Drug test 25 days clean will I pass?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by BigFoot, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. BigFoot

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    Alright let me start off with some background. This is a test for pre-employment. I am 6 2' 205 pounds. I wouldn't classify my metabolism as fast but I wouldn't call it slow either, just normal. I also have been working out 5 to 6 days a week for the past 11 months, and running on the treadmill for 45 minutes and 5 miles whenever I go. So needless to say when I go to the gym, I work up a major sweat.
    I am only an occasional smoker, or have been for the last two months. In Februrary, I smoked 15 out of 28 days. Then in late Feb. into early March I took 14 days off. Then smoked once, then stopped for a day, then smoked once, then stopped for 5 days. Then I smoked once, then stopped for a day, then smoked once, then took 2 days off. Then I smoked for 6 days straight when visiting friends, then stopped for 6 days. Then smoked once, and I have been clean since. So in the past 65 days or so I have only smoked on 11 days and have been working out pretty much all of those days, so I would classify myself as an occasional smoker.
    My test is coming up next Friday April 24th. That will be my 25th day without smoking. What are the odds that I will pass. I am also going to do dilution with creatine and some b-complex vitamins.
  2. lew scannon

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    Each person is different. A home THC test would give you a more accurate story on where you stand, rather than guesswork from others.
    When testing yourself, use the first urination of the day.
  3. BigFoot

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    any advice from anyone?

    test is tomorrow.
  4. BigFoot

    BigFoot New Member

    alright i took the test.

    i took the test today. it should be good. i drank 3 liters and took some b vitamins. my piss was yellow. i also took creatine 2 days and 1 day before the screen. i think i should be good. one thing that FUCKING SUCKS about this board is that although 240 peeps have viewed this thread, no one has posted anything. thanks for all your help guys.
  5. Secs

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    You are right that no one offered advice, EXCEPT lew scannon, who did offer you very sound advice.

    You can still get a really good indication of whether you passed if you will just go purchase a home test for about $15. Take it tomorrow morning. If you pass it tomorrow, you probaby passed the employment test.

    As a rule, I generally don't offer advice to anyone who doesn't take a home test. With a home test, you can tell if you are clean or not. Without a home test, I can only take a guess at it. I do have a 50-50 chance of guessing right, but still.... it is only a guess. I wont' do you any favors if I give you false hope or a false sense of security if I guess wrong.

    Please, help us to help you. Take a home test and come back here with the results of the home test and we will help you.
  6. BigFoot

    BigFoot New Member

    the thing is

    the thing is i really dont want to pay for a home test. this test is for pre employment so if i fail there arent any consequences. any how, i do have one question. the lady at the drug test facility said my employer would receive the results monday morning and i am supposed to start wednesday. if i failed will i receive a call from my employer on monday perhaps. if i dont receive a call can i assume that wednesday i will start and that i passed my test. i have never taken a drug test and that is why i am asking these questions. thanks all.
  7. Secs

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    Your employer will have negative test results on Monday. They could have them on Saturday if the MRO's actually worked on Saturday, but most of them do not.

    If you are positive, your employer probably won't have results on Monday. It is possible that the MRO would call you on Monday, more likely it would be Tuesday before the MRO receives positive results from the lab and gets around to phoning you.

    We tell people that a drug test takes one day if it is a negative result. We also advise the donors that if for any reason, the specimen needs confirmation testing either due to medication or illegal drug use, it could be a few days longer.

    Most of the time, the collector speaks to a donor as if both are certain that the test will be negative. The donor usually doesnt' say, 'Well, what happens if it is positive?'. Sometimes donors will ask the collector that question, however; most of the time, the donor will just go along with the collectors assumption of negative.

    You could have asked the collector all these questions. The collector can't say to the lab or to the MRO 'This donor was asking all sorts of questions'. Even if the collector did report a donor questioning the process, the lab will report what it finds. The MRO can't fail a donor based on questions. If there is THC in the urine, you will be found to be positive for illegal substances. If there is no THC in the urine, you will be declared to be negative for illegal substances. No one really cares at the collection facility.
  8. Stressing Drug Test

    Stressing Drug Test New Member

    Faint Line on First Check Home Drug Test. Will I pass Quest Diagnostic Lab Test?

    Faint Line on First Check Home Drug Test. Will I pass Quest Diagnostic Lab Test?

    I have a concern "Can anyone definitively say if the first check home test kit is truly accurate about the presence of faint lines vs. what a true lab test may identify?"

    These posts above were from 2008 to 2009. My concern is for now 2011. Has anything changed or upgraded at the labs to detect THC? Are test in labs in 2011 now more accurate or more sensitive than 2008 and 2009? My Lab test was at 3pm yesterday. I smoked 4-5 blunts within 17 days before my lab test. But the very last time was 7 days before the lab test yesterday. I drank massive water and cranberry juice 2 days before my Lab Test. On the day of lab test, I flushed starting 3 hours before the Lab Test (at 12pm) with Ultimate Blend 24 (which can be found at most smokeshops). I did the First Check Home kit test at 2:35pm and showed negative with very very faint lines. Since it was faint lines and the box stated that faint lines falls under "negative", I went ahead and Took the Lab Test at Quest Diagnostic at around 3:05pm. I then rushed home to do another Home Kit Test which then appeared completely negative at 3:45pm. So if it was faintly negative half hour before The Lab and then completely negative with solid lines 40 minutes later after the Lab test, is that safe to say that the Lab will detect a "Negative"? I haven't been called yet from the job even though its only been 29 hrs and I am worried sick. I do not want to lose out on the job opportunity. Please help me and let me know.

    Note: the urine left at Lab had enough color. It was not clear like water, therefore, uring color should not be an issue. Also, since urine did come from me, the urine was at right temperature, therefore, urine temperature should not be an issue.
  9. bwhite

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    took drug test at lab corp after 31 days clean. am i ok?

    i smoked every day and quit for 4 months, then started back for about 4 months. i then got news about a job so i quit again. i was clean for 31 days before my test with lab corp. after my first 7 days of being clean i took a 10 day full body cleanse. and for the full 31 days i have only drank coffee and water. i also have eaten fairly healthy. after the 10 day body cleanse i took an @home drug test and passed i have since taken 7 more all on different days and passed every one with a faint line. you could c the line pretty good it just wasnt as dark as the other lines. before my test (31 days clean) i drank the the liquid stuff took another @home test and passed it. does anyone know if i will b ok? my pee was faint yellow almost white.
  10. DivaNaf

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    Nope have no idea if you will be OK... but I can tell you the snake oil salesmen of the world have found a new hero...
  11. sammie

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    Home Drug Test

    Check Out the Dollar Tree - I saw Marijuana home drug test for $1.00. My husband use to spend $50.00 every few weeks to test our son, so when I saw them a the Dollar Tree I just about fell over. I know they also sell pregnancy tests there and seem to sell a lot.
  12. officersnuggles

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    yuppp thats where i got my home test

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