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  1. asdfg

    asdfg New Member

    i see when im looking at new pipes dugout boxes or something. can someone explain what a dugout is?

    sorry if it is a stupid question but i dont understand what it is

  2. nik12937

    nik12937 New Member

    Let me google that for you

    I love doing that, now that I'm done, let me actually help :)
    It's basically like a rectangular piece of wood that houses two compartments. One holds the ganja, and the other holds the "bat" or pipe which is popped out by a small spring. You take the pipe, and push it down into the compartment with weed in it (the weed should already be ground or broken up) to get weed into the pipe. Then, you smoke up :) Some places even sell bats that look like cigs, pretty stealthy.

    Did that make sense? I tend to ramble, haha.
  3. asdfg

    asdfg New Member

    yea. that helped. but im confused how the weed gets into the one hitter.
  4. nik12937

    nik12937 New Member

    You jam the bat down into the weed. It only works if you have the weed ground up nice and fine, like close to table salt size. Since it's so small, it just jams up into the pipe.
  5. You dont need ur weed to be so grounded up, just grind ur weed normally .

    the pipe we use in the dugout box is like a crack pipe kindof... so theres a little space in one end of the pipe. So you stick the end with the space down into the weed in the bottom of the box. The weed gets 'stuck' or 'jammed' cuz it got compacted into small space. then you take out the pipe, light it like a cigarrete, inhale everything. exhale. take another hit. hope this helps.

    I use a pipe like this but without the box. I fitted a pipe screen in the metal tube of a pen, and voilĂ .
  6. asdfg

    asdfg New Member

    thanks guys for all the help. but one other question. i want a bat because they are convenient but wont the weed slide all the way through and get into your mouth? (with out the dugout)
  7. that's why I use a pipe screen wit my pipe, and I even put 2 to be sure. :D

    Buy pipe screens, theyre cheap, 5 for 50 cents. well, where I am.
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  8. nik12937

    nik12937 New Member

    Definitely get a screen, half burnt herb is a big buzz killer... at least for me :)
  9. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Nope, I don't use a screen in ANY of my pipes, bongs, chillums, etc. The only style pipe I've ever used a screen in were the old school "chamber pipes". WIth a dugout, the weed is so tightly packed in the pipe that its rare to pull it through if you load it right. It takes some practice to smoke one without pulling herb through, but it can certainly be done easily enough I'd say I end up with a bit of ash in my mouth (NOT weed) about 1 out of every 20 times I use it, but actually pulling unburned weed through it has never aahppemned to me, or happened so long ago I don't remember it. The opening is so small, getting a screen in there would be a bitch, and keeping it clean would be an absolute nightmare, as dugouts get clogged easily enough WITHOUT a screen there....a screen would simply magnify that issue for me. I carry mine in a mp3 player case I had laying around the house. It fits tightly but perfectly, and you can store a couple pipe cleaners in the case to clear the clog if it gets plugged up.

    they are great toys. I'd be lost at times without mine. Its not my primary piece, but it has its niche (roadtrips, camping, fishing, etc). I'm actually on about my THIRD one as a matter of fact....one got sacrificed out a car window, one was found by my parents a decade ago.....and now I have another that I've owned for a good 5 years!

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