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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by jobwants, Oct 28, 2005.

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    My husband failed a pre-emp test (DOT test). He got a letter from the company saying that he is required to attend a substance abuse program before driving a commercial vehicle again. My question is, does anyone know if the results of the drug test get reported to the DOT? How does the DOT know if you went to a SAP or not? The letter did not specify if they notified the DOT, so we aren't sure.
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    I beleive they are notified and he won't be able to work until the evaluation is complete. His new employer will seek out this information.
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    Thanks for the info. I played around on the FMCSA website, and it doesn't come right out and say the DOT is notified. They say that the employer is notified. So, if he isn't employed, who is going to make sure he does this, and how will they know if he doesn't? I guess we'll have to call and find out.
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    i failed a random and am going through this process now. on every driver application he fills out he will sign a release for the hiring company to access this info from the testing employer. acorrding to fmcsa rules, all inquiries have to be specific and not blanket like in the initial job application. however if your hubby is hired he will end up having to sign to release this info to the hiring company.
    if he wants to drive commercially he will have to go through the sap process to do it legally and it's kinda expensive.
    my sap told me that 90% of the drivers he has seen don't even bother to go though the process and quit driving for good. i, however elected to go through with it and keep my license even though i will probably not get a top tier job in the near future.
    best of luck man!
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    They go back 2 years on the release form that they have you sign. After that you are in the clear. Also they do not suspend your CDL. they just make it hard to obtain a job with that release form.
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    Sorry. misread your post. If it was a pre emp test he has nothing to worry about. If he was'nt working for the company, then he was'nt fired. Just keep looking for a job and be more prepared for the test.
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    you are absolutely correct, but you cannot legally drive until you go through the sap program. and even after that you are seen as "damaged goods".

    also, every job application i have seen asks if you have failed any test or refused to test. i guess you could lie, but if you get caught it's falsification of information and you'll probably get fired. ahh life is good.
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    That Sucks

    It sucks how the system works.
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    You are so right GM that is why I sold my Pete and went back to being an electrician. Used to be in Chicago at least 3 times a week to bad I did not know of you then we could have gotten together and had a steak and burnt one :D
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    Come On By

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