Eating cannabis: effects I should expect?

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by GreenL1nk, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. GreenL1nk

    GreenL1nk New Member

    Hello all!

    Im planning on cooking something soon and I was wondering what sort of high I should be expecting. Ive read through the forums and what I most commonly hear is:

    Larger body "high", heaviness feeling, gradual rise to maximum high.

    Can someone give me a more in depth description (not just a sentence or two) of what i should expect and how it is going to differ from just smoking marijuana.

    Greenlink :rolleyes:

    btw I went to the culinary forum but no one was posting replies there so I came here.
  2. greenthunder

    greenthunder New Member

    In my experience, when eating some bud, it seemed to take a while to get high it wasn't as fast as smokingit but it did kick in and seemed to work pretty good, of course I smoked some later also.
  3. cantseestraight

    cantseestraight New Member

    Well, Of course all people have different expirences with eating cannabis but mostly you should expect them to take a while. Dont eat more thinking they arent working or youll regret it. Eat maybe one then wait a while up to 1 1/2 hour probably and it should kick in. If your not satisfied with the high then have a little more. The high is a bit more intense in comparison to smoking but its a great feeling. Try having a nice comfortible place to do it, then eat and enjoy! :thumbsup:
  4. GreenL1nk

    GreenL1nk New Member

    One of what?

    -Im planning on trying hotpotchoco but tell me what you tried and what happened in your experience.

    I really want to know the effects with an in depth description. Like: "my body felt like...., It differed from smoking in the way that I felt more like... etc." Not just a plain account of the whole experience. I know it progresses slowly, you need to use 2x-3x amount that usually gets you high, it might smell a little when you cook it, and that its "different" from smoking. But I want to know in what ways is it different from personal experiences.

  5. imported_BuDToKa

    imported_BuDToKa New Member

    I'll tell you my experience with pot brownies.

    Me and my friend both put in a quad and cookied it up in the chocolate mix. We both ate a pretty good-sized chunk. I'm guessing about two blunts worth a piece and I was kinda dissapointed about 15 minutes after eating it. I thought, well I guess it didn't work. Boy, was I wrong. About 30 minutes later it hit me. It felt like a freaking trainwreck. To me, it looked like my legs were shaking and my muscles were massaging themselves or something like that. I felt GREAT. I couldn't help but laugh at everything! It was like the highest I have ever been. Can't wait to do it again.

    Good luck.
  6. Dank Nugz

    Dank Nugz New Member

    Wow, I gotta try this out soon :liplick:
  7. SkyyVodka

    SkyyVodka Sr. Member

    Ok, I made something called some "Fire crackers," sprinkled about .5 gram on 3 crackers. The effects seemed to happen within 20-30 minutes, I was watching Anchorman at the time and just remember laughing uncontrolably for about 15-20 minutes, my body felt so funny whenever I would move it felt like a wave of water rushing from one side of my body to the other, my high was pretty much killed 20 minutes later when my mom unexpectedly came home smelling a garage reeking of cannabis.

    Eating weed == :thumbsup:
  8. greenthunder

    greenthunder New Member

    sorry didnt mean to be general, it was an intense body high for me very relaxing and fun, it creeped up on me a blast for sho'
  9. eternalabyss

    eternalabyss New Member

    Summary:Takes longer to kick in and high is way more intense but doesn't feel too much different than smoking. Lots of fun though and makes a great cooking experience. I don't understand how those "fire crackers" worked b/c i keep hearing it has to be absorbed in some kind of fat. Does anyone know if you can just eat buds straight?
  10. greenthunder

    greenthunder New Member

    I have eaten bud's just straight it was what I was talking about.
  11. snakedbz2

    snakedbz2 New Member

    im a long time smoker and i tried it recently because i couldnt smoke cause me and my fam were traveling ate about two grams raw got mad cause i thought it didnt work but then it kicked my ass
  12. Virus356

    Virus356 New Member

    More of a body high, gradual rise to high then gradual letdown as well.

    jk ill put more...

    Brownies tend to have a very euphoric high, whereas tea tends to just have a very INTENSE high with strong burnout... however i used 4 grams for tea and only about 1.25 or so in each brownie, so that may explain the difference. However, i've eaten 2 brownies (approx 2.5g of cannabis ingested) and made tea with 3g, and the high from tea still seems to be different. It's more of an extreme body high than anything, while brownies hit you so gradually you don't even realize when you started being high. Also, burnout from 2.5g ingested via brownies was nonexistent, just a gradual letdown to sobriety, whereas the burnout from tea was as intense as the high (note: expect sleepiness).

    All in all, drinking vs eating I'd go with brownies if you just wanna enjoy yourself being high for a long period of time (7+ hours easily) go with brownies, while if your goal is just to get REALLY high go for tea with 4-5g. 5g in tea was so intense after 9 hours I was too high to stay awake.
  13. cantseestraight

    cantseestraight New Member

    My bad i was reffering to pot brownies. In my expierince it differs to smoking because its more of a body high your body feels light and heavy/numb at the same time. I reccomend the cookies for eating the ganja :munchies: .
  14. str8outdaPenn

    str8outdaPenn New Member

    hey guys i just put in an order for a batch of brownies for 4/20 and I was wondering exactly HOW LONG the high lasts and how many brownies i should eat to get a good high going.
  15. Weet

    Weet New Member


    Please, take me to your baker. How do you put in an order for brownies haha?
  16. gdman420

    gdman420 New Member

    Have fun, one thing to remeber, it takes a long while to kick in and it keeps building up untill you peak (obviously). Don't make the mistake of eating too much, eating too much pot can really be unpleasent. It lasts a long time, a long time. Of course, if you dose wisely it will be awsome. Have fun man :tyedye:.
  17. str8outdaPenn

    str8outdaPenn New Member

    first off, I consider myself lucky b/c this kid i know is taking orders for brownies and i just met this kid 2 weeks ago. how convienient? second of all, the 2 previous posts give me no indication on how long the high will last. please, all i want to know is how long the brownie will keep me high for. i.e. "2 brownies will keep you high for (insert correct answer here) hours.

    5 M0RE DAZE TIL 4/20
  18. gdman420

    gdman420 New Member

    Jeeze, ymmv, maybe 2-4 hours coming up, 2-4 peaking, 2-4 coming down. It will last a long time, you will be high all day.
  19. str8outdaPenn

    str8outdaPenn New Member

    awesome. thanx man
  20. Well here is the way I do it and it works INCREADIBLY!

    I made 12 brownies with a half ounce of gooood bud and we got DESTROYED. So I don't feel bad telling you if you do it correctly, you can get away with using 1/4 ounce for 12 brownies and you will still be rocked. But if you want to feel almost like tripping, then I say go with the half ounce :) Also, it is good to sample the bud first to see what kinda high you are going to get from it.

    I started off by buying a box of brownie mix.

    It says on the package to use oil but I find butter works much better for me.

    Melt 1.5 sticks of butter in a saucepan and bring it to just below boiling. I can't stress how important it is to NOT BURN THE BUTTER. It will make your brownies taste like crap.

    Take your bud, destemmed, seeded, and sliced and diced as fine as you can get it. Grinders work wonders for this process. Once you have your grinded material, add it to the butter and reduce the heat on the stove to around 1-2. As I said earlier DO NOT BURN THE BUTTER and now also the WEED!

    Put a cover on the pot and let it simmer for a minimum of 5 hours. The longer you let it simmer the better it will be. I let mine simmer for 8 hours and it worked beyond belief.

    Just before you take your mixture off the stove, have your oven preheated and your other ingredients waiting in a mixing bowl.

    Take your mixture and pass it through a cheese cloth, or better yet something that can strain the leaves and not absorb any of the butter. MAKE SURE YOU SQUEEZE ALL THE LIQUID FROM THE BUD. I mean really squeeze until you can't squeeze any more. That is where all the best stuff is.

    After that all you gotta do is mix it all up, lay it out in a baking pan 13x9 works great, and then stick it in the oven.

    When it comes out of the oven, LET IT COOL for a while until it hardens, and then divide it as best you can into 12 equal parts.

    Then all you gotta do is eat and enjoy. REMEMBER for me and my buds it took 90 mins for the FULL effects to set in and then it lasted MANY hours. Even when we woke up the next morning we were still pretty messed up. So I recommend not taking more than 1!

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