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  1. MeatBucket

    MeatBucket New Member

    So there are these semi-new things called e-cigarettes. Basically it's an electronic cigarette looking thing. You attach these little cartridges filled with water, nicotine, and flavoring, and you smoke flavored nicotine vapor.

    They can be found on several sites such as:
    e-Smokey Treats - Welcome

    I'm wondering if anyone has heard of or tried this idea I thought of (considering I'm most likely not the only one who has thought of it):

    1 - You extract the THC from your bud (making liquid THC) using methods such as :
    THC extraction from Marijuana

    2 - You take an empty (or perhaps partially filled for flavor) cartridge and refill it with your THC liquid.

    3 - Smoke the vapor.

    This would be a very interesting way to smoke, considering:

    - It's Odorless/Smokeless
    - (won't stick to clothing, hair, car interior, etc.)
    - (won't have the red-eye side effect)
    - (others won't even be able to tell you're doing it / StealthSmoke)

    - It's far less damaging on your lungs/teeth

    - No lighter required

    - Extremely portable

    - Can expirement with mixing e-cig flavors with it

    - Looks B.A.
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    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    I have indeed seen these, really neat. As for using MJ with them, Im not sure if its possible to fill those cartridges with it...
  3. MeatBucket

    MeatBucket New Member

    Well, you're not really smoking 'weed'. You're smoking liquified/exteracted THC. I've read posts on e-cig forums about people "Homebrewing" their own liquids to put in these. Also you can buy Liquids to refill your cartridges that come in little eyedropper looking bottles.

    I'm just saying, If this worked... it would be very cool and convinient.
  4. SmokeyMcPott

    SmokeyMcPott **********

    It would depend on the difference between temperatures needed to vaporize nicotine and thc, which I'm guessing are close.

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    Ahhh, I see, making an extract from the THC, very interesting. I dont think MJ and tobacco combustion temps are that close, so some tweaking on the cig temp might be necessary.
  6. MeatBucket

    MeatBucket New Member

    Hmm.. Interesting science project, though. =)
  7. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    Would Hash oil work?:confused:
    I've never thought of hacking one of those things, although they do remind me a little bit of vapes.
  8. MeatBucket

    MeatBucket New Member

    Well I'm thinking/hoping it's different since they will both be in a liquid state.. Also E-cigs do not use tobacco.. It's a nicotine/flavoring solution. \

    @ dirtbomb:

    Sorry I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to weed lingo.., but isn't hash oil the final product of the method I mentioned in the first post?

    I just recently got an e-cig(puffin it now. I highly reccomend this to cigarette smokers. Such a better/healthier alternative. I love mine). When I get a chance I'm going to have this tested out.

    Basically, you'll get the final product of the THC extraction method into an eyedropper, pop the cartridge off, and drop some of your THC juice into the open end of the cartridge (This, btw, is the same method that you can add certain types of flavoring to your non-flavored cartridges).

    If this works, I'm dubbing it "The e-joint". As far as I know (through many google searches) no one has even tried this yet, but it has been talked about. Most of the methods I have seen talked about, though, obviosly won't work (i.e. stuffin weed in the cartridge).
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  9. MeatBucket

    MeatBucket New Member

    It works! Proven and effective. =D
    Thanks to e-Smokey Treats - Welcome for making such a great product.

    There are SOME modifications to the Extraction method, however.

    In the test:

    - 70% rubbing alcohol was used instead of everclear

    - Coffee filters were used instead of the cloth/teeshirt material to filter the liquid

    - Water was added to the final product to make it easier to vaporize in the atomizer.

    Other methods are going to be tested (i.e. higher/percentages of alcohol, and acetone as the solute. Also, how much water that is added to the final product should be looked at.)

    Feel free to test your own solutions and methods that you try and post them here.

    Have fun Enjoying your "E-joint" compliments of MeatBucket

    Thanks again to E-Smokey Treats!


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  10. beezleb878

    beezleb878 Sr. Member

    I think a knowledgeable nose could smell it Good idea but I wouldnt get cocky with it, keep its use out of high traffic areas and would likely be real good.

    Useful for me maybe on special occasions or the like.
  11. ADIDAS

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    It worked eh? What kind of extraction did you use for the weed? Got any pics of your makeshift cartridge?
  12. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    It's got all the other constituents found in Pot. It's in a liquid form, though.
    Sounded closest to something that could work. :)
    Since you got it rocking, yourself, it's kind of useless info now. Oh well.
    Could you "youtube" the process? This would make for a killer video.
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  13. ecigarette

    ecigarette New Member

    I am doing thc oil right now, but I wonder where I could buy thc cartridges? In Holland people must have these :)

    Really dogs can't smell this thc oil?

    Right now I am making THC oil for my Janty e-cig. But where could I buy these thc cartridges? In Holland they have to have these :)

    This oil is really working in my Janty e-cigarette :)
    But it feels a bit different when you smoke regular weed... I can't describe but it is a bit different.
  14. DylanGrow

    DylanGrow New Member

    How do you know if it works? I made my liquid using 91% Isopropyl. I got enough from one gram of regular bud that I made about 25-50 hits in my e-cig. I get smoke but I don't necessarily know what I'm getting haha. Please elaborate on how your injecting the THC into the cartridge. What it feels like when your hitting it (any tastes, how it's different from an e-cig hit)?
  15. gcstone787

    gcstone787 New Member


    is this working? i have an ecig on the way and would love to know more about this
  16. DylanGrow

    DylanGrow New Member

    Gcstone787 yes it does work.
  17. camcam369

    camcam369 New Member

    Thank you for testing this out, but I have a few questions before I make one for myself. When you're smoking this device, can you still smell the vapor or is it scentless? Also, do you still feel the high as well as if you smoked out of a more traditional device?
  18. Snoe

    Snoe New Member

    I just sprinkled some ground up bud in mine.

    Kinda worked but not in a way I would ever use to smoke. Just burned the bud and created a small gasp of smoke.
  19. LightningFreakGurl

    LightningFreakGurl New Member

    Thanks for your info on this, meat! My question is how much herb would it take to make some good powerful extract, (I'm stuck smokin ol' reggie bush cuz I can't really afford High Quality bud), how long would it last? I'm so glad you tried this and it worked though. what kind of temps do those things get to? Im waiting on my e-puffer to come out of canada(hopefully it'll be here tomorrow) my other problem is, in the house I live in now, there's no vent fan for my stove, are there any other really good extraction methods I could try? I'll be moving to a new house in about a month or so, so that will no longer be an issue. I will be taking care of my 81-yr-old mother-in-law, who'll be living in the in-law suite of my new house, and I may not always be able to run upstairs to hit my noble vapor vp600, so i'm glad that this worked for you. any info u can give me at all other than what you've already supplied will be much helpful!
  20. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    does this really work? I want someone here on these forums to try it.

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