eat weed to smuggle?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by funyhaha, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Kushy

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    This is not a domestic flight dude. That's horrible advice. If you get on an international flight with an 1/8 in your pocket I can guarantee you will get 100% caught.
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  2. kronik

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    thats true. true true, forgot to mention that. maybe you should scope it out a day early if its near you or something man? i dont know. i personally wouldnt risk it ANYWAY, but yeah. and also honestly i cant smell weed like if its in a sealed bag unless its like DANK dank dank ass weed anyway, and if it is i put it in like 3 or 4 bags and it should mostly go away. but dogs would obviously still be able to smell it because thats what theyre trained to do. i wouldnt do it though man, you can always find weed.
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  3. fiveten

    fiveten New Member

    I've flown internationally on three occasions and within the U.S. at least 10 times. I could have had a sack of weed in my pockets on every single flight and I would never have gotten caught. Also I've never been checked after a flight lands, you just leave and get your bags, unless you have a changover, then it's the security process all over again.

    They tell you to empty your pockets to xray everything but they never check if you actually took everything out. Then you walk through the xray machine which only checks for metal.

    Still I would never take drugs into an airport, that's gotta be bad if you get caught.

    I've never seen dogs at an airport although I fully believe they should have dogs rather than the new full nudity full body scanners their thinking about putting.

    Also I saw a documentary on prisons, and prisoners actually put shivs up their assholes so they can stab someone in the yard. So if someone can stick a knife up their butt and get away with it I'm sure you could put a sack of weed.
  4. Sykes

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    I understand when people do this for thousands of dollars but for a buzz...
  5. Jian

    Jian New Member

    First post made me laugh so hard. Do it.
  6. jwall09

    jwall09 New Member

    If you do it you gotta to tell us how big that hospital bill was. This just sound dumb stick it in your ass makes alot more sense.
  7. spam&rice_420

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  8. higher then life

    higher then life Active Member

    Dont do it man you will regret it
  9. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    People do this for thousands of dollars with hesitation and when you want to do this for marijuana which is dirt cheap compared to another drug (coke etc), I'm starting to understand where the government is coming from.
  10. Ringedredbullet

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    Ive Heard that you get one of those mini vacuum cleaners and a empty bag and suck up the weed
  11. jwall09

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  12. Speaker

    Speaker New Member

    I'm thinking harvesting your weed at destination would be a really shitty job...
  13. legal13uds

    legal13uds New Member

    this post looks old but i joined to tell you how i did it. i bought my weed from japan not gona say where but ive got 2kilos of hash with a friend twice. you need soft hash then roll it up to swallowable sizes.

    #1 twist the seran wrap around swallowable sizes
    #2 i re wrap it incase it breaks some how. you dont wana get stoned on the plane.. bring sunglasses just incase but none of them ever broke or anything.
    #3 make sure to nto think about the hash you swallowed or your gona be nervous and feel like you did something wrong. you did thats why you dont think about it!
    my first time went smooth as did the other 2

    swallow it before you go. go to the airport with some swallowed and see if you feel fine then make a 2nd run.. wait till you shit that out at home so you know how it works. im not a criminal and never have been so dont judge me. happy toking lol. on your 2nd run you shit it out away from the airport. maby a hotel. home. whereever.. not the airport. also bring a ipod and dont think about you got hash in your stomic. like i said do a test run and dont even take a flight. i wouldnt do it with small amounts only cause of the shit digging lol but the hash turns out fine it dont smell unless it breaks obviously. toss that..
  14. Acrimonious

    Acrimonious New Member

    I feel like someone trying to smuggle a small amount in your anal cavity would be quite fine. Or tape it to your gooch.
    And I'm sure airport security will have better things to do than try to figure out what's crawling up up your butt. Or gooch.
    I've flown into a couple states airports and thats my experience.
  15. Clay4u

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    couldnt you put it in a balloon or condom? like they use with heroin(poopers)? except if it breaks in your stomach you will feel the power of 1/8th of weed on the airplane instead of dying :p
  16. Wilberforce

    Wilberforce New Member

    K, first of all, swallowing plastic in small amounts will not kill you. Once I swallowed the pen cap I was chewing on and nothing, probably had ink on it too. Second, your idea will work, but dont use plastic would be my advice. I once read in a book about cocaine that a guy wrapped cocaine in the fingers of a latex glove and swallowed them. But this book also gave examples where people had tried this and died from the cocaine. You, will not die, and your idea will work. If it were me, I would feel more comfortable digging in shit then shoving anything up my ass and walking around with it up there. I wonder if you were to take a laxative if it would be easier to get it without the digging? It would be interesting if you could manage to poo in the toilet, have your shit sink, and your little wrapped buds float to the top! One more thing on plastic, it is porous, which it why they dont make plastic condoms. If you were to plastic wrap your dick, sperm can swim through the plastic and impregnate your partner, but I dont really know if that has ever happened. More likely, you can spread an STD. If you plastic wrap your bud, who knows, you could end up smoking your own shit! Latex is the way to go, even if you shove it up your ass, unless you are allergic, in which case could be very very bad......

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