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    I'm gonna revive this thread with a little bit of information.

    Doing a little bit of searching, I was able to find the ingredients behind the vapor.

    Full list of ingredients below for your chemists...

    However, they use propylene glycol (PG) as the solvent in their nicotine solution. THC is a non-polar molecule, requiring a non-polar solvent (like ethanol, hexan, toluene, xylene). PG is a polar solvent.

    "Like dissolves like."
    Non-polar = Even
    Polar = Uneven

    So unless e-cigs work with non-polar solvents, I don't think this would work.
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    I'm pretty sure they do work with non-polar solvents
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    This is not a very good method

    I was asked by a friend to look into this concept, as I have been using e-cigs for a while, and don't mind spending time to answer an important question.

    First, THC seems to be somewhat soluble in propeline glycol (sp? lisdexics untie). It is NOT soluble in veggie glycerine.

    With a standard e-cig, that is a 3.7 volt unit, the THC doesn't vaporize very well at all. All in all, it just wasn't a very effective way to puff. I did not concentrate the THC first, I soaked the test sample for 2 days in pure PG.
    The sample was keiff, so not much solids, and there was very clear absorbtion of the crystals.

    When using a current (filled) cartridge, it seemed to work fairly well. The real answer came from using a blank cartridge and a clean atomizer, which was not very effective. There was not much vapor, and signs of accumulation on the atomizer. The THC simply wasn't going aerosol much. There was some effect, but to get vapor, you have to dilute the THC pretty far, which kinda defeats the purpose.

    The taste reminds me of a magic brownie.

    You might get better results from a "high voltage" atomizer, but you need to understand, these are a hobbist item, there are no commercial units with safety features, and more than a few instances where the 6v units have exploded. Do NOT start using a 6v unit without understanding the risks of using them. Lithium ion batteries are no joke, and they are more than a little touchy. That being said, there are quite a few people who like the extra punch of the 6 volt mods. I won't use one because of the safety problems, and for my use, the 3.7 volt units are just fine.

    In my opinion, trying to use an e-cig for THC isn't worth the hassle. It can be done with some success, but loading a vaporizer or a bowl is just way easier. I do like the e-cigs very much for nicotine, but I don't think THC is practicle to use. It was interesting to play with though, and it did give an interesting flavor to the e-liquid.
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    Im going to revive this thread again.
    Im not sure I agree with the above statement. I would like to know if anyone knows if the consistency of a liquid THC is thicker or thinner then that of liquid nicotine? If I was not sinking all of my money at present into getting an ecig company going, I would have tried this by now. My thinking is that the recipe just needs to be tweaked. The supplies for making your own eliquids for the ecig are readily available as shown here Since I can not verify that the THC is exctracted by Propelyene Glycol as discribed in the method above, I will assume it does not work well. I would suggest going with the methods posted in the begining of this thread. Then the question becomes what the right mixture of ecig chemicals to liquid THC will be. The info and instructions provided on the Totally Wicked link should give us a good starting place for figuring it out.
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    Dude Whoa, thats an awesome Idea... Pure extracted THC like that would be super potent to. Youd take one good hit and youd be fried wouldnt you?
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    I have one of those Xhale E-hookah/cig I got from 7-11 for under 20 bucks, and the stuff they use is a soft almost goo-ish material. How can I use hash oil/liquid to work with this model, as it looks like it may drip out or something? Is it even possible?
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    Wow dude that's the exact same idea i had. If that works it would be perfect and we no longer have to worry about smell or getting caught.
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    Dude I had the same exact idea I hope it works. Then we don't have to worry about getting caught anymore :D
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    It seems as though you did not look at the cartridge in your Xhale very close. I am not trying to put you down or anything, its just thats not what they are made of. The cartridges for ecigs contain a small amount of stuffing, that is used to suspend the liquid through surface tension. The liquid itself is not goo-ish, it has a consistency that is much closer to an oil.
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    What stores in SoCal carry the vapor rush, so I can get the hookah flavor and mix it with my own type of thc.
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    I too have been curious on how to make my own THC solution for such a perfect and practical product such as a screw driver type PV .... ive been reasearching it for a few weeks now and i've found many posts and "how to's" on how to go about making a mixture so far a few sound promising

    Food grade vegetable glycrine mixture and the mixture with rubbing alcohol you previously mentioned above, seem too be the easiest and most noteable processes. A break down of my "experiment" is as follows.

    = .25 oz of regular herb shake
    = nough rubbing alcohol to cover grounded(almost to a powder)herb by a 1/4 inch
    = im going allow the mixture to sit for a few hours and repeat the process to maxmize my potency. Once filtered and evaporated im going to attempt to add a small amount of water( enough to keep the mixtrure in a liquid) and simply pour it into 18mg nicotine mixture with 80% VG and 20% PG already made by a e-cig company. i'll let you know the results.... im hoping it's easier and cleaner .... btw how's it coming??
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    Inhaling Rubbing Alcohol?

    Wel I haven't really researched this and I don't know too much about mixing chemicals.

    Its safe to inhale a solution that uses rubbing alcohol to breakdown the THC?

    I can't see even in a small form of that being healthy for you.

    A short answer would suffice because maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about but definitely interested in this because smoking is horrible for everyone. Need a different and more healthier solution! ;]

    Trying to keep the post going because I think this is a great substitute if a proper way of making the cartridges is available.



    It's supposed to simulate smoking for smokers so they don't have to use the chemicals in real cigs. It's actually a great idea because your only inhaling water vapor; so its not bad for your body or the environment.
  15. OnceAgain420

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    I understand that their are a whole lot of chemicals in tobacco which I don't smoke cigarettes anyways.

    But soaking your bud in rubbing alcohol and then inhaling it?

    So with further reading I have discovered that the Rubbing Alcohol will naturally evaporate if let sit out in the open air but still doesn't it leave some behind a residue that is dissolved into the THC?

    I will keep researching more but I found out that is how hash oil is made by being dissolved in rubbing alcohol.

    Thanks for the reply!
  16. Le0n

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    well you are actually supposed to let the alchohol evaporate BEFORE you use the solution. however this reffers to a different kind of hash that probably wont be suitable for use inside the ecig chamber
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    So, which is better to use for the e-cig rubbing/grain alcohol or glycerin(PG)?
  18. Bud Is good

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    I just ordered these cigs on sunday, they should be here tomarrow(friday)..DO you really think the alchohol extraction would work to refil your cartriges with"weed"?
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    ok no you can not use any sort of alcohol to extract this stuff ok first of all what is in a e smoke filter is water nicotine glycerin and flavoring. so but you can extract THC using glycerin so if you use half a ounce you would use 1 cup of glycerin. and put it in a dark spot in a glass air tight jar for 2 months and stir it like every 2 days i know but THC drops are worth the ware anywise but use cheese cloth or a coffee filter to extract it into a tinted glass jar or a dark plastic ( ok when your extracting this stuff remember to wear gloves cause it can stoke into your skin and get you Reilly baked. i am making some now so i will tell you how it goes
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    well thats not actully true if you read the WARNINGS on these so called safe lung dartz you may change your mind :eek: they have thier own issuses, now in fairness im not a cig smoker. and of course they arnt going to tell you of any hazzards till they get your 29.95 plus shipping and wait to buy the refills i guess they get costly.

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