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Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by LoAnnaLove, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. LoAnnaLove

    LoAnnaLove Active Member

    Okay so I got into the horrible habit of going out everyday and picking up a gram everyday for that day. My friend had a big bag full of weed that was sorta busted. She said i could take my own handful for 20 bucks. The catch is, she kept the weed in a plastic sealed shut freezer bag, but the weed smelt too much so she put it in a box with 2 dryer sheets. The smell is only noticable if your told or really smelling it in the bag it came from. Wasnt distinct but after smoking it, the weed tasted oddly fresh, or slightly of dyer sheets after words on the tongue. I smoked the weed when she first got it, it smelt fine and perfect, shes practically my sister and i trust her completely. The dyer sheets never touched the weed or was open with the dryer sheets. So i took a handful out of the bag and was on my way home, decided to pull into the grave yard and blaze some, then continued on my way home. Weighed it up, turns out i got 7.2 grams. :D yes it gets you high, not amazing, pretty good, not bad.

    Think just because the weed smells like it, it is bad to smoke, or has other chemicals now added? Would you smoke it or buy for the deal i got because it was a good deal? It's good weed, average.

    I personally believe nothing is wrong with it, just a scent it has picked up, but i am considering um, dropping it along the sidewalk, then suddenly finding 5 dollar bills on the ground after. Asking for a opinion really, would you have a problem with this if you just wanted to pick one joint up for a walk?
  2. snowboard_loser

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    in my own opinion:

    if in doubt, toss it out. i picked up a quarter of herb a few days ago. people on here are probably going to freak out but it was the worst weed ever. i straight up threw it away. not even worth smoking.

    if it was my bag i would toss it.

    ive been smoking for 5ish years so i'm not a fan of smoking gross weed.
  3. tenajtimmad

    tenajtimmad Active Member

    yes actually i have had this happen with joints.. ive put a joint out in a candle before and in desperate times - have come back for it only to be tasting the smell of the candle. it was nasty but whatever. ive done something like that with dryer sheets.. it didnt taste like it but the joint smelled like it since i stored it in the fabric softner sheets

    oh yeah, well just dont make a habit of buying dryer sheet weed.. i doubt it is that unsafe for you - just a taste/smell kind of thing.
  4. Triheptyl

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    i wouldnt worry, but i dont know. i have a sploof (tube stuffed with dryer sheets) and generally keep it near my stash. after a couple days my stash starts smelling like dryer sheets too, and ive never found i had problems smoking it. it doesnt taste all that weird, just smells fresh like a spring breeze
  5. toking_gangster

    toking_gangster New Member

    this is kinda unrelated but i hate when dealers try to fuck with the weed (ie add orange peels or other shit to make it smell dank) and they tell me that and i can tell because it smells like nothing and doesnt get me high lolol like why the fuck would you do that :| and its like why should i want to buy it now lol
    and true, i hate shitty weed but wouldn't throw it. if its sucky bud ill sell it for cheap
  6. Baronvladdy

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    All I can say is that TYPICALLY the smell of weed is a good indicator of the weed's quality. If it smells like a delicious Florida orange grove or a dead skunk on the high-way it is probably gonna be some really good stuff. If the sour diesel I had a while back taught me anything, weed that reeks is rarely weak.

    However, shit can be amazing and smell really garden variety as well. When I had that sour diesel I also had some kush, which was definitely a weaker, subtler smelling bud but was way more potent than that sour diesel.

    Smell has a lot of effect on one's expectations and may have a sort of placebo effect if you get some really good smelling shit. However, the amazing shit is the stuff that doesn't even smell that good but still manages to fuck you up hardcore despite its weaker scent, since it succeeded despite low expectations.

    I guess the main point is to never judge a book by its cover, since you really have to smoke the dope before you truly know how good it is. I had this other shit a while back that looked actually kind of bad. It came in these tiny, stemmy, scraggly little nuggets and smelled sort of dank yet sort of gross. It tasted gross, hit your throat really hard, and after a few days this stuff made me gag whenever I tried to smoke it.

    But no joke, this horrible looking weed I paid nug prices for got me and anyone else i smoked it with very significantly ripped, albeit in an extremely weird way.

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