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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by 1person, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. 1person

    1person New Member

    I weigh 175 pounds, I'm 5'8", I've smoked like a beast for about 15 years. Atleast a Half-1/8 of the finest herb daily.

    I have a drug test coming up in a little over 3 weeks. Assuming I don't smoke anything from now till then, should I be fine with just taking some herbal clean or something of that sort? Or does anyone have a better idea?
  2. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Start off by taking a home THC test to see where you stand. Be sure to use the first-mornings void. If you test positive, you have two viable options: Substituting with a clean sample or synthetic; or dilution. Check out the Substitution and Dilution "sticky" threads.

    Forget the herbal magic potion because its an overpriced means of accomplishing the same thing (at best) that can be accomplished by following the steps outlined in the Dilution sticky.
  3. rolltideroll

    rolltideroll New Member

    get some member ship to a place where there is a SPA. excersize ALOT. everyother day with no more than a gallon of water a day. you need to sweat.

    If you did nothing. you would be dirty for 45 days. at the least. go get some multivitamins.

    google spa to see how to properly prepare yourself for it.

    what kind of test is it?
  4. MrSmoky

    MrSmoky New Member

    You don't have enough time to clean out completely, but dilution may work for you if you exercise and sweat a lot. Your situation is very similar to mine except you weight more. I'm 5'9", 135 pounds, smoke 1/2 eighth+ per day. I don't know if your extra weight compared to mine is fat or muscle. If it is fat then substitution or heavy dilution are probably your only options. I have 27 days from last smoke to test. I have been exercising a lot and combined water with urine to estimate my test levels. I found this method very useful to figure out what my trends were toward passing the test. On each test I diluted the sample more and more until it tested clean. It requires a lot of test strips (18 so far), but the cost isn't that much of a factor compared to the risk of failure. I also bought some adulteration strips. Here is what my levels were on the days tested:

    6 days clean: 10,000 ng/mL (199 parts water, 1 part urine)
    10 days clean: 2500 ng/mL (49 parts water, 1 part urine)
    15 days clean: 750 ng/mL (14 parts water, 1 part urine), failed creatine test, pass SG
    19 days clean: 300 ng/mL (5 parts water, 1 part urine), marginal creatine test, pass SG
    20 days clean: 250 ng/mL (4 parts water, 1 part urine), pass creatine test, pass SG
    22 days clean (today): 175 ng/mL (2.5 parts water, 1 part urine), easily pass creatine test, pass SG
    27 days clean: THE TEST

    Your fat % may be higher than mine and you have a little less time, so it may be tough for you to pass. Creatine loading can help pass the creatinine test with a higher ratio of dilution. This method helped me figure out whether I would be able to pass by test day. At this point, I feel confident I will pass the test with light to moderate dilution. I am curious to see how much my THC metabolite levels drop as I go into couch potato mode and start pigging out the last few days. I will start practice runs with internal dilution in a couple of days to figure out how much fluid intake is needed for me to pass the THC test and not test diluted.
  5. 1person

    1person New Member

    Wow. You've got it down to a science. I like that.

    I've been drug tested twice a week for the last 3 months and I've passed them all with the help of a sober friend. Good 'ole substitution method.

    In a few weeks though I have court and they may pop drug test me and I need to be ready or I am screwed. Its a dipstick test, so no lab would be involved - unless ofcourse I dont pass the test.

    Do any of you have a good site where I can buy a bunch of test strips for a good price?
  6. MrSmoky

    MrSmoky New Member

    I bought test strips and adulteration check strips from Amazon.
  7. 1person

    1person New Member

    I'm working on my 10th day clean and I am suffering just thinking about an ice cold bong hit.

    STAY STRONG, STAY STRONG, I tell myself.

    I haven't really done much exercise because I'm pretty busy with work and life, but I still have 16 days to stay on track on not do anything stupid. In a few days I will try the dilution method and let you all know how it goes. After all, the point of these forums is to share experiences, right?

    In the past, I have passed drug tests using "ready clean" with only 48-60 hrs of clean time. I don't know why I am so nervous this time, but I guess it's cuz the consequences would be much more severe.
  8. 1person

    1person New Member

    i will be trying the dilution method tomorrow morning and I was wondering how much aspirin to take. I have 325mg aspirins and N2 didn't specify anything about the strength of aspirin to take. Does anyone know what a safe dose would consist of?
  9. MrSmoky

    MrSmoky New Member

    I don't think the aspirin does anything these days. My understanding is that it used to interfere with the EMIT test, but the tests have been updated so it doesn't help anymore. It might help with SG, but that's not too important for a trial run. GL and stay strong! You can do it.
  10. 1person

    1person New Member

    I was thinking it was more so to thin your blood. By this, your kidneys will then filter out less toxins into your urine. Is this also an effect of the aspirin? or am I totally off?
  11. MrSmoky

    MrSmoky New Member

    I don't know, but here's a post where Sec said to forget the aspirin: http://www.marijuana.com/urine-testing/138285-help-2.html#post1247090. I would trust Sec - he works in the testing industry.
  12. 1person

    1person New Member

    what do you think?

  13. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    re: What do you think?

    The THC panel is a negative, as well as the rest of the panels. :cool:
  14. 1person

    1person New Member

    btw... these results are from 13 days clean and nothing but plenty of H2O.
    and another btw... I smoke nothing but the funks and almost always out of my bong.

  15. drweb

    drweb Banned

    So wait, was that your first pee of the morning? Or are you doing the dilution method and then testing yourself? Are you mindful of your creatinine and sg levels?
  16. 1person

    1person New Member

    No, not my first void of the day. This was a dry run. I will be tested for real on the 17th. At that point I will worry about urine color, creatine levels; and yes I stated that I drank plenty of water... only water. I will be testing myself a few more times throughout the next couple of weeks and post all of my results.
  17. ESVAburnout

    ESVAburnout New Member

    You might pass or you might not- personally it takes marijuana 2 days to get completely out of my system.
  18. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    3 days before your scheduled U/A, take one more home test but this time use the first void of the day. If you test negative, youre good to go.
    If you test positive, then begin preparations for dilution (creatine-loading, etc).

    Drinking water is only helpful on the day of the U/A. Drinking water days before the U/A is useless. To find out why, read the O/P in this thread: http://www.marijuana.com/urine-testing/28391-why-drinking-lot-useless.html
  19. 1person

    1person New Member

    What I meant by "nothing but H2O" was that I was diluting for the purpose of my home test. I'm pretty sure I wouldnt pass a UA right now without diluting. But I am very happy with my results so far.

    A big THANKS to everyone who offers advice.

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