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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Jocephus, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Jocephus

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    I will be going for a DOT physical in a few weeks and I have a few questions. I am unsure if this physical will also include a drug. I have been told that the DOT only drug tests those that hold a CDL. Is this correct? I do not have nor am I required to have a CDL.

    This is taken right off of the medical form used for the physical. What does this mean?

    (A test for controlled substances is not required as part of this biennial certification process. The FMCSA or the driver's employer should be
    contacted directly for information on controlled substances and alcohol
    testing under Part 382 of the FMCSRs.)

    Does this mean that they will not be giving a drug test? If anyone has any experience with this and can help I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks
  2. puntteam

    puntteam New Member

    I would imagine that it is employer dependent. Are you starting a new job?
  3. Jocephus

    Jocephus New Member

    I am a courier for fedex Express and this is my second physical. My first one was two years ago when I got the job. This is just my yearly physical. I know that our couriers who hold CDL's are subjected to and administered random drug tests. I have been searching the net like crazy looking for the difference between a DOT physical and a DOT physical and Drug test. I was hoping someone here could help me out. I am very worried about this. Thanks again.
  4. puntteam

    puntteam New Member

    Could you ask a co-worker about the test? I always act super-paranoid about anything that is doctor related - Sometimes you can flush information out without a red-light going off. In truth, I am scared shitless when it comes to doctors - I'm nervous about even getting a regular physical done.

    I'll ask a relative tomorrow about this. They work with Fedex couriers closely even though theyre not one (Fedex Employee). If I were you, I'd quit smoking now just to be on the safe side. Better safe than sorry and quitting isnt that big of a deal. The worst symptom I had was very slight insomnia about the first week.
  5. Jocephus

    Jocephus New Member

    Thanks a lot. Doctors scare the shit out of me too. They found blood in my urine on my first physical and it was a total nightmare. The Urologist I saw scoped my bladder with a fiber optic camera. Guess how they got the camera to my bladder? Yeah, it was a very bad experience. Tomorrow will be one week smoke free and I should have at least 3 to 3 1/2 weeks clean before the physical. I have been smoking about a joint every other day for the last 2 months, but it has been low grade shit to say the least. I am currently not in the best shape (5' 10", 190, 30% bf) but I think I can get my metabolism up. I have been drinking about a quart of green tea a day and I just ordered some more Greens+ which a superfood that is packed full of vitamins and has the equivalent of 5 servings of fruits/veges in one serving. I eat fruit and veges with every meal but I also eat a lot of sweets. The sweets are being cut out of my diet. I would like to pass this test without any urine additives or special drinks. I hope I can pass the test just from the green tea, greens+, and maybe dilution on test day. The only thing is I do not know the exact day of the physical so I might only have an hour or twos notice before the test. That will leave little time for proper dilution. Thanks again for everything.
  6. puntteam

    puntteam New Member

    Heh, this place is easing my mind while I wait for results lol. I should be thanking everyone hear because all I have on my mind is "piss test" and there's no better place than here to talk about it :D

    Yeah, definitely stay clean. Try and get your hands on a few home tests. You can buy 25 for 25$ from a medical distributor. If not, just head to a local CVS or something. Remember to use the first urine of the day as a guage to whether you are clean or dirty. As stated on this forum many times, if you pass with the first void of the day, you *should* pass under normal hyrdation later in the day.

    I banked on that and am now waiting on results. Nothing special, no dilution, etc. I was 48 days clean at test time and a daily smoker before then. If I could do it differently, I would have worked out daily, took home tests weekly , sent in at least 1 result to home test GC confirmation, then ordered a test the week before from a collecting site. I know that all sounds extreme, but peace of mind is worth alot.
  7. puntteam

    puntteam New Member

    Made a quick call for you -

    She said she doesnt believe that they test when doing the routine physicals but they may decide to random you since you're already taking the physical. She wasnt 100% sure, so better be safe than sorry. GOod luck with your test and hope this helps.
  8. Secs

    Secs New Member

    If they decide to "random" test you, then it wouldn't be random. I collect urine for Fedex, but only the DOT regulated tests. I have never tested or collected for non-dot Fedex. So far, only the guys driving the big semi's (over 26,000 lbs gross) have been tested at my facility.

    Random selection must be done using a scientific method such as a random numbering table or computerized random numbering program.
  9. puntteam

    puntteam New Member

    Sorry to stretch off topic, but I'm curious about this...

    So an employer calling a random test must be done using a random method? This is interesting information. Thanks.
  10. Jocephus

    Jocephus New Member

    Thanks a lot guys. sec3 I have a DOT medical card, but I do not carry a CDL. I don't know if there is a difference between the physicals administered to CDL drivers vs just plain ol DOT guys . I am just wondering if a Non CDL DOT physical consists of a drug test or just your basic medical urinalysis? I downloaded the DOT Medical examination form from the DOT website and there was no boxes to check for drug test reslut, although there was some vague mention of drug abuse. I will ask a couple of my "cool" co workers who have been around a while what I should expect. I don't think I will smoke again after all this stress I am putting on myself. Thanks again guys and good luck puntteam.
  11. Secs

    Secs New Member

    If an employer decides by any other method to test someone (i.e.: They are already at the clinic, it is convenient, they suspect something, they are the newest employee, whatever reason) it is not a random. That would be a "for cause", "pre-employment", "Annual", etc. they are not supposed to call it a "random" test.

    Especially for DOT testing. This is strictly regulated. Any DOT random test must have been selected using the aproved method such as mentioned above. Any other test cannot be documented as a "random test".

    any other test must be documented as what it is. If you question your employer's motives for testing, ask the employer to show you proof of the random draw. If they cannot, you can actually turn them in to the Department of Transportation (FMCSA).
  12. redskin fan

    redskin fan New Member

    DOT drug and physical

    sec you seem to have the DOT thing down, I am taking a physical and drug test in about two weeks. I am planning on subbing with the physical coming after the urinalysis what do you recommend doing so whatever I carry sub in isn't discovered? With that what do you recommend using to carry it in? I have seen a ton of posts talking about subbing for normal jobs but not many that deal with DOT w/ physical. Oh and this is for CDL.
  13. greengrown713

    greengrown713 New Member

    What actually is done DURING the physical? Do you think they would have found a urinator between your legs during it?
  14. free2dine

    free2dine New Member

    DOT Physicall

    The DOT physical for non cdl drivers does NOT require a drug test. I am a driver for a very large retail store and I just got done with my test today. would not wear a wizzinator to this physical because you will be droppng your pants for a hernia test. You will have to give them a urine sample, all they test for s blood and sugar in your urine. I assure you a NON CDL DOT physical does not require a drug test. If you are a new hire for the company then you will most likely take a drug test just to get the job. But the actual DOT physical does not require a dru test. I was just as worried as you about this test, but i didnt quit smoking. Yesterday was 420 (WOO HOO) and I smoked a TON. Took the physical today 4-21-2011 and I passed. The one big thing that told me this wasnt a drug test was 1.they never told me i would be taking a drug test (legally they have to tell you) 2. after givng the urine sample they never put it in a machine to test for drugs, the used a test strip and dipped it in the urine just to test for blood and sugar in the urine. The whole point of the test is that they want to know if youre a diabetic or if you have seizures because you would be a dangerous drver. The physical part of the test was easy do a couple stretches, take blood pressure, grab your balls and tell you to cough. Trust me would have failed this test for sure if it was a drug test.
  15. free2dine

    free2dine New Member

    The DOT physical for NON CDL drivers does NOT require a drug test. I just took mine today and I passed after smoking pot EVERY SINGLE DAY. they dont test for drugs, they test your urine for sugar and blood. The test is simply there to make sure youre healthy and arent gonna have a seizure while driving. If you have diabetes or have a history of seizures you may not pass. I assure you this test is not a drug test. Also, Im pretty sure if you are taking a drug test your company has to tell you.

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