and I basically got taken off of the two year probation, after only a month, which was pretty cool.

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    oh yea, im sure its fine then, because my sister went to prison for armed robbery/home invasion/kidnapping, and when she got out, she worked for a restaurant (not even a fast food one, a nice one) and now shes working at a retirement center...

    so if those places will hire her with those types of convictions, im sure you'll have no trouble at all with the assault charge you have...

    and Good luck, i hope you get picked
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  5. Cosmic_Smoke

    Cosmic_Smoke New Member

    Thanks man. That makes me feel a little better. I think I'll just try wendys first. And if it turns out they dont hire me, then at that point I should be clean, and able to try little ceasars.
  6. 1956

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    Just be honest

    I would learn to tell your tale without flaming the police and just explain it as youthful indiscretion. It wasn't drugs or stealing and a one time fistfight between young males probably won't hurt anybody's feelings. But own your part of it and don't try to lay it all on the cops or the other guy during the interview.

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