Duration of Intoxication--When are you safe to drive?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by saberwing00, Aug 1, 2004.

  1. saberwing00

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    I have spent a very long time scouring the internet trying to find some sort of information on this and come up with next to nothing. I know there are numerous studies out there that show that driving while under the influence of THC is not nearly as bad as alcohol, it still can impair your driving. All of my friends claim that you are fine to drive just a couple of hours after smoking. I would think that one would need at least 4 hours or so to be okay, but i don't really have any scientific evidence of how long marijuana affects someone.

    It's very easy to figure out how long you need to wait to drive after drinking...there are BAC calculators that can do an approximation calculation based on the amount of alcohol consumed, gender, and body weight...while certainly not precise, responsible people can use such calculators to make responsible decisions about whether or not to drive.

    How can the same responsible person make a decision about whether or not to drive after using marijuana? I can't seem to find any resource on the subject, and until I can find some sort of credible information I know that my friends will continue to believe that it's okay to drive say 2 hours after smoking. All of the studies I've read test driving impairment 30 minutes after smoking which of course you're still going to be impaired after half an hour.

    Yes, I have read the studies that all say that it's not as bad as having alcohol in your system, but I still think it's very important to be able to drive without a significant degree of impairment. What would be the equivalent of having a miniscule BAC (.01 or .02) for marijuana? How long after consumption would it take to go down to that? Anyone have any information on the subject? Would k9copper or niteshift like to respond? I think this is a very important issue, and I'm surprised I can't find information on it more easily.

    p.s. as a sidenote i'm not really sure where to post this, but this forum seems okay because the discussion is mostly about legal topics and this topic fits into that category in a very large way...at least insofar as when is it ethically okay to get behind the wheel.
  2. Cabs

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    A few days ago I rode my bike RIGHT after toking up, I have to say I didn't do too badlly, but I may have hit a few children I don't really remember, in any case though, I would say I was perfectlly able after about 2 hours, response was great and everything. I'm not sure this would apply to this topic, but maybe since its basically the same concept.

    Right after I toked up... when I was riding my bike, I would close my eyes and forget that I was on a bike... that can't be safe. Anyhow though I think 2 hours is enough.

    I have a friend who's brother actually tokes up while driving, and my friend says he actually dosen't drive too badlly while stoned. I wouldn't be in the car while he was driving stoned... but maybe some people are more aware when stoned then others?
  3. IceFire

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    Ok, I have been a pothead since highschool, and alot of my friends were potheads.

    Let me say this. I know ALOT of folks who drive while under the influence of cannabis. They all claim that they are perfectly safe drivers while high or stoned. I have done it several times myself.

    My conclusion after years of being in a car while stoned, or with a driver who is stoned?

    I personally feel that it is never safe to drive while intoxicated with cannabis.

    Wait until you feel completely sober.

    A few of my friends do drive well after having smoked grass. Others make blatant errors.

    While I have never made any driving or traffic errors while stoned, I never really feel at ease while behind the wheel in this condition. I am always more careful, but only because I am scared to death of making a mistake or getting in a crash.

    I find that others who do claim to drive well under the influence of cannabis only drive ok, and sometimes still make stupid errors like changing lanes at bad times. They don't even notice it sometimes.

    As a personal policy now, I will never drive while stoned or high, never be in the car with a driver who is stoned or high, and never smoke up in an automobile because eventually the driver will say something like "Hey, lets go down to Joe's house and get something to eat" or something like that and we wind up on the road.

    Driving while stoned/high or being in the car where the driver is stoned or high scares the death out of me.

    Now I always meticulously plan each outing where friends and I will be smoking up. Noone will be driving around, not while I am there. We go somewhere, smoke, hang out, enjoy the scenery(like at a lake or park or somewhere), and then leave after sobriety returns. Or we walk wherever we go.
  4. VolcomStoned

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    i drive when i'm high ALL the time. it's easy. sometimes i even think i drive BETTER when i'm high b/c i'm much more concentrated, and i notice things i wouldn't notice if i was sober. now there is that point of just being TOO high where you can't even move lol, but that only lasts for maybe 30 minutes at the most, especially if you're a regular smoker.

    if you're that worried about it, 2 hrs. is plenty of time to sober up to drive.. but i personally don't even think about stuff like that. i get high when i get high, and when i hafta drive i drive.. and i'm fine :)

    infact today i smoked a bowl in my car while driving.. i was stoned but i had no trouble getting to where i was going, and then driving home.
  5. PotHeadForever

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    Riding around cars smoking blunts is the only way me and my boys do it around here. Most of my friends can do coke and drive.

    Just depends on your body, and how high you actually get.

    I remember I quit smoking for a little while, when I got my license. First day I did it was horrible! We couldn't stop laughing, I was doing so ****ty.

    But, I mean, it's nothing anymore.
  6. muddog

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    I always toke and drive at the same time and I've never had any problems, the onlty time I have problems driving is when im drunk but I tend to try to drive that way too. But any ways I think I operate a vehicle much better when I'm stoned, so if you ask me when you toke up what about five minutes then drive its FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. cpd92574

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    i can drive fine when im blowed... definitly not drunk though.

    i think marijuana's effects are too broad, however, to safely give an amount of time for one to "come down." i mean, you could be smoking so many different kinds of bud.. and your tolerance can vary so much....

    i think that for the most part you should be able to tell if youre coordinated enough to drive or not on your own though, and to trust your judgement.
  8. taskin333

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    Hi everyone,
    You should NEVER EVER drive when you have even the least doubt that your'e still under the influence (even a bit) of weed. You may think that it's fine to drive when most of the effect is gone, when in fact you can still be confused and lack coordination, no matter how much you think your'e sober. I am a perfect driver and everyone tells me so. But once I drove 4 hours after I smoked and I got into a situation where I almost got myself and my friends killed. It's really not worth it. Smoke up and have a blast but don't drive afterwards. It is REALLY not worth the ****ing risk.
  9. Higher Logic

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    From the Senate Special Committe on Illegal Drugs:
    From "Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs":
    From "Marijuana Use & Driving" by Hindrik Robbe:
    Most studies conclude that marijuana does not impair the user, but the user themselves FEEL they are impaired so they compensate for this perceived impairment by slowing down and paying attention...

    Most effects of marijuana go away after 2 hours of smoking. You peak after 30 minutes, and at 1.5 hours it goes down further, and at 2-3 hours it's basically gone (effects).

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