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    Ok so last month I was arrested twice in one week. I know I'm fucking retarded, but both times I got caught with under 1gram of marijuana and paraphernalia . I'm not sure how it will play out because when I got caught the second time, I hadn't even gone to court for the first offense that I got the week earlier and I was not on probation. The first time was my first time every getting arrested for marijuana.

    I have an attorney, and initially I had 2 court dates , one on Jan 10 (for the second offense) and one on jan 24 (for the first offense) . Luckily my attorney got both hr first court date pushed back to the second court date so I go to court on Jan 24 for both charges. Initially, I had both court dates with municipal court, but In order to combine both court dates and charges at once, he had to move the court to state court so we can deal with them at once.

    Tl;Dr version:
    Will I be drug tested on the first court date (arraignment where I plead guilty or.not) ? And is it a bad thing that I will be in state court instead of municipal court? Because I wasn't on probation or even gone to court for the first offense before I got arrested again, the they are just treating them as two charges. What consequences you think I will get? I know community service, maybe drug classes, and probation, but I'm wondering how long the probation will be. Do you guys think that they will run prob back.to back making me be on probo for 2 years? Ordo you guys think ill just be on Probo for just 1 year because I wasn't even on Probo for the first, like It wasn't like I got arrested, put on prbo, and got arrested again and violated probo

    Thank you all in advance! Any input, advice, experiences, or.opinions whether good or bad is greatly, greatly appreciated!

    Thanks again,

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