Dramatic Change In My Personality

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by SlaveToBackPain, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. SlaveToBackPain

    SlaveToBackPain New Member

    This is really freaky. I have been smoking one hit at night since Oct. and ever since I have changed 180 degrees in terms of how I treat my wife and my Dobermans. Prior to smoking again I wasn't a very caring husband and was so self centered. For some reason it seems like weed turned on a light switch in my brain and has immediately turned me into a better person. I look at everything from a totally different perspective.
    It is kinda scary! I actually told my wife that I am going to stay home and cook her a huge dinner on Christmas. I NEVER cook or stay home on Christmas for that matter. It appears to me that weed "lifts the walls that I had built" over the years with my relationship with my wife and even my Dobies. I can't emphasis enough how dramatic this change in my personality is. There is only one downside and that is the fact that at times I can't follow a TV program or concentrate very well. Other times I could care less and really enjoy the buzz.
    I wonder if this major change in my personality is due to the fact that while growing up my brain was accustomed to having THC in it and without it my brain simply does not have the ability to think of others. Really fuck*d up!
    Anyone hear of such a dramatic change in a person?
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  2. PoweredByPot

    PoweredByPot New Member

    ME! but mine was opposite. I turned in to a fking dick. LOL
  3. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    The thing with psychedelics, even the mild ones like marijuana, they let you see the world from a bit of a different view. Lets you ease up on your ego a bit to try and see the whole picture. The key is to carry these feelings and memories into everyday life. Considering you only take one hit a night and its helping your life like this, Id say youre doin a-ok ;)
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  4. KushBandit

    KushBandit New Member

    That's fantastic man, glad to hear that :)

    As for me, it opened my mind. Made me a much better person too.
  5. locket

    locket Oodalolly

    I'm glad you've changed. I'm sure your wife and dogs appreciate it a lot as well. I know my dogs appreciate it when I'm baked. I make their dinner extra tasty.
  6. I had the same thing happen to me a while back as well. It took a little longer to kick in though. I started smoking at 14. Back then i had a lot of problems with my family, hated my father, was stressed at school. My whole life felt bad. I could feel myself going into a depression. When I first started smoking it got worse. I seemed to lose interest in things, had a worse relationship with my parents. I got into fights, weed really fucked me up. Then one day I got super high and it seemed like my problems and the mean things I did were so much more apparent. I cant explain it but a month later, everything had gotten better. I was much more relaxed. Had great relationships with my family. More friends, played sports. Everything just seemed to be a bit easier and more relaxed. I was able to graduate from high school and more recently college while keeping a wonderful relationship with my parents. Weed saved my life. I thank everyday. Matter of fact, I'm paying tribute right now! Cheers STBP
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  7. Black & Mild

    Black & Mild New Member

    I know how you feel.

    When I first took a hit, I was such a nerd, and I had anger management issues that kept me from doing a lot in life. After a few times smoking, my communication skills were a lot better, and people thought I was really funny, even when I wasn't really trying to be. It's kind of eye-opening to see how much marijuana use can improve some one's life in done properly and responsibly.
  8. newpotmoker

    newpotmoker New Member

    yea you cant become compleatly dependant on the mary jane just to do this you have to start to show it as well or you just wasting your time in a sense.

    Hope this makes sense... i'm high as fuck now T0K3 0N:hail::hail::hail:
  9. Xtensity

    Xtensity New Member

    That's a good thing, but if you cant even concentrate on a tv show then you're probably smoking too much/getting too high.
  10. Joemakerman

    Joemakerman New Member

    Slavetobackpain, you're the "new guy after 30 years" or something right? Haha well anyways I'm glad to hear it dude! I'm kinda going through the same thing to be honest, I smoked a shit ton of weed at the beginning of my current relationship (so about 10 months ago), and due to lack of money coming in, I had stopped for quite a while, just doing it every once in a while or so, and to be honest things had been going pretty bad with our relationship. I wasn't as nice as I used to be, not as caring, etc. But recently I've had more money coming in, and have been smoking a whole lot more, and I have to say things have gotten a lot better. Weed is a wonderful plant man :)

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  11. Lukeaxx

    Lukeaxx Sr. Member

    Don't mean to go off-topic but I mean dude, it's people like you which do not help the legalization of Marijuana or in fact even having it viewed well if you post things like that.
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  12. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Not from one hit a night. That's not much weed and should wear off in a couple of hours, after which you won't have any THC floating through your brain.
  13. SlaveToBackPain

    SlaveToBackPain New Member

    Let me clarify: I have used just about every drug known to man, (well pretty damn close), and was addicted to coke, opiates, benzos, barbituates, amphetamines, etc. etc. etc. Point being that if I know anything well it is the effects of drugs.
    I have NEVER experienced such a change in the way I look at things as well as how I respond to things. It's fucking strange. In fact it is so noticeable that my wife literally was somewhat frightened, thinking maybe I finally snapped. Like I tell her lets just enjoy the results.
    I really wonder WHY AND HOW some THC could change one's thought process in a heartbeat. I mean after taking the first hit in 30 years I am am alost a completely different person.
  14. The_Bishop

    The_Bishop New Member

    Perhaps because the weed helps with the pain like you mentioned in another post? It is hard not to feel angry and selfish when you are in pain all the time. Chronic Pain does that to you.
  15. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I'm amazed that you are getting such dramatic effects from one hit a night, both the positive and negative ones.

    All effects of using marijuana are gone after a month of abstinence, so this would be highly doubtful.

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