Drug Test Coming Up, What Should I Be Doing?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by xx87, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. xx87

    xx87 New Member

    Got a test coming up with LabCorp on March 29. Here are my details:

    - Height: 6'0"
    - Weight: 180lbs (not much muscle, it's mostly gut)
    - Estimated metabolism: Not sure. Normal to weak I suppose?
    - Smoking history: Smoked on March 2nd and then again on March 4th. Got pretty fucking high both times. Before this, I hadn't smoked in 2 months. I'm at school 8 months out of the year and don't smoke at all up here, only during break when I'm home.
    - I don't work out at all
    - It's a pre-employment test, have to assume it's urine.

    I have been drinking 50-72 oz of water per day for about the last two weeks, and that's what I plan on continuing to do up until this test.

    I've never taken a test before. What do you guys think the odds are that I pass this test on the 29th?

  2. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    Rigorous exercise up until the 48 hours before the test will help a lot. It's great that you're hydrating, but the day of the test, settle down so you don't wind up with a negative-dilute result (if the employer is tough they may consider this a fail, at the very least you'll have to retest.)

    Given your details, I would recommend you do an at-home urine test from Walgreen's or similar using first urine of the day and see what your result is. Based on what you've said about yourself, it's pretty tough to say, but I'd bet you'll probably pass on your own if you keep doing what you're doing. But DO take an at home test to check it out first.

    If your at-home test does come back positive, I'd grab a same day cleanser from passadrugtest here: http://passadrugtest.com/sameday.html

    Good luck!

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  3. xx87

    xx87 New Member

    Thanks a lot, Dave, I appreciate it! I feel like a dilute-pass wouldn't be the worst thing for me, since it would give me a few more days to clean my system and I don't plan on smoking again any time soon. But obviously I'd like to just pass first try. I'll have to run out and get a home test soon.

    My friend gave m a few green tea extract pills. I took on yesterday, one today, and have 3 more left. Would taking them over the next three days help?

    He's also offered to let me use some of his creatine supplement, so I'm planning on taking a scoop of that on Wednesday, then one of Thursday, and then the test is on Friday.

    Are the pills and the creatine advisable?
  4. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    Creatine won't help as much if you're not building it up over time, so go ahead and start with it now. As far as the green tea, there are no studies done that indicate its efficacy, but to me, I think it helps to some degree; if nothing else, you're getting more fluids down. The idea is to flush the THC from your fat stores, and green tea may help with that. Keep us posted!

  5. xx87

    xx87 New Member

    Good news, it worked, and I've been cleared for hire. I started with the creatine 3 days before the test and took a green tea extract pill once a day for 5 days before the test. Also did a bit of exercising in the days leading up (not a ton, but I worked up a good sweat).

    Thanks for the advice, Dave.

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