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Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by BartSimpson, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    Think of the logistics of viewing hundred of passengers an hour going through the nude-o-scope, and trying to spot a dime bag in someone's crotch accurately. My guess is the pervy smurf was nodding off from the pure boredom that the job entails, other than a peek at that occasional hottie sporting a great rack, or guido with a special package.

    What if it was a bandaid from your hemorrhoid surgery, or a sanitary napkin, or an adult diaper?

    The TSA is implementing computer detection systems to highlight foreign objects automatically so as to reduce the fatigue factor on the pervy smurfs but the software still fails to meet the standard set.
  2. SmokeChick

    SmokeChick New Member

    My bad about the puffer machines. DIA still had them 6 months ago, and I wasn't aware they had been removed. I guess it was the nude-o-scope I avoided then! :D
  3. vaporook

    vaporook New Member

    What about carrying MJ in your wallet? I've done that a couple of times. In fact I just did it this past weekend, flying out of JFK and coming back from FLL. I took about an eighth, really compressed into a 2"x2" plastic zip bag, laid flat in one of my wallet's inside pockets. My wallet is always in my right back pants pocket. I went through both screenings with no problem. I didn't see a nude-o-meter in either airport, and I would've refused if sent through one, but I was a little worried about my wallet being searched during the manual patdown after refusal. Are they allowed to search your wallet even though it's on your person? Who in their right mind would think you could carry weapons or explosives in your wallet? In other words, is the wallet method safe or was I just lucky?
  4. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    You were just lucky, it happens. You are forced to part with your wallet in a number of circumstances - and technically you are not suppose to have anything in your pockets during screening (barkers are frequently heard yelling "Empty your pockets"). When going through the nude-o-scope, you must empty your pocket, including your wallet.

    Frequent flyers never carry their wallet on their person and most go to great lengths to have a dedicated place in their carry-on to secure their wallet. There are thousands of wallets, or the cash therein, that are stolen during airport screening every year, mostly from Ma and Pa Kettle who think it's safe to put it in the bin for x-ray.

    The TSA routinely searches wallets under the guise that you could hide a razor blade in it. I have experienced them looking at my credit cards, during a wallet search, and asking why one was in a different name (it was my business's name). I answered by asking for the smurf's supervisor immediately.

    One of the reasons that the Whitey-Tighty method is successful is your underwear is always within your control. Your luggage and personal effects not so much.
  5. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    Puffer machines were removed from airports over 4 years ago when it was determined that the units could not tolerate the conditions found in screening areas - principally dust clogging the filters - and that smurfs were not capable of performing the routine maintenance like changing those filters.

    It a shame because the Puffer machines actually were effective in detecting explosive residue and were not invasive. They were the best technology the TSA had for it's primary mission, unlike the nude-o-scope, which does not detect explosives nor protect your privacy. However, the units were tested under laboratory conditions to determine the specifications, not in the real world.
  6. Bart, I think there's some merit in the Nude-oscopes. I ended up in a Nude-O Scope line at ATL last week (note ATL has them all over the airport now. No more safety in the North or South Checkpoints). I went through the whole process with a little less than an eighth on me with no problems. I think the congestion of the taint, so to speak, helps in this regard.
  7. cdl_vape

    cdl_vape New Member

    local law

    I'm have been using the tw method for years on business trips and vacations. no problems what so ever, although I've never been through the nude-o-scope.

    I'm flying through Logan on jet blue.

    I've got 2 questions which hopefully someone can help me with.

    I'm curious about the law in the airport. Bart indicates that the local law applies and I'm guessing he's correct as he seems very knowledgeable. in MA, less than an oz is only a civil offense for which they issue you a ticket. can anyone confirm that state law takes precedence in the airport? can you point me to some additional reading on the subject?

    2nd question, has anyone been through Logan lately? are the back-scatters used on everyone or are only certain travelers selected? it sounds like a small amount tucked safely away in the taint does not raise any flags, however I will most likely opt for the pat down. I'm also traveling with my wife/kids and the thought of them being seen naked does not make me happy.

    any info is appreciated.

    great thread, thanks for everyone's contributions.
  8. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    Airports are not some Federal reservation in the middle of their associated city, and not governed by some special status in the state. Air Traffic Control, Aircraft Safety, Airline Regulation and now Air Transportation Security are Federal mandates; but MJ laws are not related to this - therefore subject to State Jurisdiction. State law prevails unless the quantity or circumstances achieve Federal status - pounds of MJ and international smuggling by way of example.

    Logan has the Nude-O-Scopes, and please (I am begging all members here) decline the process. Go for the grope, interact with the Smurf and express your feelings about the stupidity that is sold as Security Theater in airports. For up to the minute screening details of a specific airport, check out the frequent flyer forums like

    Good travels; I'll be in the window seat of the exit aisle - but I'm getting a lot of upgrades lately so be nice to the old farts in first class, too.
  9. Bart,

    I wanted to clear up what I was saying above. The back-scatter machines are vulnerable to the TW method, however, I would not recommend anyone making it a common thing. I got funneled into the line and was already running late for my fault (ATL public transportation) and I think I got lucky. Just to clarify.
  10. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    Thanks. I think your comments were very clear and on point - the TSA has so many folks going thru the Nude-O-Scope that any human screener would suffer from fatigue after any significant period of watching the screen. The TSA is introducing software that highlights foreign objects in the image results which may be a work-around for the congestion in the 'taint.

    As it stands today, there is no better way to handle personal amounts of MJ even if you choose to go thru the Nude-O-Scope.
  11. badmash_toker

    badmash_toker New Member

    Hi Bart, this is a great thread!

    i'm flying (international) to europe next week from Newark, i read that body scanners are now in operation in EWR, still in two minds to go for the WH method or not.

    I've used what you call the WH method many times in the last ten years between European countries like UK-Sweden-Norway. the last time i used the WH method to bring in an eight with me when i immigrated to the US from the UK nearly 3 years ago but i don't feel safe risking it with modern technology for international flight anyway.

    my only other option is to sneak a very small bud, maybe 2 joints worth in my checked luggage hoping will its not picked up, you think it's reasonably safe?
  12. cdl_vape

    cdl_vape New Member

    worked again

    went through terminal c at logan today with a little more than an 8th. the backscatter wasn't running. they said "that's not opened yet." that was at about 8:30am and I saw it up and running a few moments later. I'm not sure if it opens at 8:30 or if that was unusual and only the case today.

    I didn't have to contend with the backscatter today, however I was prepared to. there were signs indicating that it's optional, so I'm sure it would've been no problem to get the pat down. I will not hesitate to do it again.

    with traditional screening, the tw method works fine. remain calm and you'll be good.
  13. SmokeChick

    SmokeChick New Member

    I can totally see why Bart doesn't give advice on international travel, and yes I know this thread is on domestic travel. With that being said, I still travel with green whether it's domestic or international. Just got back from Cancun (very nice resort) and used the tampon method (as I always do) and brought some amazing green with absolutely NO problems what so ever. We went in a cigar shop to buy some tequila the last day we were there, and we bought $5.00 worth of dirt weed and rolled a fat joint. It wasn't the worst dirt weed I've seen by far, but wasn't the greatest of course. So basically, if you don't want to risk it, there are places to get it without even leaving the resort, BUT it's not the greatest. That's my 2 cents. ;)
  14. bongmitsfa

    bongmitsfa New Member


    alright so im going to europe from the states during spring break and i wanted to bring my pipe, and i dont want anyone to find it, ive heard of a bunch of different answers like put it in your pocket and put it in your checked in bag, but im going to have family with me and i do not want anyone in the airport finding my pipe, whats the best way to get it there without mailing it. ide also like to bring like 2 grams of weed with me is there anyway to get that through the airport, then through customs?
  15. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    This thread is on Domestic air travel, not international. You might get away with smuggling weed and a pipe through customs. But if you are not think how much fun it will be for your family to have their vacation interrupted while they wait for you to get out of jail.

    It ain't worth the risk. There is hash everywhere in Europe. Find some and eat it, or learn to smoke it on a pin, under a glass.
  16. nerphroll

    nerphroll Sr. Member

    But I was pretty nervous.
    Next time I'm not going to be afraid to ask for the patdown.
    At first glance it seems more risky to be patted down, but I agree with Bart and others that it actually sounds like the wiser choice, and it lets the TSA monkeys know you're not an idiot either.
  17. Dog_Z

    Dog_Z New Member

    Hello to all

    New to this forum.. As for the TW method, I've been using it for years and I didn't even know it had such a name.. I do not however use two pairs of underwear I use briefs that have the elastic around the legs and make sure they are fairly tight as to not allow anything to "fall out".. I've "carried" on many flights without any problems whatsoever. I usually place the package just inside my shorts on the "outside" of my privates. I don't fly that frequently in one year but have done so many times over the years probably since the early 80's. I will be traveling this coming week and this will be the 1st time I will be going through security since they installed the full body scanners. I live in a relatively small town where there are not hundreds of passengers going through security all at once. I am now considering not taking anything on my trip since I've seen the images these scanners produce. I know I can technically "opt out" of the scanning but do not want to raise any suspicion (as do most people).
    Question: If I place my stash between my legs and behind my nuts will the scanner still be able to see it? I really do not want to risk it, cant afford an arrest.. I was thinking of asking my GF to carry it internally as it's only a small amount. Don't know if I should.. I also thought of another method. Vacuum seal it and place it inside of a "can safe" and then check it in my luggage. The can safe is a can of desinex spary that looks like this.
    The bottom of it unscrews and it reveals a hidden compartment that I use it to hide valuables in my house.. It is a small can. Would the x-rays they use for the checked luggage only "see" an aerosol can.? And since the stash is vacuum sealed there should be no "smell" so to speak.
  18. some_stoner

    some_stoner New Member

    Why don't you just bake some brownies?
  19. Dog_Z

    Dog_Z New Member

    I've been smoker for over 30 years now and although I've tried and sometimes like brownies and such I much prefer to smoke.. Eating it makes me paranoid for some reason.. Maybe I ate too much? To me it's not the same. Smoking relaxes me and makes me feel at ease. Eating it does the opposite. Just me though.
  20. Deac

    Deac New Member

    I posted here over a yr ago. The only thing to say is....

    Tightey Whitey Method!!!!!!!!!!!
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