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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by echolalia, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. echolalia

    echolalia New Member

    hey everyone! i'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in ... but it seems the most appropriate. so anyway I wanted to ask you all about your dreams. last night i dreampt that i was in a library with my boyfriend, and there was like an archive of marijuana in this one aisle! it was heaven. i remember exclaiming, 'man, the library is awesome!!' lol
    there were like, vials of oil and little bags with hash in them. and baggies, like, eighths of different strains but they were all dream strains when i looked at them. i wish i could remember some of the names!

    what sort of dreams with weed do you have?
  2. Wicked

    Wicked Sr. Member

    Truthfully, I don't dream about weed itself, but I do have some of my most interesting dreams when I smoke right before I go to sleep. I love pot, but I dunno, there's much more appealing stuff that pops into my head when I'm dreaming.
  3. newcarcaviar

    newcarcaviar Sr. Member

    I once had a dream where I accidentally found out my mom was a massive stoner and I just never knew it. This was at a time where I was having a really hard time finding weed and in the dream I ended up finding out that a lot of my parents' friends smoked and sold and that I could get some from them any time.

    There was a lot more to the dream than that, but I've forgotten what else happened. Never thought I'd be quizzed on it, haha! And I remember it being one of those dreams where you wake up and the first thing you think is "FUCK! NO! JUST A DREAM!"
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  4. TheFamous1

    TheFamous1 New Member

    lol I've had dream like that, where you're so convinced it's real you wake up and then 5 minutes later you're like... damn what I thought just happened yesterday didn't happen.
  5. Meursault

    Meursault Sr. Member

    If I don't smoke weed for a while, I will have weed dreams. It's either of it just being around, or smoking it in the dream in a completely random location, usually a public place where I'd never be caught smoking a joint. I really dislike these dreams, because sometimes interesting things can be happening in the dreams, and I will have this weird backdrop of me smoking up that feels completely unnecessary to the situation at hand.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has these dreams. It doesn't happen in every dream, but every once in a while.
  6. Audio

    Audio Ω∫§¥∂∞≈

    I had a dream sometime in the past week where I was smokin but I completely forget anything that happened :( I have never been lucid dreaming with weed around though, I think that would be interesting, I would never want to leave :)
  7. Blazing Goat

    Blazing Goat New Member

    I once had a dream where i crawled around on a VERY big table and took bites of giant bricks of hash and picking up money:p... Kinda fucked, but it certainly made my priorities clear to me back then...
  8. allenlovesgreen

    allenlovesgreen Subscriber

    It's funny that this thread was posted yesterday because I had a dream about weed just last night. I was over at my friends house and then he showed me a mason jar that was filled up with some beautiful buds, they were like 10 inches long. The best weed I had ever 'seen', then we smoked it and all of a sudden I was flying across the sky like superman :laugh:. Once I woke up i was so mad because it was just a dream :(
  9. Soccer_Junkie

    Soccer_Junkie New Member

    I've never dreamed of weed itsself. I usually don't have but one dream or so a month, but I have one everynight if i go to bed high. I'll never forget the first dream I had. I dreamed this guy in my school came to my house and we fought. We've had problems with each other for a while, and the dream was quite nice seeing how he couldn't move at the end of it. Then I found a full bottle of patron in my fridge and drank almost all of it. I can remember hoping my dad wouldn't notice 3/4 of the bottle gone. And when I woke up I felt like I had a hangover..
  10. MiniKirk

    MiniKirk New Member

    Head shops. Places to go to buy bongs, pipes, vaporizers, cigarettes, and everything else a smoker might need, except weed. Only, not at this one. At this one, the weed is in a back room. Two aging hippies, male and female, take me back into this room, to show off the goods. It's ok, I buy from them all the time, I know their shit is good. Yet they keep insisting that I see it, and try a few strains, before I make my purchase.
    So that's what we do. Right? Smoke a few joints, bowls, and take more than a few bong rips. You know, the usual. The male decides to put on some music. Buddy Holly's band, The Crickets, and their hit "I Fought the Law" (released after Holly's death).
    Great, sing along time! We sing, smoke and have a great time. Not for long, though.
    The 5-0 comes in. Busts down the door. I see a shower of dust, splinters of wood, and streams of sunlight drifting in, blackening out the cops at the door. Oh shit, time to fly! But they're blocking all the exits. Two bigger police officers, big enough to bounce at any of New York (or LA)'s meanest bars and clubs come in and start roughing up the hippies.
    I don't mean like just some pepper spray and a taze or two because they were resisting, I mean full on beating the ever loving crap out of them. I watched with horror, hidden behind a desk, as one of them (the female) died. Then it was my turn. They never said a single thing, the only sounds were the sounds of fists, and shoes on flesh, and the oldies on the stereo.
    Scared, about to piss my pants, I hold my breath. Didn't help. They find me and roughly jerk me out of my hiding spot. I'm in for it now, I know. They start in, with a billy club. I see it come heading right for my head, and I can't duck. I can't dodge. I'm totally frozen. Just as the club is about to reach my face, I wake up. Covered in a cold sweat, and breathing heavily. It was just a dream. Thank God.
  11. chronic12345

    chronic12345 New Member

    i usually have dreams like that too when im out of weed.
    i remember my last one vaguely..
    so, ive only bought dimebags before and i havent had any in about a week (in real life as well), so i was surprised to find a 20 sack of good shit on my desk at home. next thing i know i am outside in front on my school and im walkin by this cop car (theres usually one always parked there) and im tryin to put it in my pocket for like a whole minute, i dont know why i was taking so long, and theres a guy being busted for posession, and the cops for some reason didnt notice me. then i walked to some other place and thats kinda all i remember... sry if it was kinda boring lol
    o then i woke up and i was like DAMMIT cuz i didnt have my 20 :bawl:

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