Dot physical and drug test (Ultra pure synthetic urine- This stuff works)

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    Hey all. i figured i would come post my experience here to try to help someone else out like others have done for me. first off i'm a everyday smoker and i burn through about an eighth of high grade every three days so there was no way for me to pass without some help. The job offer was sudden so no time to prepare. My roomate had a bottle of ultra pure synthetic urine so i figured why not give it a shot. So i got the paper work from my employer and it said i had to go to concentra labs and take the test. I was really nervous about the whole substitution process because of having a dot physical at the same time. I decided that my best bet was to go as soon as they opened in the morning so i could try to get the pissing part out of the way first by saying that i had been holding it all morning for the test. i woke up first thing and heated the ultra pure in the microwave for about 10 sec. took it out right at 100. Perfect! i attached the heat pad and threw it in my boxer brief taint pocket and headed out the door. It took me about 30 min to get to the place. i was the first one in so i filled out the paper work and waited. i made sure to make it clear to the woman at the desk that i had been holding it all morning and wanted to get the drug test part out of the way as soon as possible. She told me that she was not aloud to do drug screens but someone who could would be there shortly and we could get that taken care of. i smiled and went back to my seat. Not too long after a lady called me into the back for my UA. i thought it was gonna be a lot more strict than it was. she didnt even tell me to empty my pockets. I think everyone was out of it cause it was 730 in the morning on a friday. I went into the bathroom and pulled out my ultra pure. Right at 98 on the temp strip so i poured it into the cup and added a little to the toilet water for color. I slid my bottle back in its pocket and made sure the temp strip said what it was supposed to and headed back out. she took the sample from me and marked down that everything was OK. She then took me to the back and performed all the normal physical stuff on me. Before i knew it i was all finished with everything and ready to leave. Wow that was a lot easier than i thought. now i have to just wait to see if this urine is legit.

    well i got the call today and i start later this week. i dont mean to sound like an advertisement but this Ultra pure synthetic urine did the trick. i coudlnt find very many reviews about it and i was pretty worried. turns out it was all for nothing. for those who have to go take a drug test and physical at the same time, dont worry just make sure you get the UA out of the way before you go back into the physical room and all will be good. i hope this helps someone out with there drug test as others did for me. thanks all and keep burnin! :bong2:

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