DOT Test Failed, Questions about re-test.

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by z82m76, Mar 26, 2008.

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    I failed my DOT, well I'm sure I did the results come back tomorrow. Someone told me that if I fail a DOT test that it gets placed in a database that other truck companies check. Well this is the 2nd time I failed a DOT test, but they were both done by the companies and I didn't mention to the 2nd company(SWIFT) that I had failed a drug test with the first (WERNIER) I'm going to try other companies since I have my CDL Liscense and not mention the two. As long as I don't mention they companies they don't check right?

    And someone said that if the test is positive I can re-test with another sample is that ture? I live in Texas and the way laws are set up around here I dunno........WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY GREAT STATE?! :crybaby:
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    DOT drug testing information is not shared between companies without your permission.

    You must give your last 10 years (if you have that much) employment history on your application. You must also give permission to the company for which you are applying to inquire about your drug testing records to the last company you worked for.

    If you don't sign the form giving them permission to ask about your testing records, they cannot hire you.

    You are also required to disclose any pre-employment drug test you have failed in the past 3 years. Also, any Substance Abuse Professional counseling and evaluations you have completed along with any return-to-duty & follow-up testing you have completed to any new employer.

    Eventually, if you keep failing drug tests, you won't be able to report any previous employers because by law, the company you are applying to must call or fax to your previous employer. If you have no experience, they won't hire you. IF you lie on your application about failing drug tests, they can't hire you. If you have not completed any SAP evaluation and return-to-duty process, they can't hire you.

    By the way, this isn't a State law, it is Federal regulation.

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