Easiest way to heat substituted urine, but effective?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Schwagged OUT!, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. Schwagged OUT!

    Schwagged OUT! New Member

    If u are using the sub. method, but the piss isnt quite warm enough at the time u are in the restroom providing the sample, so u use a lighter to try to heat it up, wouldnt that make the temperature straight? I just thought about this because it's so easy to sneak in bottles or bags of clean piss in ur underwear, but the temperature is what I've been worried about, but this just came to my mind, maybe with practice/buying temperature strips/thermometers it could help you prepare better...I'm not too sure. any thoughts on if this could possibly work or how it should be done if so?
  2. Darque Pervert

    Darque Pervert Jive Honkey

    Hand warmers

    If you keep the substitute sample in your crotch (not your pocket), it will rise to the ambient temperature of your crotch, whcich should be high enough for the lab.
  3. Schwagged OUT!

    Schwagged OUT! New Member

    Thanks for the answer. but what kind of bag or container would you prefer to use? and also do you know if the p.o. checks the temperature before he puts the sample in the bag, or is that not possible until it is sent to the labs? (it does have a temperature strip on the side, but im not really sure how that works)
  4. Prong_67

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    What I did in my testing to see what works best for me is:

    Use a Purell hand sanitizer botlle as the "holding & transport" bottle
    Before I put it in the bottle, I submerged it in 110 degree tap water for about a minute
    Put the bottle in the taint
    Held temp at around 97.1 for an hour

    You have to practice n yourself, to see what works best

    As Always..........

    Good Luck
  5. bakerr14

    bakerr14 New Member

    I went through my test today and i'll tell you what worked for me. I used a Purell hand sanitizer bottle with the wrappers taken off (Front and Back). It was a 2oz. bottle that was filled to the brim with subbed pee. My test was at 1 and I received the subbed pee at about 12:30. I had the person subbing for me, pee in a recepticle that I then took, within 1 minute of doing so and transferred it into my purell container. I then wore two pairs of "tighty whities" and placed the purell bottle in the taint. I left the house @ 12:40 and got to the testing facility @ 12:47. They took me in @ 12:50. I had three temp strips placed on the purell bottle to make sure that if one failed I had backups. The temp read about 96 when i did the replacement. I stood in the room with the woman while she handled the test. It was a TesTCup test kit. The temp she recored on the paper that went to my employer was 94 F. Everything checked off negative for all drugs checked and I was on my way within 5 minutes. All I can say is that I practiced this about 20 times before I went through with the actual test. Practice makes perfect. I was more nervous than needed to be. Thanks very much to this sight for giving me the confidence to make this happen.
  6. Prong_67

    Prong_67 New Member

    Fucken A .......Man


    Another Little Victory

    But its a BIG Victory for YOU
  7. bakerr14

    bakerr14 New Member

    I appreciate it. I have been freaking out over the past week knowing I had to do this. Went off without a hitch, but I did not receive paperwork from the tester stating I had completed the test. I should be ok, but it concerned me some...
  8. stoner28

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    you could also try a hand warmer that they sell at walmart, walgreens, sporting good stores, etc.. that people use in their boots while skiing or in their gloves. they are the instant type like the patches people use for pain. they work well and are actually sold with the synthetic stuff. practice makes perfect. good luck
  9. shabass

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    I don't think the lighter is a good idea. possible soot or melting of plastic could give it away not to mention most lighters are a bit noisy. I have only been practicing subbing haven't actually had to do it yet (chance of testing? 100% when? who knows but I won't be unprepared again.) It takes about 5 minutes to heat up sample to 100 degree's with the defroster in my truck. then crotch it just like a sack and stays between 95 and 94 for the rest of the day.

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