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  1. boosted-r32

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    Hey all,
    my roommate is wanting to grow dreads. His hair is getting pretty long (probably around 3-4 inches). Does anyone have dreads and have any tips on what to do if you are going to try to dread them yourself?

    He has started to wash his hair with a residue free shampoo and has bought a soft bristle brush..

  2. saturdaysmoker

    saturdaysmoker New Member

    Ive been locking up for bout a year and a half.

    easy: throw away your comb, use that residue free shampoo (no sodium laureth sulfate in it), chill, smoke down, forget your growing dreads, post up pics in about a year or two! good luck!

    If you want an outline of where your dreads will be; backcomb (section hair in to squares, comb towards the scalp starting closest to the root, never backcomb twice). If u don't want them to congo (combine) pull the separate sections apart as they grow together.

    All hair, no matter what ethnic background will dread naturally, just takes time and lots of patience. Locking is a journey, enjoy it and soon enough you'll have a head full of dope locks.
    ps- make sure you dry that shit good when u wash. When u wash less (cus its a bitch) your scalp gets used to it and produces less oils. tea tree oil or Dr. Bronners is the shampoo of choice for most. Wax is for candles, if you want dreadlocks do NOT use any type of wax. Wax= sticky, smelly, permanent.
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  3. boosted-r32

    boosted-r32 New Member

    how does he 'separate' his hair? and how big are the squares?
  4. buddlydoright

    buddlydoright New Member

    I thought you got dreadlocks from not washing your hair? At least that's what it seems to be the trend around here. Either that or those people I saw with dreads were just stinky.
  5. saturdaysmoker

    saturdaysmoker New Member

    ^ they prolly had wax in there. Wax is sticky and attracts dirt (obviously). Wax is permanent, even after years of not using it and washing. The hair held together by wax will never actually be locked, so u don't have dreads you have candle scenester bullshit. If your hair is dirty it can't lock, hair knots from movement, if u dnt wash u get greasy hair (most people) greasy hair wont lock because knots cant start or hold. There are people who are too lazy to wash but that's just straight nasty. My hair doesn't smell like anything but hair.

    R32- You can make the squares whatever size he wants them, inch is standard. By seperating i just mean when two seperate locks start to grow together and knot in to one you can either let it do its thing or pull them apart and keep it two dreads, or three or however many are combining.
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  6. Dudeimanoldfart

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    I've entertained the idea of getting dreadlocks, they'd look pretty sweet but if they ever got old I'd have to shave it all of and start over :( ha which would suck. Atleast that's what I've heard you have to do to get rid of them.
  7. Xstasy

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    I have dread locks, got them in August 2007... I HIGHLY recommend any and every1 who wants to loc thier hair to get them done professionally, but 2 each his/her own....
    There are numerous, helpful videos to look at on YouTube.

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