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  1. nomadtw

    nomadtw New Member

    ok, what exactily is a dutchie...
    i've heard it in the song, but what is a dutchie, from all i can gather it just seems like a joint, but i've heard ppl diferenciate between a joint and a dutchie...
    what gives

    oh yeah did a search, found nothing
  2. whozgotbud?

    whozgotbud? New Member

    this sounds like a job for ..
    any jamaican could answer this definitively
    but i think you're right about the doobie
    i wish i could get the dutchie passed to me, i think my husband actually has the tape from like 15 years ago
  3. nomadtw

    nomadtw New Member

    come on someone has to know
  4. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    pass the duthcie to the left han' side

    its just a joint man. Or maybe a really fat joint? Have you seen the video? its like a bunch of little kids that sing it
  5. soupman

    soupman Guest

    Hmmmmm, over here in Australia, a Dutchie can mean something very different. Over here on the West coast of Oz, it is short for a dutch oven, which is a method of smoking out a very enclosed space so the smoke gets breathed in by everyone and you get more stoned, quicker.

    Like having a session in a car with all the windows up, or in a camping tent, so that you fill the entire area with smoke.

    It is best when there are 3 or four people smoking bongs or blunts and simulaneously blowing thier smoke out within the area, an breathing it in again, and recycling it till all he goodness is gone.

    You usually feel very light headed after this, but the high lasts for ages :)

    I'm not sure what it means in other places and I am fairly sure that this is not what is described in the song, but I hope it lends a little insight to the differences in terminology
  6. mindraver

    mindraver Sr. Member

    soupman, i have heard the oven term too here in the states when talking about an enclosed space and smoking out with a bunch of people, but not the dutchie part. :)

  7. nomadtw

    nomadtw New Member

    soupman, we always have called that a 'hotbox' regardless of what the enclosure
    althoguht it's usually a car
    the tent idea is really good tho...
  8. i believe..

    "dutchie" refers to a brand of cigars that are popular for rolling into blunts.
  9. soupman

    soupman Guest

    I just found out theat the Australian Reference comes from a Dutch Oven (like I said before in the previous post), but now I can explain it.

    Apparently a dutch oven is a type of pressure cooker, where the steam inside builds up and cooks the food.

    So the reference is used as this: everyone sitting in the enclosed space and the some builds up and "cooks" the participants :)

    Hope that explains it. But that still doesn't explain the use of it in the song......
  10. whozgotbud?

    whozgotbud? New Member

    i'd hate telling you what 'dutch oven' means in my part of the world :rolleyes:
    but what the hell
    let's just say that it has to do with body noise/smell combo and a blankie
    i think/hope you get the picture
    1st heard that way back while i was hanging with a few guys
    lucky me
    the only girl there so they feel pretty comfie demonstrating their dutch oven capabilities
  11. StonedBrad

    StonedBrad New Member

    Dutchies are cigars. They are really good for rolling blunts. I'm shocked that only one other person knew this. It's fairly widely used slang around here. :cool:
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  12. easy_rider19

    easy_rider19 Guest

    dutchie = dutch master cigar?
  13. StonedBrad

    StonedBrad New Member

    That's what it is around here. That is the only way I've heard it used in and around my area. :D
  14. onlysmokinggood

    onlysmokinggood New Member

    Well actually a "dutchie" is a cigar that has become very predominately known because of many mainstream wrappers. The actually company is Dutch master's but people call them dutchies or d's.
  15. LukeEatsAirplane

    LukeEatsAirplane New Member

    Yep, Dutchie, Dutch, Dutch master, whatever you wanna call it, it's a cigar, usually turned into a blunt, but still called a Dutchie.
  16. Phenom

    Phenom Banned

    Dutchie = Dutch Masters a cigar company that are popular for rolling blunts.
  17. Ryan 4891

    Ryan 4891 New Member

    Watch how high!! Espically the scence wit red/meth smoking wit that indian dude or whatever he was. "pass tha dutchie my friend" ahha
  18. Mr.Rager

    Mr.Rager New Member

    Dutchie is bud rolled into a Dutchmaster blunt. dutchmasters burn slower than alot of other blunts. cigarellos and all. the Game Green blunts are basically dutchmasters. they are better in my opinion cause theyre not dry as hell all the time.

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