E-Joint (The whole process)

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  1. Retardedape

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    Ever since I heard of those new E-cigarettes I thought there would be some way to smoke THC out of it, alas someone found a way. But the thread I went to didn't explain the whole process, which I'm sure many of us want since these mini vaporizers would be pretty stealthy and badass :bananaride:

    I'm not completely sure how the process works, but I know it requires THC extraction using alcohol... If anyone knows how to create the solution, please tell me and I will edit this original post to include a tutorial to help people who also want to enjoy their own E-Joint.

    If I'm wrong please correct me but I guess the process goes as follows.

    Step 1

    Obtain a medium sized mason jar with a wide mouth, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, a 1 cup or more measuring cup, a pack of coffee filters, an empty eye drop bottle, an ELECTRIC STOVE, and of course your favorite strain of bud (any quantity)

    once you have all those things, chop the pot up and place it into the mason jar. Then fill the mason jar with alcohol until the bud can float freely, cover the jar and shake it a couple times, then place it in a dark and cool place for 2 hours, shaking it every once in awhile. Then carefully strain the weed into the measuring cup using the coffee filters as a strainer, make sure you squeeze all the liquid out (careful not to break the filter). Repeat the first step if you want to extract the most THC. (use the same pot you strained unless you think you didn't use enough in the first place)

    Step 2

    The liquid in the measuring cup should be green or slightly purple if you used purple bud. Pour the liquid in the measuring cup into a pot and place it on an ELECTRIC BURNER on the LOW setting. Use the fan above your stove to remove the alcohol vapors. Keep your eyes on the liquid, it should be slightly boiling, keep it this way and don't raise the heat past the low setting. Take your time and heat the liquid until it is kinda thick.

    Once the liquid is at a consistency that is easy to work with, remove it from the heat. If you screwed up (no big deal, shit happens) and it is too thick, pour a little more of the alcohol in and stir until it is thinner. Cool it to room temperature, when it is cool it should be slightly runny and easy to pour into the eye dropper bottle. Then you should have your THC oil!

    Step 3

    (This is where my trail runs cold) Now I think you have to add water to the THC Oil in order to make it easy for the E-cig to vaporize. The amount of water added may vary with thickness, If your solution seems too thick or unable to vaporize then add more water, but be careful with the amount you add. Then simply add the liquid to an empty e-cig cartridge. BAM! If I was correct then you now have your own E-Joint! Remember to puff puff and then pass! If I screwed up the process in any way, then please inform me on what I did wrong because I intend on trying this once I get the money for an E-cig.
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  2. coldmack

    coldmack New Member

    Do you know if this will work with either the e-hookah or e-cig from xhale?
  3. Danklord

    Danklord New Member

    Dont waste THC

    Im sure this works but just some constructive criticism dont use a coffee filter that will also filter out some of the THC but if u use a metal filter it will give u maximum bang for your bud.

    Anyways nice thread and hope u dont take offence to this.

    I smoke two joints and then i smoke two more.

  4. Sniperblackout

    Sniperblackout New Member

    Just on a little reading it sounds like they are making Hash Oil. Of course you could use that through an e-cig...
  5. MrG13

    MrG13 New Member

    Not trying to sound like a complete jackass, isn't the optimal temp for vapes pretty up there? I think that the oil used for the e cigs normally dont reach the correct temp to turn the thc into a gas
  6. Sniperblackout

    Sniperblackout New Member

    Vapes are at a lesser temperature than combustion... I'm thinking it should work just fine.
  7. MrG13

    MrG13 New Member

    You are misunderstanding the whole process. here's a post I found on grasscity.com by ismokeplentybud:
    Re: do E-cigarettes or electronic cigs work for bud?
    No.... The substance used in electronic cigarettes in conjunction with the liquid nic is propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. I know this because i used to, and still do here and there make my own E-Liquid Both of those substances create vapors and vaporize at low temps. THC is usually in oil form which would need a much higher temp to be vaped anyway
  8. tenajtimmad

    tenajtimmad Active Member

    doesnt seem like it would be worth it even if it did work.
  9. MrG13

    MrG13 New Member

    if it was a e cig that was hot enough for real oil, it would be mind blowing. The thing is people smoke that out of crack pipes. I. E really m f ing hot
  10. GetBusyLiving

    GetBusyLiving New Member

    I use hash oil in my ecig, just put a drop of oil right on the filter then put 3-5 more drops of ecig juice on the filter with another couple directly on the atomizer. Get's me high as all hell. You can use it anywhere and nobody has the slightest idea that you are getting baked.

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