Domestic Airport Security - Flying with MJ

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by BartSimpson, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    Never place your weed in your luggage - checked or carry-on.

    Keep it next to your private parts, I recommend using two pair of whitey-tighties or granny-panties and pack it next to the package. Quick access, easy in-and-out, and spare underwear if they loose your luggage.

    Since this thread documents a very dynamic situation, do not depend on the first post - please review the last dozen posts for the most current information.

    First, understand that Airports are not dragnets for MJ; Drug dogs are not searching domestic travelers for dank, puffer machines are not sniffing for weed, and you enjoy the same civil rights in an airport as you would walking down the street.

    Second, by purchasing an airline ticket you have only agreed to an administrative search of yourself and your personal effects (luggage) for the safety and security of the aircraft. The job of conducting this search was federalized after 9/11 to the TSA - and they use multiple layers of screening to make sure the terrorist do not succeed again. None of which would have prevented the 9/11 actions - but all hinder the travel with MJ.

    Third, do not believe that you can "hide" the MJ from one layer of security (i.e. x-ray) without being caught for another (hand search of luggage). Always keep it on your person, I use only the whitey-tightey method.

    Fourth, the TSA Screener is not a Law Enforcement Officer. They are directed to report the finding of MJ, or associated paraphernalia, to the LEO assigned to the Airport. If you are caught with MJ, you will be cited for whatever the local ordinance is - usually under the State Law governing - but you will be cited because the TSA needs the score.

    The TSA has a blog which frequent flyers call PV for Propaganda Village, but it is worth being aware of.

    Frequent Flyers use for their forum to discuss the security theater.

    And I'll try to keep you posted here on
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  2. 9184

    9184 New Member

    so one question is :

    they say they might be substituting the metal detectors with those body scanners .

    your advice , bart, if they use the body scanners ,is to ask for a patdown.

    if they substitute a metal detector with a body scanner,will we still have the right to ask for a patdown ?
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  3. FullTimeSmoker

    FullTimeSmoker New Member

    i know someone who has been flying yearly for some 20 years. hes got one of those nifty wood containers with the one hitter in the side. hes been putting it in his carry on bag every trip and has never been stoped. i personally dont have the balls to bring pot on a plane, but there r ppl who do.
  4. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    As of today, yes.

    One of the reasons for starting this thread is because the situation is about to change and unless certain Court cases prevail on privacy, you will be butt-naked in an MMW scan or Backscatter x-ray.
  5. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    Lucky, yes. There are a lot of reasons that this particular paraphernalia does not trigger a "resolution" search but if it does, finding contraband gets a mandatory report by the TSA.

    The x-ray image is screened by a computer more and more these days - looking for differences.
  6. 4Lo2ve0

    4Lo2ve0 New Member

    Thanks Bart.

    Also, I was wondering, how fullproof is the tightey-whitey method? Like are they allowed to search you there? Would dogs smell it if I had it on me? Would it help if I multi-bagged it and inside the extra bags put oranges, peppers etc?

    I am going to my grandparents for a month in a small town, no cops, people drink/smoke, young/old so it would be perfect if I had some mj with me. :rasta:
  7. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    The whitey-tightey method is effective in domestic travel because they are not searching for MJ specifically. When you go through a Customs Inspection, they are searching for MJ.

    The folly of youth is to focus on dog searches - which you cannot defeat with another smell. There are multiple layers in security and customs searches including x-ray, behavior detection, interview and backgound investigation.

    If it is so laid back at Grammy's, why not make it part of the adventure to safely and properly score some weed/hash there. It is not that hard.
  8. 4Lo2ve0

    4Lo2ve0 New Member

    You are right, it is easy, I even know a specific person I can go to that will sell me mj but the quality of where I am going is probably low so that's why I was just wondering on these misc. methods.
  9. leprechaunstoner

    leprechaunstoner New Member

    Back on topic, I'm not recommending international smuggling at all, but I have been through a few in Europe and it really seems that it mostly depends on where you go as far as how strict security is. I've never been searched at an airport, even though I was once asked if I was drunk. So Bart, does the whitey-tighty method effectively hide the smell?
  10. herblover100

    herblover100 New Member

    leprechaunstoner the whitey tightey method cud work but if theres a dog ur screwed cuz they smell in layers, that means they can smell the weed, cologne if u put some on the weed etc
  11. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    The whitey-tightey method is not intended to "hide the smell" as this is not a factor in domestic travel. Drug dogs are not used on domestic travelers and the amount of time that you actually spend in the security screening process does not require significant effort to thwart the smell.

    From a practical standpoint, personal amounts of MJ in a baggie in your crotch is not going to be a source of strong odor.
  12. herblover100

    herblover100 New Member

    but dont do it real risky although there is a high percentage ud get away with it but still there are or must be safer ways
  13. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    Domestically there is no better way than the whitey-tightey method. You have nothing to fear if you simply put it between two pair of underwear and behave normally.

    Please consider that my advice - a 50-plus year old frequent flyer and not a 17 year old kid who has not traveled - is based on real world experience.
  14. herblover100

    herblover100 New Member

    well if u want to have a chance at landing in jail go for the whitey tightey way, thru an airport is always a bad idea high risk and ud be paranoid or scared, buy seeds or send it by mail, i would suggest sending it by mail, vaccuum seal before hand in various bags using latex gloves and making sure you dont touch the outside just in case you never know, flatten it depending on how much it is if its like an ounce it doesnt fit in an envelope, but if its little go for it and put it inside a card, fake name, fake return address and if it arrives wait a few days just in case then smoke up :) worst comes to worst u can always say im not familiar with that sender, or i have no idea what this is and they cant arrest you for " intent to receive weed thru mail" lol or send hash easier, if ur looking to send like an ounce by mail easy send like a package of beauty products hide it inside shampoo and again fake return adress and fake name and worst thing that can happen is u dont get the weed, but plan beforehand and think smart dont risk going to an airport with weed unless its like space cakes :p and good luck man need any advice on sending by mail dont hesistate to ask im trying that way soon when i go to amsterdam going to send an ounce of good bud :p
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  15. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    Dude, the period "." is your friend, as is the paragraph. That is one of the longest run-on sentences here.

    This is a thread on domestic travel - not international smuggling.

    You should further research the shampoo bottle thingy before you suggest it as it is public knowledge - and subject of a TSA press release - that shampoo looks like plastic explosives in the current x-ray technology used to screen cargo. They look at your shampoo bottle twice and your baggie is going to be a bust.

    It is Page 5 out of the TSA Screener's manual.
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  16. herblover100

    herblover100 New Member

    just send it by letter mail in a card man they cant open that unless it reeks of bud but ofcourse you can take measures to prevent that ( vaccuum sealing goes a long way :p) and send very little by mail only cuz ask anyone no one in their right mind would travel with weed on their person or luggage its a very stupid idea unless u like the risks good luck.
  17. herblover100

    herblover100 New Member

    and bart u seriously advertise carrying weed on urself in a flight? way dangerous compared to the reward of a gram or 2.
  18. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    Yes, and I have 30 years experience. You have what experience to add here?
  19. herblover100

    herblover100 New Member

    technology and security has advanced alot, 30 years ago things were different. Easier to mail it, look it up everyone will tell you carrying it on urself or in ur luggage in a flight is dangerous and way to risky, you tell me why risk encountering a dog that can smell everything in layers like your clothes smell, the weed, ball sweat lol everything.
    Why risk that when u can send it by mail and not sign for anything and deny everything, can they arrest u for attempt to receive weed thru mail? NO, can they arrest u for having 2 grams of weed down ur pants i think so.
    Sending by mail is safe unless ur stupid and dont seal it or dont send it right, or if u sign it and are desperate ( tracking ur package etc) but those who want to listen to ur advice and carry it on a flight kinda deserve to be caught because they were stupid.
    And ANYONE would prefer schwag or not smoking in comparison to being some rapists bitch in jail, good luck man.
  20. herblover100

    herblover100 New Member

    Almost forgot, worst thing that can happen by mail is u lose money because they intercepted ur weed, i challenge u to give me a situation in which i send myself an ounce of weed vaccuume sealed well and inside a teddy bear or something or one of those good ideas with a fake return adress, fake name and by fedex ( they have no dogs or xray machines) and how would i be convicted u tell me? i would deny all, i can say i wasnt expecting a package, not sign it, wait a couple of days etc so i challenge u to find a situation in which i would be convicted for sending it how i just said ( got the idea from someone in this forum lol).
    Oh and just in case ur way u can be easily convicted man, random check, dog passing by, smell, ur paranoid and fearfull many others.
    Remember a dogs nose is a powerfull tool, and never underestimate security in an airport, thats how u get caught.
    Good luck thinking.

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