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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by d00fy, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. d00fy

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    Alright I smoked 2 blunts on Jan 31/07(WEDNESDAY) and i got notice today that i have to take a drug test for a job as part of the hiring process on FEB 2 (FRIDAY), i bough this detox drink from vitamin world called OMNI its 32oz,but as today goes all i been doing is drinking water water water, and took some ginseng and those pre detox pills you use in conjunction with the drink, My test is with labcorp, I guess they take the piss and it takes about 2days to get the results back, im trying to dilute my pee as much as i can constantly drinking water.

    The last time i used OMNI detox drink was in novemeber from the staffing agency to get hired or be considered for the job im at now and passed it, but now that my probation time is done I need to take the Companys drug test, only thing im worried about is that i heard LABCORP is more technical with their urine analysis and whatnot, I wont stop drinking water, but any suggestions???
  2. Secs

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    Find a clean friend and sub. It is your only hope. Smoking 2 blunts, two days before your drug test, then using your own pee is going to have the same result as if you were to light up your bowl on the company president's desk and asking him to join you for a session.

    IF you use your own pee, I am going to go out on a limb and say: Definetly, you will fail if what you have said about your smoking history is correct. Because I don't think that last Wednesday was the only day you smoked this month or even this week.

    sorry, but at least you know what you have to do now.
  3. Tweed

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    im gonna have to go with sec3. subbing works usually with job related tests or any test that you aren't observed. although it is possible to pass on a few days notice, i wouldn't gamble it.

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