Dose weed kill brain cells

Discussion in 'Science' started by super1up, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. super1up

    super1up New Member

    I was talking to my friend and talking about marijuana. He said that THC dose not kill brain cells but other chemicals in marijuana can.

    I have read that it dosen`t kill brain cells but I have also read that there is like 400 something chemicals in marijuana and I`ve been thinking that it is more than likely a few of those chemicals can kill brain cells.

    Note that my friend is not anti weed he just was stating facts and to me the seem probable.

    Im so confused somebody help me :paranoid:
  2. Bapedup

    Bapedup New Member

    No, weed DOES not kill brain cells.
  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I've never seen any evidence that marijuana kills brain cells, but some of the stuff that's generated by burning marijuana is pretty toxic. Avoid it by vaping or eating your weed.
  4. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    Burning any organic leafy matter can generate carbon monoxide and other hazardous byproducts.
    As Buzzby has said, eat it or vape it if you're really worried about it. The threat is minimal though.
  5. SINneRFX

    SINneRFX New Member

    THC may not 'kill' brain cells, but studies have shown that Marijuana use in early years (teenage years)
    can prohibit Executive Functions later in the user's life. Especially everyday use of Marijuana.

    In other words, it's better to start smoking good weed AFTER high school or during/after college,

    but not anytime before while you are still a teenager or even younger.

    Otherwise you could 'remain a teenager' for a very long time!
    ..And you may not have what it takes to: 'take care of business', or as some say: "get er' done".

    Do the research:

    webMD: Early Marijuana Use, Later Brain Problems

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  6. SacredJellybean

    SacredJellybean False Prophet

    Yes, marijuana dose kill brain cells. | Find the Meanings and Definitions of Words at

    Or alternatively, Microsoft Word is good for proofreading. Sorry to be a stickler on spelling, but come on, how do you misspell "does" twice? And wouldn't you be insecure about appearing stupid if you post something like this? Maybe english isn't your first language, it's interesting that you used ` instead of ' for an apostrophe.

    Yeah, probably, but think about it. If there was evidence for those chemicals causing brain damage, it would have a more apparent effect on long-time users. marijuana has been introduced to us for long enough now to know that it's not really that bad. We're still fighting off counter-culture stigma because marijuana is a drug used by the cool bad kids and them damn hippie commies from a few decages ago and gangsters sell it to make money, but talk to any sensible long-term user and he will tell you that there's not a high effect. You may kill more brain cells if you drink the equivalent to what you smoke.

    Anyway, the point is, don't think about "what if chemical X is harmful", think about how the chemical is present in the action of smoking we and what effect that itself has. Water can kill you if misapplied.
  7. spacedman

    spacedman New Member

    that's why i prefer baking pot brownies or whatever i can incorporate marijuana butter with
  8. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    There's reading a web page and then there's research

    Or you could do some real research (not just read an article on WebMD), look at the methodology of this study, and realize that it tells us nothing about the effects of early marijuana use. All of the non-control subjects were current, chronic marijuana users. They consumed between 6 and 14 grams a week, smoking more than once a day. That could easily account for their test results.

    I've seen other studies done on heavy, chronic marijuana users after a month of abstinence. They could not be differentiated from control subjects on any of the tests.
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  9. super1up

    super1up New Member

    Thank you for your posts and to SacredJellybean I know I spell does wrong it is a very bad habit and the reason for me using that other sign instead of ' is cause my keyboard sometimes likes to fuck up. It's really a pain in the ass cause does and dose are both words so spell check does not pick up on it.
  10. jordan

    jordan New Member

    not ruin this but weed fucks your brain in the pooper go smoke everday for ten years and youll be burnt ;)
  11. SINneRFX

    SINneRFX New Member

    LOL! ..jordan are you foreign or something? ..or did you not learn grammar that well?
    ..or do you have dead brain cells from using other hard drugs?
    ...because your post is pathetic in more ways than just one!! :laugh:

    If weed actually killed brain cells (as some say it does), then surely I would not be able to:
    1. Think logically or reasonably more than I've ever been able to in my life.
    2. Use a PC to log onto websites and post my thoughts in forums such as this.
    3. Build custom made high-end PCs and diagnose and fix any problems that may occur.
    4. Program graphics to animate dynamically by integrating them using Flash Action Scripting.
    5. ..among many other inclined skills and abilities of which I could not do if I have 'dead brain cells'.

    I smoked nearly 2 to 4 times daily for several years at one point in my life.
    I mostly took about 6-7 hits using a custom made one-hitter that I formed out of a glass eye dropper.
    I usually only smoked quality weed, not that street crap.

    One reason why 'dope' can likely kill brain cells is not because of the '400' chemicals in marijuana,
    but mostly because of the crap 'dirt' weed that some people smoke which is likely to be 'dirty' (not pure or clean).
    Maybe a tiny piece of plastic fell into the stash, or someone's tiny pubic hair got stuck on a bud !!? :puker:
    ..Or your dealer just got done working on a vehicle and they had filthy motor oil or gasoline (or something) on their hands,
    which then got on some of the weed that they just bagged for you!!?

    ..Or just maybe a grower used a 'special fertilizer' not only for the roots, but on the buds!!!
    Think about all the possibilities! :think:

    Another reason is because some people abuse it, such as: smoking 5 or more joints a day,
    or rolling weed into those nasty flavored blunts (NOT HEALTHY!)...
    ..or they smoke it out of a homemade pipe made of steel or brass that probably came

    from a dirty and oily machine or lamp or something, and they just didn't thoroughly clean it.

    Pure clean weed that is smoked in clean glass is the best way to 'burn' weed.
    Other than vaporizing your ganja with a vaporizer...

    Think 'dope brains',
    :think: THINK! :poke:

  12. StoneyBologna

    StoneyBologna New Member

    It doesn't actually "fuck" your brain, it simply regulates it. It's the lack of cannabis education and inconsistency in strain's used that messes them up.

    Check out this BBC special where they go to a lab in Washington DC to help determine the medical effects of Medical Cannabis. [ame=""]YouTube - Marijuana Heals Cancer ...Cannabinoid Receptors In The Human Body[/ame]
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  13. scofieldr3199

    scofieldr3199 Sr. Member

    well if it does you mustve smoked a shit ton you spell does like that not dose, but i really don't think it does i've been smoking everyday for 2 years and my grades have only gotten better
  14. smokedsober420

    smokedsober420 New Member

    I dont know if it kills brain cells but it might effect youre spelling.."dose"-does haha jk
  15. crippled

    crippled New Member

    No it does not the tests they did on monkeys made it seem that way but it isn't true. They would expose the monkeys to a very high dose of the drug through a mask to save time by exposing the monkeys to a months worth of smoke in 10 minutes or something like that. The mask would be so highly concentrated with all the chemicals and such that there wouldn't be enough oxygen and when you don't have enough oxygen brain cells die. Sorry for my shitty English
  16. kmak

    kmak Sr. Member

    No It doesnt, alcohol on the other hand...
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