easter vs. 4/20

Discussion in 'Religion' started by PhreshwaterPhunk, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. PhreshwaterPhunk

    PhreshwaterPhunk Mister Natural

    YAargh! anyone else's parents strict christians? and when easter rolls around on april 20th... :eek: . i gotta stay with my parents all day and ****... lets see, ill go to church stoned, go easter egg huntin stoned (hafta find yer munchies!). and then maybe i can chill with sum friends in the afternoon. :D
  2. lol @ going 2 church stoned.

    im not religious at all but atleast have enough respect 4 ya parents not 2 go stoned 2 church.
  3. IggyPop

    IggyPop New Member

    heh. fvck easter. i am giving my friend an easter egg with a few of my quality buds in it, and he is doing the same for me. whooooooo 4/20 rocks.
  4. weedzinger

    weedzinger Seasoned Activist

    Im planning on some intensiv halluzinations. No sleep, 3 different parties each night. You think 4/20's just a day, no way. Ohhhhh. Theres candy too. Constant supply too. Lots of haschisch ehhhhh.
  5. Haha, yeah, my g/f. She's like "it's a sacred day!! You can't smoke!!"

    I will be stoned as long as I have weed.
  6. beats

    beats New Member

    Ya, I have to go to my grandparents house.

    I'm going there sober though. I respect my oma. Also it'd be pretty hard to find those eggs.
  7. Red Eyed Tiger

    Red Eyed Tiger New Member

    My mom is like that to. I'm old enough now though I can make my own choice. LOL. I plan being ripped all day long.
  8. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    Luckily, my parents have the same views of religion that I do (well, maybe not quite as extreme...)

    Religion is a scam. It's used by those in power to blackmail people into acting how the establishment wants them to act. Can't think of a logical reason to tell people that homoesexuality, premarital sex and women's rights are wrong? Well, than just tell them that they're going to hell if they don't follow your rules. Churches just spiritually blackmail people into acting how the church wants them to act, and being who the church wants them to be.

    Besides the control aspect, people so blinded by 'faith' try and spread their affliction. They harrass and kill others who don't share their misguided views. Most wars and mass killings can be traced back to religious differences.

    So throw off the chains that religion has put on you. Learn to develop your own moral compass, instead of being guided by a bunch of 2000 year old men that never had fun in their lives.

    And I'm not celebrationg easter, if you couldn't have guessed. I plan on finding a nice church, and getting ripped right infront of it.
  9. Dylan Smoker

    Dylan Smoker New Member

    hahaha :laugh:

    What if you went on an easter egg hunt, but instead of candy, it was bud in the easter eggs. HAHAHA
  10. beats

    beats New Member

    Some religions kill people. Don't brand all of them of doing that. :)

    Which 2000 year old men never have fun?

    Personally, I believe in christianity. And seriosly, don't start saying religions run about saying other religions are wrong, when you just said that they are wrong, and he should develop his own moral compass (which is good by itself) when that is also a lifestyle you are pushing.

    I'm not trying to sound angry, or anything. I find holes in ideas. I'm not saying your wrong or nothing. I just do that. Bad habit.
  11. handen

    handen New Member

    Celebrate 420 or Easter Vacation?

    If you had the option to either-

    A) Stay in your home town and get baked with a bunch of friends, then procede to do some wacky shiat - like play baseball with a wood bat and golf balls etc. You know everyone and know you'll have a good time.


    B) Go on a 2 day easter vacation to a city 2 hours away that you've been to a zillion times. Have easter dinner with about 15 people you've never met before, and sleep in a house with about 10 kids aged 4-14 raising hell at any opportunity. No weed WHATSOEVER on this trip.

    -Which would you pick.

    Right now im jonezin for A, but I already said I'd do B. I was out of my mind yesterday when the option for A came up and i need some opinions. thanx :p
  12. What kind of choice is this?

    A, of course.
  13. ZeroCulture

    ZeroCulture New Member

    yah ... man you should have made a poll ... it would have been nicely one sided .... lol ... Heck since you're going on B ... I'd say sneak a join in before the dinner on easter. Man would that be a meal to enjoy with the munchies.
  14. 4:20, 4/20...gettimg ****ing ripped per usual...i dunno where i'll be but high.
  15. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    I think you're a little too dull to poke a hole in anything, sorry. Your arguement makes no sense at all. So suggesting thinking for yourself is doing the same thing that religion does? No, sorry, it isn't. In fact, thinking for yourself is the polar opposite of religion.
  16. brd

    brd New Member

    daaamn. thats some harsh words.

    100th post!:)
  17. deadman420

    deadman420 New Member

    If you had a choice, it wouldn't be much of a choice...A, of course! But since you've already agreed to B, looks like that's what you're gonna have to do. Stay strong, brutha.
  18. beats

    beats New Member

    Too dull? What the ****?

    Thinking for yourself is good, but it is still a certain type of lifestyle, in a very broad sense, it is a religion. Your are telling him to believe in your "religion" when you said he should think for himself. It's really just an oxymoron dumbass.

    I think stuff through way too much, or not enough.
  19. Larmer

    Larmer Seasoned Activist

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  20. Conine

    Conine Seasoned Activist

    Ha, well I'll jump in I guess... from the doing 'Easter' point of view.

    I won't be celebrating 4/20 in the respects that I did last year (Wake and Bake and smoke all day) because I'm meeting up with some out of town friends for some festivities under the guise of Easter. In other words, they're pretty much using Easter as an excuse to throw a party. It'll be more of a food and beer party rather than a buds and bongs party.

    That said, I pretty much celebrated the spirit of 4/20 already this week... there was a day where I just didn't have jack to do, had some friends come over... don't remember all the details but what would you expect?

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