Dr. Greens Agent X?!?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by orange-e-bud, May 7, 2010.

  1. orange-e-bud

    orange-e-bud New Member

    I just used Dr. Greens agent x premixed synthetic urine yesterday, i did everything flawless, kept it at the correct temp, went into the bathroom shut the door behind me, filled up the cup, and even poured the remainder in the toilet slowly for the lady standing outside the door to hear. But i will not find out results until monday...

    has ANYONE had any news on this product, good or bad, when the temperature was done correctly? im trippin out and need some information to help me calm down. I have done a search and not much came up, i had less than 24 hrs notice and dr greens was the only thing they had at my local smoke shop. I have heard great things about quick fix, and some people even say dr greens is quick fix but its 3oz instead of 2oz and just put in a different container...

    please let me know asap!
    thanks guys! this site is a big help and its all thanks to everyones separate input!
  2. orange-e-bud

    orange-e-bud New Member

    well, im going to find out tomorrow, ill let everyone know if im good or not, wish me luck
  3. orange-e-bud

    orange-e-bud New Member

    Just got word today that i passed, so i guess dr greens agent x does magic!! so stoked i start in 2 weeks! get the temp right, and your goooood to go
  4. jeseekuh9

    jeseekuh9 New Member

    how did you keep the temperature accurate? i heard that you have to microwave it. and how did you get away with that?
  5. 420MaKesMoNeY$

    420MaKesMoNeY$ New Member

    I think that the Agent X works great! It can pass lab tests, that is pretty dam accurate. This solution honestly saved my life!
  6. 420MaKesMoNeY$

    420MaKesMoNeY$ New Member

    The Dr. Green's Agent X has a small temp gage on the front of the bottle, so convienent!! I just kept it in my pants between my underware and pants and it got to the correct temp, on the urine test, the sheet asks the nurse if the urine was recieved at 90 to 99 degrees, so as long as you have it anywhere in between there you are good to go!:)
  7. SpillsBongWater

    SpillsBongWater New Member

    my experience... 3/2011

    So i took a pre-employment piss test at Labcorp this morning (3/3/2011) in western PA, subbing Dr.Green's Agent X premixed. (after taking Strip NC, the 1oz bottle and 4 pills and water yesterday and failing 2 at home tests later (2 and 8 hours later) in the day.) Used an ace bandage to secure it on my inner thigh. I think next time I would leave the regular cap on the whole time as the spout cap leaked a little and gave me a small wet spot on my jeans. Luckily it was dry by the time i saw the collector (she). I took the hand warmer off before going into the building, but next time i would leave it on as the specimen cup read between 92-94. Its alot easier to cool it down than warm it up in a small bathroom. She had me first empty my pockets, not including my wallet. Then i was to go in the bathroom,wash my hands, and come back out. She then gave me a specimen cup with a drawn on line and said to fill it to about the line she just drew. When i came out of the bathroom, she didnt really seem interested at all, glancing at the temp strip very briefly before marking that it was in range. I then signed and initialed a couple C.O.C. papers. She then told me to go wash my hands again, and when i came out again, she already had the next patient in the room and my personal affects were moved across the room. She had also placed my copy of the C.O.C. on my stuff. I was then told i could leave. I'll post again as soon as i know if i passed or not... Just thought a little updated info would be a good idea for everyone as the newest post I could find last night was from may 2010... now time to get back to :bong2: :D
  8. StonedtotheSmiths

    StonedtotheSmiths New Member

    I just passed with agent x too. its the shit. Passed in Mid Feb this year.
  9. OS#1

    OS#1 New Member

    Your best bet is to microwave it, you can also heat it up in a hot cup of water. It will deform the bottle a bit but works well. You can also just heat it up with body temp under your jewels but that takes more time. ofcourse when its summer time and like 90 degrees outside well simple simple. practice heating up. Yes most times if you just have a green reading somewhere on the temp stick they don't care much and just go through the procedure. most people panic and think they are going to go CSI just on their piss simple. Remember how many samples these people take, for them its just a job as well as we have our jobs. They are looking at the clock as well just to get through the day and get home like us. They are people too. Probably not to happy to even have a job where they have to handle other peoples pee allday. They get drug tested as well. I tlk to a few of them on their level. I am very personable person. They don't like getting tested either.
  10. SpillsBongWater

    SpillsBongWater New Member

    Finally got the word yesterday (3/22/11) that I got the job! They said something about a third party paperwork foul up and so that's what took so long... Morons. Anyway, moral is, I passed using Agent X and I now have a job :)


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