Domestic Airport Security - Flying with MJ

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by BartSimpson, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    From the TSA:

    TSA: Imaging Technology

    * Albuquerque International Sunport Airport
    * Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
    * Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
    * Bob Hope Airport
    * Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
    * Denver International Airport
    * Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
    * Detroit Metro Airport
    * George Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport
    * Greater Rochester International Airport
    * Indianapolis International Airport
    * Jacksonville International Airport
    * McCarran International Airport
    * Los Angeles International Airport
    * Miami International Airport
    * Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
    * Raleigh-Durham International Airport
    * Richmond International Airport
    * Rochester International Airport
    * Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
    * San Francisco International Airport
    * Salt Lake City International Airport
    * Tampa International Airport
    * Tulsa International Airport
  2. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    This is why I always recommend you PRACTICE the method before you ever go to the airport - you will find the direct answer to any of the small paranoia's you might have with the method.

    Worry about the "noise" that a ziploc bag makes - which is certainly not classic or even audible, means you are thinking too much about it and simply not trying it out.
  3. theprincess

    theprincess New Member

    Hi! This is a great thread - thanks for all the good info! I've got a few questions that I didn't really see answered - I finally got thru the whole thread so, here goes:
    1. Can anyone give me any info on how Newark Int. is doing in terms of getting this new equipment? I remember going thru a puffer either there or Miami, can't remember - but i wasn't carrying anything anyway. I'm leaving from there in about 4 months, just curious as to what to expect.

    2. I was thinking of putting a regular tobacco pipe and a bag of pipe tobacco in my bf's checked luggage and just using the pipe while at my destination. Would that work or should I just go the soda can route while there?

    3. I'm a girl, so nervous about the granny panties since there really isn't tight elastic on the legs. I'm thinking of going the sanitary pad route or - I'm glad you people don't know me! lol - vacuum sealing two baggies, rolling them into two pill baggies, then just placing them under the folds of my outer labia (it will hold tightly) and doing the two panties method a al Bartsimpson. What do you think of this spin on the method?

    4. What can actually happen if you're caught? Do I go to the jail, get a written fine and court date? Do I get actually put in jail and have to go before a judge? Do I just get a ticket, like a traffic stop? I guess my real question here is will I miss my flight? If I have my bf follow me there and just pay to get me out will they let me get on the plane or the next plane or am I like 'banned' from the airport? Might sound stupid, but I don't know!

    5. Finally, everyone always says 'oh, just get it wherever you are going to' but how does one accomplish that? I'm petite, cute - not really into trolling strange streets in Orlando, Fl. asking guys if they have anything to sell me! Don't know if I would trust a taxi driver to not drive me somewhere seedy if I ask them - I tried doing that when I first moved to Miami and it was super intimidating - took me a month to find a connection!

    6. I'm going to be taking a cruise once I get to Orlando. Does anyone have any good experience with this? I'm not going to check it in luggage (I always, always see dogs and handlers going over the luggage racks before they get put on the ship) but am curious if anyone knows how they do security on the cruise ships. I know they have the same xray as airports and you have to put your bags through it, but what about walk through x rays? Thanks!

    If anyone can supply me some answers to anything above - I'd really appreciate it!! Thanks!:)
  4. RevolutionJ

    RevolutionJ New Member

    So Bart...I am traveling from Seattle to Las Vegas this october. How are those airports to deal with by using your whitey tighty method? I will be departing from Seattle.
  5. coltsrock

    coltsrock New Member

    I will be flying to mexico in december, since its legal to have less than 1/2 ounce (Ill probably just have a 20) will they care if i get caught entering mexico with MJ on me?
  6. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I've heard Bart say over and over again that it is a bad idea to do this on International flights. I would personally never risk it.
  7. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Possession laws quite probably differ from importation laws. Check it out. And as Buzzby pointed out in another post given the state of Mexican law enforcement do you want to trust them?
  8. DoobieBrother

    DoobieBrother Sr. Member

    I dunno about you guys, but this little blog entry is enough to scare me away from carrying weed on me at airports:

    7:15 a.m. - In Massachusetts, a TSA behavior detection officer observed a passenger exhibiting suspicious behavior and sent him for additional screening. The security officer who conducted the screening found a bag of marijuana hidden in the passenger's groin area. The passenger was arrested.

    source: TSA: Just Another Friday Morning at TSA: Guns, Knives, Hidden Items and Fake Documents
  9. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I want to know why this person was being touched in the groin area at all by TSA, and why the person let them go there. :wth:

    This is also from February 2008.
  10. DoobieBrother

    DoobieBrother Sr. Member

    It's hard to tell from that entry if he was actually touched or simply screened by an x-ray or imaging machine. How would you define "additional screening"? I'm not sure myself.

    I haven't read the entire thread, but are you referring to something occurring at around this time? Like a change in law?
  11. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    The strip search machine is always optional - you may select the smurf groping instead.

    The use of MMW is often related to the specific terminal or checkpoint that you go through, so focusing on the airport is insufficient, because the unit may not be used in the terminal you are going through.

    Please, for the love of freedom - refuse the Strip Search machine regardless of what you might carry on your person.

    To answer your question directly, the MMW is capable of "seeing" a sanitary napkin, tampon string or circumcised penis - so you can make your own deductions. The bigger question is why is it necessary for airline travelers to submit to such invasive procedures. Refuse this device, and report any retaliatory treatment as a result.
  12. Airysmoker

    Airysmoker New Member

    Is there a way for me to find out what terminals they use it in? will they make me go through security again when im just going from one plane to another? i want to refuse the strip search but i am not exactly sure what to say...

    can i ask when the last time was that you used the whitey tighty method bart?
  13. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    This exceeds the scope and breadth of this thread - I suggest you search Travel Safety/Security - FlyerTalk Forums for this minutia and detail. I will say that you are not focused on the proper issues and asking this question may indicate you are not suited for the task. Do you know what gate, terminal and checkpoint you will actually go through?

    No. Once you enter the air-side of airports you do not go through security again . . . except:

    Gate Checks - full employment for the smurfs; because the number of travelers are down, excess smurfs are sent to the departure gates of various flights and occasionally screen a passenger under some voo-doo behavioral detection program. Somehow the TSA thinks they get it right because they do it twice.

    Terminal Dumps - passenger rescreening because of (many reasons); about 25 times a week a terminal is cleared and everyone rescreened in response to a number of conditions; finding contraband at the gate, a belated x-ray observation, crazy persons . . . the actual reasons are loss of the sterile field.

    "I decline the invasive MMW and require fresh gloves, be gentle with me - it's my first time". Be firm but polite, tell them you have seen the example photos.

    10 minutes ago.
  14. Airysmoker

    Airysmoker New Member

    im actually just trying to educate myself on the matter as much as possible before i just do it. i will check out that other forum and thank you for your help.
  15. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    Then the single most important thing you can do is PRACTICE the method in advance.

    I trust that you are young, perhaps lack experience in domestic airline travel and are unfamiliar with the TSA screening process. Rest assured that the daily volume of whitey-tighty practicing passengers is huge - likely 10% of all travelers. Out of the millions of domestic travelers daily, fewer than 20 are caught in a week with MJ - those caught are generally carrying it in their luggage.

    If I could stimulate a backlash against the MMW, I would be happy. Not because I want to carry my weed with me - rather because it has nothing to do with the security of the aircraft, and is a violation of our constitutional freedoms.
  16. Airysmoker

    Airysmoker New Member

    Yeah I am fairly young. 25. I have probably only flown five times in my life. I am actually practicing it right now :) I can't help but be paranoid which is why I wont even smoke before I go but this thread has helped put me at ease. I am going to do it and if I start to panic or freak myself out too much I am just going to ditch it. I definitely don't fit the profile of a stoner chick so I think I will be ok. Any last minute tips would rock...
  17. atlas_shrugged

    atlas_shrugged New Member

    just wanted to say thanks for the helpful tips :)

    I had some tasty purple kush i got while on a business trip and i couldn't stand to see it go to waste. i double bagged it, wore 2 pairs of boxer briefs, and put it in between the two pair in the 'crotchal region'. worked like a charm. i was nervous about leading up to the flight but when I got to the airport I realized I had nothing to worry about.

    I've now done this process 4 times, absolutely zero problems. thanks again bart!
  18. KennyPowers4446

    KennyPowers4446 New Member

    Travelling with bong/pipe

    I am going to Vegas soon and wanted to pick up a pipe there and use it there. I will be flying and was wondering if it was a big deal to put a pipe in my luggage (not carry on). Thanks in advance.

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  19. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    It is a risk - you have to decide.

    The TSA has a specific policy that requires the Smurfs to report any illegal items, even if they are not related to the Administrative search for Weapons, Explosives and Incendiary devices. The policy specifically mentions Drugs and Paraphernalia, as well as cash and fake ID's. I have posted that policy in this thread previously.

    Most checked luggage is inspected by x-ray machines and a pipe is not likely to trigger the secondary inspection by itself. But if your shampoo looks like plastic explosives, or your luggage has some other alarm - the Smurfs will hand search and find the pipe.

    At this point you get called back to the Ticket Counter or Gate Agent and are met by an LEO who can take whatever action is provided by State Law for the item.

    In general - minimize the risk and don't carry it. Mail it home. If you take the risk, understand that the stress is not worth it, but nationwide only 20 to 30 people are caught a week according to the TSA.
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  20. Newdude34

    Newdude34 New Member

    Well I'm going on a cruise but I am guessing my luggage will still get an x-ray and that I will have to pass through a metal detector.

    Should I bring a lighter I use to smoke weed? Or just some matches?

    If a lighter or matches are in my luggage will they search it/me?

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