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  1. ScienceLover

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    Gamucci E-cig is what I used. I have both Gamucci and VaporSafe Ecig's now. Run Warm water through the E-Cig Cartridge to run out all of the Nicotine oil left over.. Make Hash oil, and add Just a little water to it. Get an empty Eye drop bottle and clean it out. Add the Hash oil to the eye dropper, and Use 1-2 drops into the E-cig Cartridge filter.. I added water to mine because it seems to Clog my E-cig a little. Plus the first time I tried it, It sent me way over my limit. I have also Made Marijuana Butter and oil for Cookies once. I used leftover Olive Oil in the Vaporizer.. Don't try that, I got sick LOL. I love to experiment..
    *no Homo*
  2. FHAQ

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    you can do it

    I have thought about it for a while and in the end I found how to do it and finally went and tried. what I found is weed oil will work well but a weed ticture is best and mixed into a glycol solution like the e-juices.
    When i tried vape it in a typical e-cig results were somewhat mixed but i then started using it in a e-cig type device called a bombshell at looks more like a hooka mouthpiece than a e-cig same purpose to use for e-cig type product like flavored nicotine. but it produces much more vapor and i just add a few drops in it to start i found a thc tincture works extreamly well with this method when i put 4 drops in the bombshell i get about 7-9 good vape hits with it and no smell or alot of taste but geat on the head.i would say so far i havent perfected the distilation so is slightly weaker than normal vaping with say a volcano or similar device. but still extreamly effective..
    what i found was though it took more work to make the tincture i now have a hand held vape that looks better than 99% of the ones out there for herb smoking yet still get same result.

    as a side note what i found was when i made thc oil it created more residue on the atomizer than it has with the tincure.

    have been using it this way for at least a month with no degradeing of the bombshell atomizer.
  3. Adventuresoflee

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    I know a few people into the E-cig, and to be honest, i feel you would be better buying a iolite vaporizer, i recieved it a month ago and it has changed the way i smoke, a pinch of green that id put in a joint goes into the heating chamber and lasts for about 30-40 minutes by what ive tested, they say it will be done in about 15 but ive found this not to be the case, me and my friends usually have a poker night on saturdays and last week we had very little green, normaly we all roll up and there is just a abundance of joints floating around, we play for 4 hours or so, chat, smoke and play, we only had like 1.5g of nice green last week and i brought the vape round and we just used that, 6 of us got so baked the game was called off so we could just sit and talk about everything from secret societys to hollow earth theory to the magnetic universe, was a very good night and i felt like hannibal from A-team sitting back watching this unfold, but you can use this device for tobbaco too very good product in my opinion and has the flexability the E-cig does not.

    Hope this helps :cool:
  4. mikeysk8345

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    I do it all the time with a map tank (google it). You just need to put a tiny piece of tin foil on the heating element and then put the herb on that and close it up.

    an e-cig isn't that complicated. It's simply a battery that connects to a heating coil. The heating coil gets hot enough to burn paper.

    It is possible to put the herb directly onto the heating coil, but it fuses to it and is incredibley hard to get off. It also sometimes "pops" the heating coil. Cartomizers are supposed to be "disposable" and are very cheap.
  5. crazycowboy12

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    So, i bought a special e-cig.. it is an e-cig and the cartridge i bought it with has no nicotine but has an odd smell to it... once i got it started wondering if i could get high with it? Is this possible... my e-cig brand is "MODERN" the cartridges screw in unlike some other brands and idk if I can even get those special cartridges that you can refill with droplets...all of my research had led to how to make hash oil and then no one explains how it can work with the e-cig. I need help!
  6. Le0n

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    If your Catomizer/Atomizer is refillable then you have no problems. The only minor issue is finding a substance to put in there.

    Now I have heard that THC is soluble in PG (Propylene Glycol) - so if you can find a recipie then go for it. It may involve you steping Cannabis in PG (Propylene Glycol) for a certain duration.

    The Brand I have by the way is the eGo-T and I use Nicotine in them to stop smoking. Now I'm on 100% Vapor. No bongs, no smokes.

    Good luck :)
  7. bilklb

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    I only smoke e-liquid with nicotine with mine. It help me quite smoking, and I have been using mine for about 2 years. A friend asked me about info relating to this site, so I checked it out.

    I saw your question about cleaning an atomizer, and wanted to respond. You can clean the atomizers by soaking them in alcohol overnight, rinsing them with water, blowing on them to remove as much water as possible, and then standing them upright (on a napkin or something) so that any remaining water drains out.

    The cheap e cigs you can get for 40 bucks are not worth it, I wasted money on them when I first got started. I ultimately found puresmoker dot com. I purchased a v3, which costs about 120 bucks. The e liquid costs me about 30 bucks a month.

    Hope that helps.
  8. 5drive

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    What you get for X amount, depends on how much stuff you get in the 'kit', so "cheap e cigs" and $40 doesn't really say much.

    However, you do NOT need to pay $100+ for something like the v3 to get quality. The cheaper kits (like the 510 model sold on the puresmoker site) are good quality and many people have been satisfied with them. I've bought the 2 pc. Vapor King brand for family and friends and everyone has been quite satisfied.

    This forum is not for discussion of e-cigs as far as the traditional use though (nicotine delivery). E-Cigarette Forum is the best place for that. e-cig discussion here should be limited to THC delivery only.
  9. Le0n

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    I purchased my eGo-T 510 for $25 with 4 Boge Cartomizers for $25. The eGo-T 510 is a strong battery - and it also matters which catomizer/atomizer you use. Some have different powers, numerous coils etc.

    I am smoking my e-cig right now, and I reccomend it. You can purchase the unit form anywhere, and you can get flavoured e-juice from a website called freedomsmokeusa.com.

    I purchased from them a 100 PG mix, and tried to steep Cannabis in there for use in the e-cig. It did not work - I may have done something wrong. Aparently THC disolves in PG, so most likely I had done something wrong.

    5Drive; you are correct in saying the price depends on the contents of the kit. You are under no obligation to purchase a kit. All you really need is a charger, cartomizer and battery unit. E-juices can be purchased with nicotine in an array of different flavours, and it very cheap.
  10. cripskillz

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    Ok so after some testing I have found the best are the smoke tech 1.5 ohm dual coil 510 xl cartomizers,, get em for like 10$ for 5 ,, 1 time use then throw it out,, lasts a while depending on how much you puff,, i been fuked up just from testing the new cart 10 pufs im jacked,, ill be testing how many good puffs i get but others claimed 300- 400 i dont think so but never kno,,

    3 grams BHO, the heat from the carto seems to be enuf to liquify the oil and the carts have 2 coils,, so this makes lil more than enuf to completely fill 2 carts, I use a syringe to inject it down in bottom and let it flo up to fill.. and pre heat carts to help flow also..

    any how its really easy.. and you can hook it to a cig style battery for xtra covertness,, but i like big battery mod.. lol puff away in public , it smells like bho but you know that dont smell like weed...:chilling:

    not sure if this is the same thing they are sellin at the club but hell of lot cheaper than a 35 - 40 $ cart.. but if its the same than good deal..,, Im waiting to get hold of one next week to dissect,, need to see how they make their juice,, if its pure oil like this then nice,, gotta be a super refined way to go also but I havnt figured that out yet,,

    As of now I got the omnicron and this is exactly same style and seems to be same fill just hash oil.. ,, so save and do it your self..

    Firin it up - YouTube






  11. Le0n

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    What was that thing you were holding with the tweezers?
  12. cripskillz

    cripskillz New Member

    you mean the 3 gram dab? lol , so best mix yet, i mixed 7 drops of capella flavor drops strawberrys n cream to 1.5 g bho,, and it is tasty and the flavor is pg n alcohol based and mixed in nicely,, i can only imaging other flavors would do the same.. .
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    I have successfully waited the 2 months

    it is terribly hard to wait for the stuff to cook, but placing 1g bud with the better part of a .25 oz of glycerine, hang it in front of your desktop exhaust fan for 2 months shaking daily renders e-juice beyond compare. 1 part glycerine tincture 1 part flavor 3 parts deionized water, put 10 drops of that in a blank cartomizer and you better bring friends, to carry you out.:hail:
  14. michelemishellie

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    electronic smoking devices used for marijuana

    It is purchased in a liquid form and then just put into the inside of the device,,,,simple.
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  15. Le0n

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    Oh so very simple...

    I am using one right now actually, and enjoying it - but it's no tobacco smoke, no sir.

    I really have to try getting some Cannabis oil in there or something.

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