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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Ksobro90, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Ksobro90

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    Okay so I have a drug test in 12 hours and it's at a pretty legit place. I looked at their website and they cut off at 50/mg of marijuana metabolite or whatever... Im 6' ...170 pounds....mostly lean muscle and I have about a 10-12 percent body fat...I usually smoke 10-15 times a month. All of last week i stopped smoking (Being active and so forth) then 5 days ago i was at a party and smoked a decent amount...(stupid idea but I didn't really know when I was getting called in for this job and when i would be getting tested)...I have a very high metabolism...eating everything I can at site without gaining any fatty weight. I have been drinking lots and lots of water for about 3 days....taking B vitamins to make my pee have a color ...taking creatine...and drinking Juice with vitamins A C and E....(Idk if that really works but worth a shot)....I'd like some opinions if I should be good, what to do or if ill be fine.... I really need this job :wasted:
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    Here's the rundown of the responses you are going to see:

    1) Drinking water before the day of the test is worthless
    2) Juice/vitamins=nothing
    3) Taking creatine at this point is worthless, it takes a couple of days to turn into creatinine. Hope you started a few days ago and went heavy on it.
    4) Everybody is different, take a home test (seems late for you)

    I'm going to also be the first to recomend you sub. It's probably too late this time. But in the future, it's much easier, especially for pre-employment, then people make it out to be. Read the substitution sticky.

    Everything people will possibly tell you is in the dilution sticky. Don't overdo the B vitamins, it's better to be pale than neon green.

    Good luck! Read N2's dilution sticky, it has saved many a person in your situation.
  3. Ksobro90

    Ksobro90 New Member

    If I just piss too much water and get called back that it was diluted....do they usually let the person re-take it? Or do I fail?
  4. Ksobro90

    Ksobro90 New Member

    Also I have a very interesting theory about creatinine....Ok so you take creatine so your body can make it into creatinine (24-48 hours right?) but i think ive found a way to speed up the process....After creatine is in water for about 10 minutes...it turns into creatinine...and if you drink that...wouldnt your body almost immediately(especially if youre drinking a lot) flush it out of your system? because it is a human byproduct(aka waste)
  5. Ksobro90

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    Bump...even though my test is in an hour or so... Is my theory on creatinine just completely stupid or does it have a slight chance of being true? As in break through for passing drug tests lol.
  6. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    How did you arrive at this conclusion? Have you personally conducted tests, and if so, what methodologies did you use?

    Creatine is stored in all muscle tissue. As muscles are broken down and rebuilt, creatine is metabolized into creatinine and enters the bloodstream.
  7. Ksobro90

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    Yes, I have been informed nurmerous of times from the information up above...I have came to this hypothesis because weightlifters and articles on creatine say that when you take a scoop of creatine(40grams) and put it in 8 ounces of liquid...either juice or water...it breaks down into creatinine in about 10 minutes....that is why they say to take it once you mix the two substances...I have not done any tests(If I could I would...it is pretty interesting) I have done my research on diluting (Although before I did do things that were unnecessary) and my research on creatine since I have used this supplement with weight training....just a hypothesis... :)

    Anyway if my results come back negative and not diluted...then leaving creatine in water for over 10 minutes could work....Because this morning I left creatine in water for about 30 minutes and chugged it....probably the 3rd or 4th last thing I drank before the drug test....idk we'll see. I could of tested positive...who knows
  8. Secs

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    I think your creatine hypothesis is flawed, but that is besides the point.

    How much total water did you drink in the 3 hours leading up to your test time. That will give us a better idea of whether you are dilute or not.

    For pre-employment drug testing, in my experience with employers, it is about:
    30% allow a re-test
    30% eliminate the applicant from candidacy
    40% accept a dilute negative
  9. Ksobro90

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    Like the guidlines say dont go over 40 ounces...which I didnt...I was probably dead on with 40 ounces. Maybe a bit more or a bit less. and about the percentages....so about 30 percent I didnt get the job... 30 percent i have to pass next time and 40 percent that they will just hire me....I can live with those percentages...but the company I am applying for is Home Depot and they seemed lenient idk...we'll see
  10. Secs

    Secs New Member

    I think you should be ok then. I wish you had taken a home test tho.
  11. Ksobro90

    Ksobro90 New Member

    Yeah me too...I wish I read this article months before even worrying about this...oh well what can you do...but I will post on my results when I get them. I thank this site and everyone for giving me such information for hopes of passing and peace of mind :)
  12. Ksobro90

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    Okay so it has almost been a week since I was drug tested and I got a call today from the employer and said....I FREAKING PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I start tomorrow. Thank you everyone for your tips and this website for making that possible :D :D :D! Dilution FTW

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