Dr. Greens X Agent-- Does this work?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by SmokesMo, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. SmokesMo

    SmokesMo New Member

    Hey everyone,

    Love the site and the help here...

    I have heard many good things about Quickfix 4.0. I decided I wanted to go with the substitute method. I recently went to my local headshop and bought Dr. Greens Agent X Premixed Unisex Synthetic Urine. I basically need to know if anyone has used this product with success.

    I've searched these forums and I found a total of 3 posts that even mention it worked with flying colors. After google searching I found this link:

    Dr Greens sucks and so do all synthetics - YaHooka Forums

    The person states that it did not work, here is is reason why:

    "Needless to say about a week later I got a call from the lab/Quest diagnostics the Dr said my sample was lacking the proper level of creatine 2 mg is normal my sample had.5 mg!I did not know what to say he asked if I took prsciption drugs I lied and said yes he said this could have caused it!So the next day I called DrGreens (858)454-7826 to tell them what happened!The jerk who ansewered the phone told me this has never happened,otherwise he wouldent be able to talk to me cause the phone would be ringing off the hook!He told me to get the results or there is no refund"

    So I have 3-4 posts that are positive and then this one negative post. Basically if you have used this product or know anyone who has, can you please respond to this thread.

    I appreciate the help and really could use it!
  2. SmokesMo

    SmokesMo New Member

    Anyone please? I can't find Quick Fix in my town. Each headshop has it's own version of synthetic urine and they all tell me it will work. They obviously want money like any other business...so I can't really trust them.

    Please someone let me know
  3. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Do a search using the keywords: Greens Agent

    You will get many threads and posts regarding this substance
  4. SmokesMo

    SmokesMo New Member

    Thanks Sec!

    I search Dr.Greens, Agent-X, Agent X etc and only found a couple posts...
    I def. appreciate you guys and the point in the right direction!

    I have a test coming up so I will verify and let everyone know :)
  5. orange-e-bud

    orange-e-bud New Member

    just used this last week, got the temp right, waiting on a call now, ill let you know...
  6. orange-e-bud

    orange-e-bud New Member

    just got work today that i passed. dr green's agent x works, OFY!
  7. JediRedEye

    JediRedEye New Member

    This isn't some fake ad I'm posting. I'm not getting paid for saying how it works. I was freaked out over taking a UA with Synthetic. Couldn't find Quick Fix after reviews of it at my local smoke shop but they had Dr Green's Agent X Premixed Synthetic. It's the same price and it works. Make sure you get your temp right, if you end up waiting a while in the waiting room you might screw yourself so make sure you practice and make sure you do whatever it takes to keep it between 90 - 100 degrees or you will fail instantly. Further more, doing your research on the forums with searches and what not will help you. I was nervous as shit but now I'm all good and was given word that I'm set to start work and everything was good.
  8. 8stone8

    8stone8 New Member


    Which lab did you test at?
  9. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    With these synthetics, a lot of the time how successful they are or aren't depends on the batch. You hear about bad batches at least a couple times a year. I would just suggest ensuring there's no masking agent they can test for in the lab and doing your research to ensure proper levels of creatinine are present. Good luck to you all!

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