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  1. brown_toker

    brown_toker New Member

    Whats the difference between normal bud and chronic or dro?.......and what is chronic or dro?
  2. ::blazed jae::

    ::blazed jae:: Sr. Member

    'Chronic' or 'dro' is usually just Kind Bud or really dank good weed. Dro really means Hydro which is weed with its roots grown underwater, which usually makes better buds. Real dro is almost always better than regular bud and midgrade.

    Sometimes fools will call their sh*t "dro" when it's really mids or even schwag :O
  3. Goblin Thug

    Goblin Thug New Member

    check out "Smoke and get high" lyrics by Project Pat, they say "Dro" alot
  4. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    Technically, chronic is a strain and dro/hydro is a growing technique. They are often used, however, to just mean good ****.
  5. Bong_hit05

    Bong_hit05 New Member

    also, shwag nugs are thin and brownish-green while dro nugs are puffy and green and crystally and smell like pine.............and delicious :thumbsup:

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