Ear problems.....Marijuana the cause?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by jahjahcity, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. jahjahcity

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    Well for around a year now ever since i started smoking weed i've been having ear problems.......Like it seems like my ears are plugged so i thought it was wax........to my suprise when i went to an ear specialist he said that my ears were clean and they gave me some medication that didnt work and then gave me another set of pills that didnt work.....He said that the problem was this tube that everyone has in their ears that is like connected to your nose......Air wasnt going through mines normally.....I often wondered if weed was the cause if this seeing i hadn't had any ear problems prior to smoking.......Since the pills didnt work the doctor said i would need to be put to sleep and their going to put tubes in my ears to open then up so the air can get through.......and its gonna take alot of getting used to........It's something i really don't want to do.........Anyone have any opinions on this?.....would be appreciated thanx :cool:
  2. hauptmann

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    No, I don't think this has anything to do with marijuana. Unless you're sticking joints in your ears. But why not just stop and see if it goes away. The only possibility I could think of is maybe the smoke could cause some irriation in your nose causing some inflamation. But I highly doubt it. Stop toking and find out for yourself. I would not want to be high and deaf that would be some kind of horrible torture.
  3. Buzzby

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    A lot of young kids go through the operation you describe. It's done when they have repeating ear infections. The problem is the built-in tubes have been swollen shut permanently by allergy or infection. Then your ears don't drain back to your throat and make a perfect incubator for all kinds of microbes.

    This might have started as an allergic reaction to marijuana or something else. It might have started as an ear infection. If you quit smoking for a while and it goes away you'll know that it's an allergy. If the scarring is too bad the condition is permanent without surgery.

    It sounds like your doctor has decided that the condition is permanent since you didn't respond to the meds.
  4. mindless

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    Well, weed or its ingradients are not in connection with this disorder you have. And yes, you'll need to do this harmless kind of operation. No worries it's nothing special.
  5. Driver1

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    Smokers are more likely than nonsmokers to have middle ear problems that are severe enough to require surgery, and the results of the surgery aren't as good in smokers as they are in nonsmokers.

    One person's smoking can also cause problems in another person's ears.
    It's not the weed its the fact that you're smoking it.

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