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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by smokeymon84, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. smokeymon84

    smokeymon84 New Member

    Synthetic urine is illegal where I live. Any other suggestions. I have been drinking plenty of water over the last 48 hours. I am skinny (125#). I am a pretty regular smoker, but in the last week I have only smoked about 4-5 Js (mainly in the beginning of last week). I've got my B12, plenty of water and gatoraid, and last night I picked up a bottle of Protox and 4 pre protox pills you take the night before (as recommended by the local headshop). I took the pills 12-18 hours before I took the protok. This morning I woke up and ate a high fiber breakfast cereal. Two hours later I drank 24 oz. of water. An hour after that I took the protox followed by a bottle of water. I drank gatoraid the rest of the morning. I took a home drug test for mari about four hours after taking the protox. The results were positive.

    I have taken a test before after smoking a J two days prior and passed by drinking a lot of water. I thought this might mean I have an awesome metabolism but I guess not. My question is are the home test you buy at rite aid and walgreens acurate? What should I do? Like everyone else, I have to pass to keep my job I enjoy. I may be able to buy some time but the more time away from work the further I could be working myself in a hole. Please, any suggestions????
  2. steakii

    steakii New Member

    Your best option is going to be finding someone with clean urine and using theres.
  3. peaceasy

    peaceasy New Member

    hey man, yeah I agree with steakii, your best option for guaranteed passing is substitution from a clean donor. I'm not sure what kind piss test you need to take, like do you have to go to a lab?

    If you have to go to a lab, forget about it. Everything you just took will either make your test come up inconclusive and you will have to take another test (probably ending up with the same results unless you can buy yourself time until the next test), but if you failed a home test, you will fail their test.

    Try finding a friend that you know for a fact is clean, (someone who doesn't smoke pot at all, preferably), and get their urine.

    better safe than sorry, get a substitute.
  4. smokeymon84

    smokeymon84 New Member

    Is there any chance dilution will work

    I have read several postings claiming gender and age doesn't matter when substituting. What if I have my girlfriend piss for me (she is on birth control) will they question it? Can you give me any hope for the dillution route?
  5. peaceasy

    peaceasy New Member

    I have read also that gender doesn't matter. From experience, I cannot say. As for the birth control, i'm not even sure they even look for that when they diagnose your sample.

    There's hope yes, but at this point, if you have no other options besides your girlfriends clean sample, it's better than yours, right? Good luck.
  6. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Gender is not checked
    Birth Control pills aren't illegal and therefore aren't checked.

    The problem with your urine is that you have THC built up over time. When you passed before, you probably didn't have as much THC in your system from past usage other than the one or two joints you smoked prior to testing.

    This time, you have smoked significantly more in the recent past and have built up THC in your system which is now taking time to leach from your body.

    Your girlfriend's urine will be fine as long as you keep the temp correct.
  7. peaceasy

    peaceasy New Member

    The dilution route.

    If your test is soon, I suggest buying more home drug test kits, and practice N2's technique until a drug test comes up negative. If you come up with a negative test, then you know your procedure is working. Do whatever you can that you think can help you out while practicing. Keep voiding until your procedure is good to go. Once your practice procedure works, that is what you should do before your test.

    I really can't say this will work in a day if thats all the time you have, because staying clean also factors in a great deal. Substitution is your best bet bro.
  8. smokeymon84

    smokeymon84 New Member

    How much time do you think I need

    If I could buy some time, do you think a week would be enough time. Like I said I weigh about 125 and I have been drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice. Of course I will test myself to check but I'm trying to avoid spending more and more money on this incedent.

    Thank you all for responding. To anyone who has been in my shoes I'm sure you know how helpful it is to have people on your side in this stressful time. Thanks a lot.
  9. peaceasy

    peaceasy New Member

    Hey no prob dude. If you're trying to avoid spending more money and you have a week, then buy one home drug test. Practice N2's diluting technique for most the week, and use the one home test a day before your test. You will find out definitely then if it's been working, (even if you get a faint line for negative you will still pass). If you're still coming up positive then you at least have that day to find a substitute. (Like Sec said before, maintain the temp of the urine, so try getting it fresh)

    Remember to stay clean during the entire process and practice every single day as much as you can to better your chances.:thumb: I wish you all the luck!
  10. smokeymon84

    smokeymon84 New Member

    Found a different solution - thanks for all the help

    I realized I had a friend who lived in a state that allows synthetic urine to be shipped. I overnighted to his house so hopefully it will show up in time. I used ureasample.com because I have used their product before and it worked, it just so happens they outlawed the product in the state I live since. Thanks to all who posted, I really appreciate your help.
  11. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    But dont give up hope. By doing a Google search for synthetic urine you'll find a vendor or two that can ship to all 50 states. :cool:
  12. kikugawa

    kikugawa New Member

    i smoked occasionaly during the day and All weekend, high all day everyday, and on monday i tried out N2s dilution method for the first time and passed a home test with flying colors.
  13. smokeymon84

    smokeymon84 New Member

    The synthetic urine arrived this morning

    I received in my synthetic urine from ureasample.com. It was pricey to have it overnighted to my friend who lives out of state, but having used it before I know it works and I really need to keep this job. I am still going to try N2's dilution method for a home test to see if it works for me. I will let everyone know how things go. Thanks again for all the help.
  14. peaceasy

    peaceasy New Member

    Good for you smokeymon. I'm pulling for you man, keep it up and let us know how it went. :spin:

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